Magical Girl – Idle Pixel Hero: Complete Gaming Guide

Nivenka Stanton
Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero
(Last Updated On: September 24, 2023)

Developers Super Planet brings you this idle-type game, Magical Girl. Filled with monsters and easy-to-upgrade items, this game can keep you entertained for a while.

Ariel, our character in this story, embarks on a journey to save the world “Flotia”, from Darklin, an evil entity. Make your character stronger and defeat enemies throughout this game.

Magical Girl is available to download from the Play Store.

Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero Gameplay
Photo: Super Planet

Getting Started

The gameplay in Magical Girl is relatively easy, after setting your name, you will enter the tutorial phase.

Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero Name

Photo: Super Planet

When you start off, the game will take you to a tutorial, however, the tutorial is not very informative, so you will need to bear with it.

The game shows you as you go along what to do, by lighting up icons in a circle and slowly flashing on the icon.

In Magical Girl, there is no need to use any icons to toggle your character’s movements, weapons, and so forth. The gameplay is automated.

This means your character will move and attack by herself, without you having to watch her all the time. Enemies will spawn on each stage, and your character will move to the next stage automatically.

The only thing you will need to watch out for is when your character is defeated on a stage, you will be automatically set on auto-repeat of the previous stage.

You can change this setting by selecting the stage icon on the right-hand side of your screen and toggling “repeat normal stage” to the “off” display. See the image below:

Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero repeat stage toggle on/off switch

Photo: Super Planet

You will easily notice when a stage is on repeat, by looking at your screen on the right-hand side. Beneath the stage number you are on, it will display, for example, Lava Swamp (Repeat).

    Magical Girl Display Screen and Icons

    In Magical Girl, the main screen has plenty of screen icons. These will be explored in more detail below:

    Top Left-Hand Side Screen Icons

    The top left of your screen displays your character’s name that you have selected, and just below your name, you will see your activated buffs. Here you are able to activate the following buffs:

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero buffs

    Photo: Super Planet
    • ATK Buff +30%
    • HP Buff +30%
    • Movement Speed Buff +30%
    • Goods Buff +30%

    Each buff lasts for a certain amount of time, and you will need to reactivate them using red rubies collected during gameplay.

    To the left of this first display, the first icon you find will be an overview of your account. Here you can see your account creation date, your character stats, as well as playtime, among others.

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero account stats

    Photo: Super Planet

    The second icon in Magical Girl allows you to swap out equipment using a quick swap feature.

    The third icon enables you to see the various items obtainable during gameplay, as well as their respective names and where to obtain these items during Magical Girl gameplay.

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero obtainable items

    Photo: Super Planet

    The fourth icon allows the player to view the screen in player mode only, tap on the eye to activate this feature and remove all of the icons on your screen.

    If you tap on the eye icon again, all the icons will reappear. This feature comes in handy when you are easily distracted by various icons, as well as if you have a small screen and are more than likely to tap an icon accidentally.

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero gameplay view

    Photo: Super Planet

    The center of your screen displays the amount of rubies and coins you have obtained during gameplay.

    Bottom Left-Hand Side Screen Icons

    Your first icon is where you will find the chat feature, you are able to chat with real players if you select this icon.

    The second icon enables you to see your rankings, which only become available once you reach levels 1-50 or higher.

    The third icon displays your achievements falling into four categories:

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero achievements

    Photo: Super Planet

    Title – You can see which titles your character has and where to earn each of them, these titles can be achieved in 5 rarity levels: Special, Rare, Epic, Unique, and Legendary.

    Chat Icon – Your chat icon displays an image that can be seen when you use the chat feature.

    Costume – Displays the various costumes available, as well as their respective buffs you will possess once you have equipped them.

    Costume Abilities – These are available, however, these abilities are only applicable to costumes of Legendary rarity.

    The next icon displays the attendance check calendar. This feature has 3 categories; normal, start, and event.

    If you select the attendance register every day at a specified time according to your time zone, you will receive amazing rewards. This feature practically completes every single one of your daily rewards in Magical Girl.

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero attendance register

    Photo: Super Planet

    The next icon alongside the calendar is an icon displaying event information, as well as times and dates.

    The icon located next to that is the actual event happening at the time, as well as the rewards you are able to obtain once you complete event quests.

    Playtime reward allows you to gain certain rewards that are accumulated during actual gameplay. You will need to remain on the game for a certain amount of time before you are able to collect these rewards.

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero cumulative gameplay time

    Photo: Super Planet

    Top Right-Hand Side Screen Icons

    The very first icon you will find on the top right-hand side of your screen will be the Quest icon. These quests are divided into three categories; Main, Daily, and Normal Quests.

    Completing these quests will give you items such as keys, Summoning tickets, rubies, and ability points, to mention a few. These rewards are vital in order to progress in Magical Girl.

    The second icon is where you will find all of your mail accumulated from the game, and the third icon is where you are able to see game settings and adjust these according to your game-style preferences.

    Beneath these icons you will find an icon indicating your stage progress, tapping on this icon will display details of each stage you are on, as well as obtainable items.

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero stage progress

    Photo: Super Planet

    Bottom Right-Hand Side Screen Icons

    The Pass in Magical Girl can be seen at the bottom of your screen, this pass has four categories; Season pass, Monthly pass, Growth pass, as well as Stage pass.

    The Battle icon is where things get really interesting. As you progress throughout Magical Girl, different maps become available. Below you will find a list of each map:

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero battle stages

    Photo: Super Planet
    • Dungeon – The dungeons in Magical Girl are fairly straightforward. Use keys to progress through stages, and make sure that you are powerful enough to complete the stage.
    • Dungeons will give you mana stones in abundance.

    Photo: Super Planet
    • Warped Dimension – The Warped Dimension grants you rune fragments, which in turn you are able to use to upgrade your runestones. Additionally, earrings can be earned if you’re lucky enough.
    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero warped dimension

    Photo: Super Planet
    • World Boss – The World Boss enables you to officially rank in a position once you have tested out your skills on this beast. You will receive Score =War, as well as Medal of Honor for your efforts.
    • Note that with the World Boss, you only have a certain amount of tries that you can use. Once these are depleted, you will need to spend red rubies in order to acquire more chances, and even these are limited.
    • Monster’s Nest – Here you will receive gold, dimensional keys, and more rewards. Red rubies are the price of admission.
    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero monsters nest

    Photo: Super Planet
    • Dimensional Border – This parallel Universe is a whole new level of freaky. Challenge the guardians using keys and test your ultimate power.
    • Darklin’s Legion – Rubies, as well as HuntersMedal are your rewards here. You are only able to challenge the legion once a day.
    • BossRaid – Boss Raids in themselves are known to be tricky, so you can bet this will be no easy challenge! You can expect Artifacts, as well as Eternity in this map, to gain some ultimate rewards.

    Note that the above rewards mentioned are not the only items on each map, some maps are kinder to lost souls and grant you additional rewards.

    The shop icon in Magical Girl grants you 3 choices: General Shop, Mystical Shop, and Summon. The summon feature is where you are able to summon Orbs, costumes, and magic, and it is imperative to use for growth in Magical Girl.

    You can summon the above using rubies, and in some instances, you are able to use magic summon tickets obtained during gameplay.

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero summon

    Photo: Super Planet

    The loot icon becomes available on Stage 13-1 and higher.

    Spirit icon grants you a spirit animal that gives you additional buffs, such as ATK increase, as well as HP increase.

    The Magic icon is where you are able to enchant all passive, active, and magic attributes. This is important to note, as in doing so your character becomes stronger.

    Equipment icon – This icon is divided into 5 categories in the top tabs, as well as 3 stages of equipment on the left. The categories are as follows:

    • Orb – Your weapon used during battle, this is automatically chosen, however as you level your weapon up, it will become stronger.
    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero orbs

    Photo: Super Planet
    • Costume – Your costume grants you additional buffs and skills used to defeat enemies.
    • Earrings – Earrings apply the same effect as your costume.
    • Ring – Rings apply the same effect as your costume.
    • Necklace – Necklaces apply the same effect as your costume.

    Note: The above equipment is not only essential to own in Magical Girl, but leveling them up and transcending them are vital aspects to achieve maximum growth for your character. This enables your character to become substantially OP!

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero transcend

    Photo: Super Planet

    The final icon displays Growth. This allows you to level up your character using coins, and transcend your character using mana stones as well as transcendence stones.

    The rune tab found here will enable you to obtain runes that increase players’ stats, leveling these runes enables you to increase these stats substantially.

    The Ability tab, again, allows you to increase stats and certain things such as additional boss ATK damage, among others.

    Magical Girl - Idle Pixel Hero ability

    Photo: Super Planet

    Dimensional power does the same, using transcendence stones, as well as mysterious dimension crystals obtained from the Dimensional Border world.

    Eternity becomes available after stage 13-1 or higher.

    Transcending in Magical Girl

    Transcending is the same word used for leveling up, you can transcend two things in the game; character and spirit. This allows players to level their character to beat even the most versatile of monsters.


    • ATK – increases attack
    • HP – increases health
    • Movement SPD – speeds up your character
    • DEF PEN Rate – increases defense penetration rate
    • DEF Rate – increases defense rate
    • Magic RES – increases magic resistance


    • Character Attack increased
    • Character HP increased
    • Add. accessory activation rate
    • Double Basic Attack Rate
    • Magic RES

    Spirit attributes enable you to increase your character buffs as well.

    Magical Girl spirit attributes
    Photo: Super Planet

    The following can be increased according to the player’s preferences:

    • ATK
    • HP
    • Characters DEF Rate
    • Additional ATK to basic attack
    • Magic’s additional ATK

    You are able to use spirit attribute points and choose which one would help you the most during gameplay. You are not required to select one of each, so players are able to add all the points into ATK if they prefer.

    The best of all? It is not permanent! Players are able to reset the spirit attributes if they are not happy with them. Simply select the reset option and use red rubies as the price.

    Final Thoughts

    Magical Girl – Idle Pixel Hero is one of those games that doesn’t require you to sit in front of the screen 24/7. You are able to leave the game running while taking care of other things, and if you die on Magical Girl, the game enables the auto-repeat of a stage.

    This makes it possible for you to earn rewards while you’re doing nothing in short. Feel free to share and leave a heart. Check out these new games before you leave: Dino Knight, Dragoheir: Silent Gods, and Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

    Happy Gaming!

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