Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
Masketeers Idle Has Fallen

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen revolves around the supernatural abilities of masks. These bewitching visors grant extraordinary powers to ordinary humans, turning them into brave “Masketeers”. Empowered by mystical masks, these heroes have a task in hand – to fight deadly wraiths and rescue the world from evil.  


Masketeers Idle Has Fallen

The latest v2.0.0 update of Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen adds the long-anticipated Guild feature into the game, along with Sigils that adds a powerful new layer to your Masketeers. With these new features, you can:

  • Join a Guild or form your own to team up against the forces of evil
  • Chat with your Guild members with adorable emotes
  • Contribute Masks to unlock powerful Guild Buffs and earn Sigil Resins
  • Unlock Sigils to enhance your Masks with almighty Sigil effects 
  • Activate 5-orb chains to trigger Sigils

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear masks!  

Developed and published by Appxplore (iCandy), Masketeers is an idle role-playing game with a unique orb-based battle system. As heroes battle enemies, you will have to tap on orbs that appear on the bottom of the screen. Unlock new skills to combine orbs if you want to deal massive damage to enemies.  

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen

On your wraith-slashing adventure, you will discover new mask-wearing heroes who will join your team to fight the wraiths. You will also unearth rare masks and runes, which can be equipped to heroes.  

Rare masks improve a hero’s main stats and substats. You can also equip runes to take advantage of various buffs and stats boost during combat. You will also come across guardians and relics that will grant perma-stats boost to heroes. Without further ado, let’s find out how to play Masketeers.  

Note: The game is in early access. Download Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen now. For participating in the early battle against wraiths, you will receive exclusive rewards upon the game’s official release. However, all progress will reset upon the end of the early access period.  

Getting Started 

Your goal is to help masketeers, fearless magical mask-wearing heroes, defeat the hellish wraiths. A masketeer keeps attacking wraiths automatically, but his attacks aren’t powerful enough. To charge up his attacks, you will have to tap on orbs that appear on the bottom of the screen.  

When you tap on an orb to activate it, your hero deals more damage to enemies, thereby defeating them faster. Orbs keep stacking up in the orb bar at the bottom of the screen. Tap on them to expedite sending all wraiths back to hell.  

Each time you activate orbs by tapping them, you fill a Masketeer’s “Ultimate” gauge. When the gauge is full, the ultimate symbol appears on the bottom of the screen. It’s square in shape. Tap on an ultimate to activate it.  

Each hero has a unique Ultimate that provides buffs either to the hero himself or his allies. For example, the first Masketeer Caine’s Ultimate named “Great Wolf Spirit” increases his damage by 200 percent for 20 seconds and changes all orbs (this includes other heroes’ orbs) or his orbs.  

Ultimate Gauge
Ultimate Gauge

To view a hero’s Ultimate gauge, tap on the mask symbol (red background) on the bottom of the battle screen. Next, tap on a hero’s portrait or mask on the left. A new page will open displaying the talent tree and the ultimate gauge on the bottom of the page. Tap on the ultimate symbol on the extreme right side of the page.  

A defeated enemy drops sparks, which is the in-game currency. These sparks can be used to level up a hero.  

Tap on the mask symbol on the bottom of the screen and then tap on the green button beside each hero’s portrait to level him/her up.  

Leveling up Heroes

Fill the level gauge of a hero to level him up. It will be easy to fill the gauge to level up in the beginning, but at higher levels, you will need a lot more sparks for upgrades.  

Leveling up a hero increases his HP, damage and other stats. As you advance through stages, an upgraded hero will be more effective against higher level bosses and enemies, so you should level up a hero more often.  

Each stage consists of 10 waves of enemies. Your current stage is mentioned on the top-right corner of the screen. After you defeat the 10th wave of enemies, a boss appears. Defeat it and you will advance to the next stage.  

Reach stage milestones to unlock new Masketeer and masks, runes, new game features. You can check the next stage milestone by tapping on the pin symbol on the top-left corner of the screen.  

When the boss Wraith appears, you will have to defeat it before time’s up. The timer appears beside a boss’s health bar. Defeat it before the timer reaches zero.  

You will notice that the environment turns gray when you fail to defeat a boss. Don’t worry. You can always come back to fight it again. Level up heroes, unlock new talents, and do not use ultimates until to meet the tough boss again. When you are ready, tap the sword icon (red background) just below the stage count on the top-right corner of the screen to begin your battle against the boss wraith. 

Gray background
Tap on the swords symbol on the top of the screen to fight boss again

Heroes keep fighting deadly Wraiths even when you are not playing. Once you get back in the game, you can claim offline sparks dropped by defeated enemies. Watch an ad to double all idle earnings.  

Now that you know how to play Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen, lets learn a few tips and strategies to make your heroes more powerful and defeat stronger enemies.  

Learn New Talents to Boost Stats  

Every time you level up a hero, you earn talent points. These points can be used to learn a new talent. Each hero has a unique talent tree. You can access a hero’s talent tree by tapping on the mask symbol on the bottom of the screen and then pressing the hero’s mask on the left side of the screen.  

Talent Tree lets you unlock new Masketeer talents

The amount of talent points collected so far is displayed in the middle of the talent tree.  

Learning a talent can boost stats such as health and damage, or sub-stats such as attack speed, critical chance etc. New talent provides greater perks that will allow a hero unlock his full potential.  

If a talent is locked, then you will have to reach a particular hero level to unlock it and only then you can use points to learn it. You can get all information about talents when you go to a hero’s talent tree.  

Unlock Devastating Orb Skills  

Orbs are a great way to boost a hero’s damage, which is why you should always tap on orbs on the bottom of the screen.  

But did you know that you can combine two or more orbs to deal a lot of damage to wraiths? To do this, you will first have to unlock a hero’s orb skills. Once you do this, you will see two or more orbs being chained together when they are placed next to each other. Tap on them to unleash greater damage to enemies.  

To unlock an orb skill, a masketeer has to reach a certain level. 

Tap on the mask symbol on the bottom of the screen.  This brings up the hero level-up screen.  

Next, tap on a hero’s mask and then tap on his/her orb symbol on the lower-left corner of the screen.  

Caine's Orb Skills

You will see a list of orb skills and the level in which they will be unlocked. In the above screenshot, I have already unlocked four orb skills for Caine. The fifth orb skill will be unlocked when Caine reaches level 16. To level up a hero, read the “Getting Started” section.  

You can see the damage dealt by the fourth skill, Keen Edge IV. It deals a huge 250 percent damage to enemies when four of Caine’s red orbs are chained together. When this happens, I quickly tap on them and Caine attacks with a great force to vanquish enemies.  

The first two orb skills (double and triple chain skills) can be unlocked pretty quickly for all heroes. Just make sure you level up each hero in your team and reach the required levels to unlock them.  

Each hero’s orb skills provide unique buffs and some of them may even boost their sub-stats along with damage and HP.  

Tip: When you activate an orb chain of four or higher, a special orb spawns on the screen. This special orb will bring unique benefits, such as spawning bonus orbs, granting extra sparks and more.  

Strategy to Combine Orbs of the Same Type 

Once you have unlocked an orb skill (read the above section to know how), it’s time to combine them. When you unlock the first “orb skill” of a hero, you can chain up to two orbs to boost damage. When you unlock the second orb skill, you can string three orbs of the same type to deal massive damage to enemies.  

Combine orbs
Tap the odd red orb between those light green orbs to combine green orbs

Since randomly generated orbs are pushed out on the bottom bar, you will have to make sure similar-looking or similar-colored orbs are placed together to deal max damage to enemies. What you can do is wait for a few seconds so that several orbs line up in the bottom bar.  

Now tap on the odd orb that appears between two orbs of the same type. This way you can fuse orbs and then tap on them to deal great damage to enemies. Once you unlock more orb skills, you can try the above strategy to chain more orbs together.  

Time Your Ultimates 

Every time you activate an orb, the ultimate gauge fills up a bit. When the gauge is full, an ultimate is available in the orb bar. Tapping on an ultimate will activate it. Every hero has a unique ultimate that provides buffs/debuffs and can be very useful during combat. (To know more about Ultimates, read the Getting Started section) 

However, you should wait for the right time to activate an ultimate. I always use ultimates in the boss round because there’s a time limit to defeat the wraith boss. By unleashing ultimates of all heroes, I can defeat the boss before time’s up.  

Equip Runes to your Heroes  

Reach stage 8 to unlock runes. They grant various boosts to a hero when equipped to an empty slot. You will obtain a free rune when you reach stage 8. You can also obtain runes from wooden chests. A wooden chest is freely available every 8 hours.  

Equip runes to Masketeers
Check the runes section on the lower-right corner of the screen

To equip a rune to a hero, tap on the mask symbol on the bottom of the screen. Now tap on a hero’s mask. On the empty slot, there will be a green “+” sign. This means that there is a run available to be equipped to the hero. Tap on the + sign and choose a rune. You can equip up to three runes to a character.  

Look out for Special Wraiths 

Special wraiths appear every once in a while, but they appear randomly. These wraiths wear special masks and look different from common wraiths.  

There are “Spark Wraiths” that appear rarely, and if defeated, drop more sparks than normal wraiths. There’s also a super rare “Mask Wraith” that drop a rare mask when defeated.  

Put on Rare Masks to Greatly Improve a Masketeer’s Stats and Sub-stats 

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen focuses on the mystical powers of masks. The game lets players collect various types of hauntingly beautiful masks to augment their hero’s main stats. Some masks also boost sub-stats such as attack speed and critical damage.  

You can easily swap a hero’s mask to a more powerful one when you acquire a new mask.  

Reach stage 12 to unlock masks. You will also receive a rare mask, which can be equipped to your first hero, Caine. 

To change masks, tap on the mask symbol on the bottom of the battle screen and then tap on a hero’s portrait.  

On your hero’s page, tap on his mask on the bottom. It is located just beside runes. Tap on the new mask in your collection.

Equip a more powerful rare mask to your hero
Equip rare masks to your hero

The game lets you compare the advantages by placing both old and new masks side-by-side. If the new mask offers better bonuses and stats boost than the old mask, just tap on “Equip” to put on the new mask.   

A mask’s main bonuses increases the HP and damage of the wearer. The main bonus can be seen just below a mask (Example – x1.22 or x1.28) But some of them also boost sub-stats (attack speed, critical hit chance). The rarer the mask, the more sub-stats it has.  

A mask also provides “rune bonus”. By equipping runes with the matching colors, a mask’s main bonus (health and damage) gets a nice little boost. You can check the matching rune on the top-left corner of the mask card on the side-by-side comparison screen. For example, if you have equipped a green rune to your hero and the new mask also has a green rune requirement for a bonus, you will activate that bonus.  

Activate Wisps to Obtain Temporary Buffs 

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen’s unique pet system lets you hatch “wisps” from magical “cores”.  

You will unlock the game’s pet system when you reach stage 25. You will also receive a wisp core in this stage.  

To hatch a wisp from a core, tap on the green tab with a cute wisp symbol on the bottom of the battle screen. 

Get Wisps from Cores

Next, tap on the “hatch” button. Once a wisp is hatched, tap on it to equip it. The wisp will hover over your heroes. To activate a wisp, tap on “Wisp Orbs” that will randomly spawn on the orb bar on the bottom of the screen. They will appear along with other orbs in the bar.  

Bonuses and stats boost vary from one wisp to the other. For example, “Fury” will increase the damage of all Masketeers by a certain percentage for 30 seconds, whereas “Sparks” wisp grants 300 percent sparks when activated.  

Equipped wisps hover above your heroes, but it doesn’t mean they constantly grant bonuses and buffs. You must activate wisps by tapping on their orbs appearing in the orb bar.   

Unlock Guardians to Boost Hero Stats 

There are four types of guardians that will help boost a hero’s main stats permanently – Guardian of Power, Guardian of Wealth, Guardian of Vigor and Guardian of Fortune.  

The Guardian tab is between the wisp and masketeer tab on the bottom of the battle screen. Once you have accumulated a lot of sparks, you can invest some of them to purchase a guardian. You can also upgrade one to increase the stats. You must purchase the first two guardians, Power and Wealth, as soon as you earn at least 500 million sparks. Your heroes will get a good damage boost and the sparks dropped by defeated enemies will also increase.  

Get Masks from Daily Deals and Wooden Chests 

Tap the store tab on the extreme right side of the battle screen. You will see a list of chests and a special “Daily Deals” section.  

Wooden Chests

In Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen, the free wooden chest may contain a mask and a couple of runes. There’s a 50 percent drop chance of a mask, whereas you will get guaranteed 1 star-3 star runes. You will have to wait for 8 hours to open another wooden chest.  

Check the “Daily Deals” section to get a free mask. Watch a video to get one. You will get a common mask. New deals refresh after several hours so you will have to wait for at least 20 hours to get another free item by watching a video. This free item could be a mask or a rune.