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June Reyes
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Master of Knights – Tactics RPG is a grid-based action strategy game published by NEOWIZ—a highly established company behind other successful grid-based strategy RPGs such as BrownDust 2 and Magic Stone Knights.

In Master of Knights, you are reborn as a literal god who has the power to control knights and cast spells in battle as you please. This game features highly tactical gameplay, diverse characters, and a fantastic storyline. Basically the holy trifecta for gacha games!


Here, we will show you everything you need to know about the game and tasks you need to prioritize as a beginner—including some tips to help you set your account up for the long haul!

Starting Out As A Newbie God 

Before you start playing the game, there are five very important things that you need to know as a beginner:

  • How to get Knights
  • How to do combat
  • The difference between real-time and tactical battles
  • Teambuilding

Understanding these things will give you a strong foundation early on, so we have taken the liberty to explain them below in detail!

How To Get Knights


You can get Knights by using the Summon feature that will be introduced to you during the tutorial.

As a beginner, you are given an infinite reroll multi-pull in your tutorial summons. This means you can pull as many times as you want until you receive the 10 units you’d like to keep. 


To help you decide which units to aim for, here are some of the best Knights in the game:

Recommended KnightsRarityClass

Some of these Knights can be obtained outside of the Summon feature. Sia and Esperanza, for instance, are given to you as a free unit in the tutorial and as a reward for completing beginner quests, respectively.

Never settle and reroll as many times as you need to! The units you get from the tutorial summon will carry you through the early stages of the game—possibly even all the way to the late game if you pick them right!

The Basics Of Knightly Combat


When it comes to Master of Knight’s combat, there are two main stats that you must keep an eye on:

  • HP: Determines how much more damage a unit can take before dying. It is displayed on the bottom-left side of the unit during combat.
  • Defence: Determines the amount of protection a unit has from enemy damage. It is displayed on the bottom-right side of the unit during combat.

You can improve these two stats, along with the Attack stat that determines your Knight’s damage, by leveling them up, equipping them with gear, or promoting them.

Knight Skills

All Knights have one skill, and it’s either a passive skill or an active skill. To know which type of skill a knight has, tap on the circled “i” button on their skill icon.

Passive Skills are activated right from the start of the battle and give your Knights either stat buffs or various attack effects.

Active Skills, on the other hand, can only be activated upon fulfilling certain conditions, such as attacking or being attacked a certain number of times, casting a certain number of spells, and so on.


Once the conditions have been fulfilled, you can execute the Active Skill by clicking on the unit during combat.


You can affect the tide of battle by using Spells to either help your knights out with heals and buffs or inflict damage or debuffs onto your enemies


There are a total of five Spell types (i.e. symbols), and they each do different things during combat when cast:

Spell SymbolsDescription
DestructionMostly consists of spells that either damage enemies or give them debilitating debuffs.
HolyMostly consists of spells that heal and buff your Knights and debuff your enemies.
DarkMostly consists of spells that target one enemy with devastating damage or debuffs. It is very effective against bosses.
ProtectionMostly consists of spells that boost your Knights’ defense and heal their HP.
WildMostly consists of spells that provide lots of utility, such as teleportation spells, position-swapping spells, and debuff spells that mostly inflict poison on enemies.

Spells are a huge part of the combat system, and using them correctly will allow you to win even the hardest battles. 

You can get Spells by spending either Spell Summon Tickets or Gems through the Summon feature.

Real-time Battles vs Tactical Grid Battles

There are two types of battles in Master of Knights: Real-time Battles and Tactical Grid Battles.

Master of Knights combat

Tactical Grid Battle is the most common type you’ll encounter in the game. You’ll see it in the Adventure, Daily Dungeons, and so on.

Here, you can move your units around as you please and target which enemies you’d like your Knights to attack or cast spells on.


Real-time Battles, on the other hand, are mostly automatic and would only allow your units to target the nearest enemy they encounter. You mainly see real-time battles when playing the Tower of Ordeals.

Here, your Knights’ skills are adjusted to fit the not-turn-based flow of combat. You also cast active skills automatically in Real-time Battles, just like you do spells.

How To Build A Team


When it comes to team building, you’ll need to keep in mind two main factors—knight classes and your team formation.


Knight classes are important because they dictate the movement and attack range of your units, like so:

Knight ClassesMovement RangeAttack Range
Wizard1 Block Left1 Block Right1 Block Front1 Block Back3 Blocks Front
Berserker2 Blocks Left2 Blocks Right2 Blocks Front2 Blocks Back 1 Block Front1 Block Front Diagonal
Warrior1 Block In All Directions1 Block Left1 Block Right1 Block Front1 Block Back
Thief2 Blocks In All Directions (can go through obstacles)1 Block In Every Direction (except the front and front diagonal) 
Archer1 Block Left1 Block Right1 Block Front1 Block Back2 Blocks Front2 Blocks Left2 Blocks Right

TIP: Try to not focus on one Knight class too heavily, as you may have trouble clearing certain stages because of the lack of attack range variety. Having at least three different Knight classes on your team would be ideal!


Managing your team formation is as easy as putting the Knights with the higher HP (mostly Warriors, Thieves, and Berserkers)  in the front and the ones with lower HP in the back (mostly Wizards and Rangers).

Not all battles are the same though, and you may have to change your starting team formation around several times if you want to increase your chances of winning—especially in boss battles.

Three Primary Objectives For Beginners In Master Of Knights

Listed below are the three most important tasks that you should accomplish as a beginner in Master of Knights.

Objective #1: Clear Adventure 3-2 ASAP


As soon as you get into the game, your number one priority should be clearing as many adventure stages as you can.

At the very least, you should clear Adventure 3-2 on your very first day of playing, as doing this will unlock the Loot System.


The Loot System is Master of Knight’s version of an idle reward system, which allows you to accumulate a variety of resources passively, such as:

  • Gold
  • Knight EXP
  • Spell EXP
  • Solar Dust
  • Upgrade Stones
  • Gear

These items are crucial for powering up your Knights, and you can only claim them as Loot system rewards after clearing Adventure 3-2. Make sure to do it as soon as you can!

Objective #2: Add Lots Of Friends


Filling up your Friend List early on is one of the best things you can do for your account as a beginner.

Not only does adding friends allow you to socialize with other players, but you can also farm a resource called Friend Points just by receiving them from your friends every day.


Friend Points can be used to purchase items from the Friend Shop, which sells uncommon power-up materials like Solar dust, Crafting Recipes, and Spell EXP.

You’ll need as many of these items as you can get as a newbie, so make sure you accumulate as many friends as you can to maximize your Friend point farming output.

TIP: Always check your Friend List for inactive users and replace them with active ones. Remember, inactive friends won’t give you any Friend Points!

Objective #3: Join A Guild 


Just like in most gacha games, joining a guild in Master of Knights gives players several perks that are basically essential if you want to play the game for a long time.


For example, you can only unlock the following features and game modes by joining a guild:

  • Guild Raid: A game mode where you can battle bosses with your guildmates to earn various rewards such as Gems and Guild Coins.
  • Guild Wars: A game mode where you can wage an all-out war against other guilds.
  • Guild Shop: An exclusive shop where you can buy a variety of high-tier gears for your Knights.

TIP: Remember to donate to your guild every day! This will help your guild level up, which in turn will give you and the other guild members access to more resources.

Five Best Tips For Beginners In Master Of Knights

To help you set your account up for success right from the start, here are some of the best tips that you should follow while playing Master of Knights.

TIP #1: Watch The Free Gift Ads


The Free Gift section in the shop allows you to watch up to eight ads in exchange for the following rewards:

Step 1x5,000 Gold
Step 2x1,000 Knight EXP
Step 3x1,000 Spell EXP
Step 4x1 Knight Summon Ticket
Step 5x100 Combining Stone
Step 6x50 Solar Dust
Step 7x1 Spell Summon Ticket
Step 8x300 Gems

Every single one of these items is helpful for both beginner and veteran players.

On that note, we highly recommend that you suffer through the ads every day if you want to have a larger supply of resources in the long run.

TIP #2: Turn Off Auto For Hard Battles


While Master of Knights does have an Auto-mode for tactical grid battles, we recommend not relying on it too heavily.

If you’re a beginner, it is in your best interest to control your units manually at least in your first few days of playing, and to only turn on auto during easy or repetitive battles.

Using auto during hard fights—especially during boss fights is not optimal. Most battles are much better off with you in control, since the AI isn’t capable of anything beyond basic automation.

TIP #3: Fulfill The Knight Contract


Signing a Knight Contract allows you to obtain several items and even a Legendary Knight entirely for free!

Knight Contracts function just like attendance checks and will only give you Legendary Knight fragments on Day 7 and Day 14.


If you don’t feel like playing the game on a particular day, it is worth it to just log in and get your Knight contract reward, then log back out. 

Legendary Knights are quite hard to come by, after all!

TIP #4: Consult The Knight Ranking For Recommendations


If you’re having trouble deciding which Knights to use or to pull for in the Summon gacha, then you should just check the Knight Ranking.

The Knight Ranking will show you which Knights are used the most in every game mode.

You can make a relatively accurate assumption as to who are the best Knights in the game just by looking at how high and how often they are ranked in each game mode!

TIP #5: When In Doubt, Follow Your Guide Quests


If you’re having trouble knowing which tasks you should do first as a beginner, then worry not—just use the Guide Quests as your checklist!

Not only will it provide you with a decent guideline for progressing your account, but it will also give you tons of rewards every time you complete a quest.

Not to mention you can also get Esperanza—a high-tier Legendary Knight—just by completing all beginner quests. 


Master of Knights is an awesome RPG with a thrilling, tactical combat system. If you’d like to see more games just like it, then please visit our list regarding the 10 Best Tactical And Strategy RPGs For Android.

Also, feel free to check out our Master of Knights Tier List to know which Knights stand out from the others in terms of general battle performance!

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