Mama’s Run: Bad Or Good Mom – Game Guide and Tips

Shela Baxi
Mama's Run - Introduction

The title of the game pretty much says it all. You have to choose how a mother will turn out – good or bad?

Mama’s Run is a whacky game that depends on your choices. Everything will depend on your choices, from parenting choices to weddings to how a baby grows up. 

The game is a tale of choices you make and the outcome is a direct result of those choices. There is a lot you can do in the game and we will try to help you guide through the game. 


The gameplay is easy. It is a running game so all you have to do is swipe left to right or right to left on the screen ala Subway Surfer and Temple Run. There is no complicated superpower or additional feature in the gameplay. 

Mama's Run - Gameplay
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The stages or rounds are small so you don’t have much time, the decisions you make will be fast and there will be times when you make wrong decisions in haste but that is the beauty of this game. 

When you start a round you get Charm, Health, and Speed power-ups, you can level up those power-ups before you start the game. You can either spend money or watch ads to level them up. 

Mama's Run - Gameplay
Picture: Play Strong

Taking it further, you can create and build a whole city/place for yourself from the rewards earned from the gameplay. After finishing each round, you are directed to a barren world that you can develop from the ground up. 

With the rewards you collect from the game, you can open a jewelry shop, a discotheque, or a donut shop, and create much more. You can create a whole world for Mama and for that, you will need cash and diamonds in abundance. 


The levels in Mama’s Run increase as you progress and so will the speed and decision-making in the game. The decision-making initially is easy as you are going through the motions and understanding the game but as you go deeper the game becomes a bit faster. 

Every level represents a different conundrum for you, there is a wedding makeover where you make decisions regarding the wedding then there is a toddler whom you can help grow up with the right selections.

There is also a round where you can select the perfect lover and then you can take charge of a teen kid and play as that kid as well, making decisions for him. 

Mama's Run - Levels
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Each level’s end will be factored by your decision in-game. If you make the right choices then the ending will be happy and if you make wrong decisions then the ending will result in a heartbreak. 

Mama’s Run – Game Guides and Tips

Level Up the Power-ups

Before every round in Mama’s Run, you will get a prompt at the bottom of the screen to upgrade the power-ups for that level. You can level up the charm, health, speed, or all three before the start of a round. 

Powering up will give you additional health, speed, and collectibles. Speed should be the first upgrade you need to look at because sometimes the game will feel slow to you.

Health is important because that way you can make a mistake but increased health will help you cope with those mistakes. 

Mama's Run - Level up
Picture: Play Strong

You can either spend cash to upgrade the power-ups or watch ads for free upgrades. Like the game, the choice is yours. 

Make the Right (+) choices

When you start playing the rounds, make sure you hit all the (+) choices in Mama’s Run because that will be the only way you can have a positive outcome at the end of the round, selecting the negative choices will end in a literal heartbreak. 

Mama's Run - Make right choices
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It is fun to once or twice go for the negative options to see where the game could head in a negative scenario but after experiencing that you should be able to make the right choices with ease.

Spend the Cash and Diamonds

You will receive cash rewards and diamonds for completing rounds in Mama’s Run, watching ads, or spinning the wheel in the main menu. The idea here is to spend those diamonds and cash to develop Mama’s City or you can develop Mama’s angel/evil world. 

Mama's Run - Spend cash and diamonds
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Mama’s City will require a lot of dough and diamonds to develop so our advice would be to watch as many ads as you can to claim cash and diamonds. It is free money/material after all. 

Mama's Run - Jewelry shop
Picture: Play Strong

Keep it Simple

As we said earlier, it is good to experiment once or twice in the early embers of Mama’s Run but once you are settled into the game make sure you select the right choices going forward because selecting a wrong choice even once would mean you failing the entire level. 

Mama's Run - Keep it simple
Picture: Play Strong

See the choices available and select the right ones and as Mama’s Run is easy enough it won’t be a tough job to select the right choices. Keeping the game simple will help you progress quickly as well as earn a generous amount of cash and diamonds. 


Mama’s Run: Bad or Good Mom is not that difficult to play. It is another run-of-the-mill running game but with its twist. The choices in the game are clear and the choices you make will affect the result of a round. 

Mama’s Run is a whacky game but one that is enjoyable and a proper time-pass game. 

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