Magic Survival – Walkthrough, Guide & Tips

Migo Harrison
Magic Survival

Magic Survival is a mobile survival roguelike created by Korean developers LEME. In Magic Survival, players take control of a test subject and are pitted against hordes of enemies known only as The Swarm.

With only spells and magic to rely on, players are tasked with surviving inside an arena as hordes of enemies constantly fill their screen. This article aims to guide you through the game while teaching you the best spells in Magic Survival!

Magic Survival
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How to Play

Starting The Game

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Players can begin the game by pressing the Start button on the main menu. Pressing on the Start button will lead players to the class selection screen.


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From there, players can select the class that they wish to play. Initially, will only have access to a few classes as most of these need to be unlocked via the Shop or by clearing Levels.

We’ve included a table with all the classes and their starting spells to give you an idea of what each of these classes provides along with our favorite classes!

ClassStarting Spell
WizardMagic Bolt
Arcane ScholarMagic Bolt
(Recommended) ElectromancerElectric Zone
(Recommended) AstronomerSatellite
SorcererElectric Shock
Battle MageFlash Shock
CryomancerFrost Nova
BishopMagic Bolt & Shield
AlchemistEnergy Bolt
Arch MageMagic Bolt & Magic Circle
(Recommended) MysticArcane Ray
ScholarMagic Bolt
ArchaeologistMagic Bolt
Dark WizardMagic Bolt
WitchLava Zone
MagicianMagic Bolt

Additionally, each class can be further enhanced by drawing enough copies of a specific class to level it up.

Once you’ve decided on which class to play, highlight it and press on the “Selected” button at the bottom of your screen to proceed to the Level Selection menu.

Level Selection

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At first, you will only be able to access the Array Zone, but will eventually unlock a total of 10 extra levels in which you sling all manner of spells at members of The Swarm.

To start the game, simply press the “PLAY” button to enter the arena.

Do take note that completing levels also unlocks the Infinity game mode for that level. This game mode is mainly used to farm gold and crystals to strengthen your character.


Collect Mana Orbs

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Once in the Arena, your goal is to level up your Subject by picking up the Mana Orbs scattered around while relying on magic to defeat enemies as you do your best to avoid colliding with any Swarm.

Blue Orbs are small XP, Orange Orbs are medium XP, while Purple Orbs are large XP.


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After collecting enough Mana Orbs, you will eventually level up your subject and receive options for new magic, new passives, or enhancements for any Magic that you already have equipped.

Loot Treasure Chests

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Occasionally you will also find Treasure Chests that contain useful equipment to bolster your Subject in a variety of ways. Similar to leveling up, looting chests also grants you a single item from a selection of Items and Artifacts that grant a variety of bonuses.

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Combination Magic

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What Is Combination Magic?

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If you can reach Level 25 within the Arena and have the correct spells equipped, you could get access to the most potent spells in the game.

Known as Fusion or Combination Magic, these spells combine two max-level spells into one ultra-powerful spell with unique properties.

List of Combination Magic

Combination MagicCombination Magic DescriptionCombination Magic Effects
Wrath of the SkyEnergy Bolts do not multi-hit. The explosion occurs whenever Energy Bolts collide with a 0.5-second delay.Thunderstorm Damage x3
The number of Thunderstorms x3
Flying SwordsSpirit missile slashes the enemy quicker and gets longer in length. Spirit missile attacks nearby locations additionally 4 times.Spirit Damage x2
Light Bolt BlastFires additional Energy Bolt missiles in all directions, 2 at a time. Energy Bolt missile continues to move forwards.Energy Bolt Damage x3
The number of Energy Bolts increases by 80%.
Energy Bolt’s Duration increases by 80%.
Tera CurrentThe radius of the Thunderstorm explosion gets wider but isn’t extended.Arcan Ray Damage x3.3
Arcane Ray’s Cooldown reduces by 50%.
War ClimateMetero’s Cooldown becomes faster in proportion to the number of Meteors. Its Spawn Interval becomes the same as its Cooldown. Cooldown is reduced by 0-80% of every Meteor.Meteor Damage x3.3
Demon EquationFireballs shoot sequentially at random locations. Fireballs Penetrate all enemies. They only cause Explosions when they disappear. Damage increases by 50% per 1 Fireball’s Penetration.Arcane Ray’s attack range increases. Arcane Ray switches to different directions at 0.5-sec intervals.
FrenzyFlash Shocks are spawned more quickly and last longer. The number of casts Overlapping Resets every 9 times.Flash Shock Damage increases by 50%.
Flash Shock’s Cooldown reduces by 50%.
PandaemoniumThe Fireball penetrates all enemies and moves randomly. Instead of hitting, the Fireball causes Explosions every 1.2 sec. Increases damage by 50% per Fireball penetration 1.Fireball Damage x3.
Fireball’s Duration increases by 50%.
Fireball’s Size reduces by 20%.
ReactionFireball explosion Damage x5.5
The number of Fireball castings +8.
Fireball’s Cooldown +1 sec.
Energy Bolt Damage x3.
VortexA Cyclone is created near the character and rotates. The size of the Cyclone gradually shrinks.Cyclone Damage x6.
Cyclone’s Duration x9.
Cyclone’s Cooldown reduces by 50%.
Breath of FireInstead of firing sideways. Incineration fires in five directions centered on the character. Incineration spawns faster and further away.Incineration Damage x4.
The number of Incineration increases by 50%.
Ether FireBlizzard Damage x4.
20% reduced Blizzard spawn interval.
Energy Bolts do not multi-hit. The explosion occurs whenever Energy Bolts collide with a 0.5 second delay.
Orbital BombingThunderstorms do not damage nearby enemies, but instead expand. Thunderstorms are created continuously 3 times at random locations.Thunderstorm Damage increases by 100%.
Thunderstorm’s Cooldown reduces by 50%.
Neutron GenerationCyclones are integrated into one. Cyclone does not fire projectiles, but quickly expands in size, and its speed gradually decreases. Size increases by 25% per number of Cyclones.Cyclone Damage x7.
Cyclone cooldown is doubled.
Winter StormThe number of consecutive explosions of Blizzards increases by 1, and Power does not decrease with each explosion. The location changes every time the Blizzard explodes.Blizzard Damage x2.
Blizzard Size x2.
50% reduced number of Blizzards.
Plasma BeamArcane Ray’s are fixed to 4 and become permanent. Damage amount increases in proportion to the duration of the Arcane Ray, and rotation speed increases in proportion to cooldown.Increases damage by 1x per number of Arcane Rays.
50% increased Arcane Ray size.
Lightning BlastThunderstorms 3-5 consecutively to different targets.Thunderstorm Damage x6.
Quantum ExplosionInstead of charging the Shield, it creates a large explosion. Damage and Size increase by 20% per maximum number of Shields.Shield’s Cooldown reduces by 40%.
InfernoIncreases the maximum power of Incineration. (Max. Multiplier: Damage x12, Size x2)Incineration Damage increases by 50%.
The number of Incinerations increases by 30%.
Lightning AttunementThe Electric Zone rotates in the form of multiple projectiles. The damage interval disappears, but the rotation speed increases.Electric Zone Damage x9.
Electric Zone’s size increases by 30%.
Blast FurnaceThe Lava Zone gradually expands in size. Damage increases in proportion to the size of the Lava Zone. Cooldown returns after the duration of the Lava Zone ends.Lava Zone Damage x7.
Lava Zone’s Duration increases by 80%.
Runaway ElectricityElectric Shocks are not chained, but are generated continuously 1-7 times. Electric Shock range increases.Electric Shock Damage x6.
DelugeA Tsunami is created on each side of the wave by two additional waves. Tsunamis are constantly created behind the character.Tsunami Damage x7
Tsunami’s Cooldown x2.5
Blooming SnowflakesFrost Nova explodes 20 times in a row at nearby enemies, reducing Damage and Size by 3% per explosion.Frost Nova Damage x8.
Frost Nova’s Cooldown reduces by 20%.
Master of StormsCyclones are created in all directions. Cyclone’s Expansion Speed gradually increases. Cyclone’s Movement Speed gradually decreases.Cyclone Damage x5
The number of Cyclones +3
Cyclone’s Duration reduces by 20%

How to Get Combination Magic

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As these are the strongest spells in the game, accessing them can be quite a challenge. Players will need to satisfy 3 conditions before they can access any Combination Magic.

Condition 1: Reach Lv.s 25, 50, and 75.

For every run in Magic Survival, players can only have a maximum of 3 different Combination Magics simultaneously. Your first one can be unlocked after reaching Lv. 25, with the succeeding Combination Magics unlocking at Lv.s 50 and 75.

Condition 2: Max Out Two Base Spells

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Base Spells like Magic Bolt, Meteor, Arcane Ray, etc. are capped at 6 levels, with the 7th and final level allowing you to select one of three possible attributes for that spell.

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Combination Magics need two specific spells, both of which need to have the correct attribute selected.

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It’s also important to remember that your starting spell can also be upgraded and used in Combination Magic, making your class selection important when you already know which Combination Magic you’re aiming for.

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Condition 3: Level-Up Once More

Once you’ve satisfied the first two conditions, the 3rd and final condition is to level up and select the Combination Magic you wish to unlock. You can tell when Combination Magic is available by looking at the Pentagram icon on the top right side of your screen when you level up.

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As there are a number of different Combination Magics in Magic Survival, we’ve compiled a convenient recipe table for you to look at while you don’t have your favorite spells memorized yet.

We’ve also gone ahead and marked out the spells we think are the best with an asterisk for any first-time players!

Combination Magic Recipes

Combination MagicSpell XSpell X AttributeSpell YSpell Y Attribute
Wrath of the SkyThunderstormLightning BlastMeteorMeteor Shower
Flying SwordsSpiritArcane BladeElectric ShockChain Lightning
Light Bolt BlastEnergy BoltCharged ParticlesSpiritFamiliar
Tera CurrentArcan RayElectromagnetic DischargeElectric ShockSuperconductivity
War ClimateMeteorMeteor ShowerBlizzardShooting Star
Demon EquationFireballGreat ExplosionEnergy BoltFlare
FrenzyFlash ShockDevil’s NailMagic BoltSpray
ReactionEnergy BoltSparkShieldDestruction Field
* VortexCycloneVoidSatelliteAntigravity
Breath of FireIncinerationCerberus FlameArcane RayReflection
Ether FireBlizzardBlazeIncinerationFlame Strike
Orbital BombingThunderstormJudgementBlizzardShooting Star
Neutron GenerationCycloneElectric OrbSatelliteNuclear Fusion
Winter StormBlizzardCold WeatherFireballPoison Gas
* Plasma BeamArcane RayDestruction RaySatelliteNuclear Fusion
Lightning BlastThunderstormA Bolt from the BlueElectric ShockChain Lightning
Quantum ExplosionShieldDestruction FieldArmageddonApocalypse
InfernoIncinerationFlame StrikeLava ZoneMelting
* Lightning AttunementElectric ZoneDischargeSatelliteWill-o’-the-wisp
Blast FurnaceLava ZoneMagma EruptionMeteorVolcanic Eruption
Runaway ElectricityElectric ShockChain LightningSpiritFamiliar
DelugeTsunamiSiren SongCycloneClimate Change
Blooming SnowflakesFrost NovaIce AgeTsunamiPole
Master of StormsCycloneClimate ChangeMagic BoltSpray

How to Get Stronger


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On the Main Menu screen, players can press the Subject button to unlock new playable characters that offer their own bonuses. Remember that unlocking each of these subjects costs an affordable 2,000 Gold and is permanently unlocked once you’ve purchased them.

HumanMana Gane increases by 5%.
ElfHP Regen increases by 0.1% per sec.
(Recommended) DemonAttack increases by 5%.
SpiritAll magic’s Cooldown reduces by 2%.
Jack-o’-lanternCloaking Lv +1, Character’s Size increases by 15%.


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Located between the Start and the Subject button on the Main Menu, Research is a collection of passive buffs that players can activate by applying Research Points.

Research Points can be purchased one at a time, with the Gold cost for each rising in increments. These Research Points can then be distributed freely amongst your chosen Research to increase things like Attack or Mana Gain.

If you find that you want to focus your Research Points on a different Research, you can press the “Collect” button to regain the points you’ve invested so you can re-apply those points to a different Research.

We highly recommend first investing in all of the Mana Gain options as this allows you to level up much faster inside the arena. After that, consider taking useful options such as increasing the chance for Treasure or increasing your Item Pickup Range for convenience.

Enhance Classes

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After a Class has already been unlocked, it can be further enhanced by obtaining more copies of that Class from the Shop or from completing levels.

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Enhancing Classes grants players access to even more bonuses when playing as that class.

Once you’ve invested a couple of research points and leveled up your favorite class, finishing all the available levels within the game should be easy as long as you get a hold of Combination Magic!

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