Magic Stone Knights – Beginners Gameplay Guide

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2023)

Released on May 31, 2023, Magic Stone Knights is a match-three puzzle game developed by Neowiz for Android and iOS devices.

Along with match-three puzzles, the game also has Action, Idle, and RPG elements. Players must assemble a team of Heroes and Companions and protect their village from thieves and monsters.

The additional gameplay elements, stunning visuals, and return of some fan-favorite characters from the Brave Dust franchise really added to the Magic Stone Knights hype, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Photo: Neowiz

However, even if you are a match-three master, you’ll have a hard time tackling this hybrid of genres, purely because there’s too much going on.

That’s why I decided to write up this Magic Stone Knights gameplay guide.

Let’s start with a beginner’s guide on how to play Magic Stone Knights.

A Puzzle Game:

Magic Stone Knights is a puzzle game built around an extensive RPG system. It gives a new dimension to the classic match-three gameplay.

Primarily, players are just matching three or more Magic Stones of the same color in a vertical or horizontal line to attack the enemies. However, the RPG elements like Heroes, Companions, Elements, and Skills add a new dimension to the battles.

Here’s a detailed look at the various gameplay elements of Magic Stone Knights.

Match-Three Mechanics

Magic Stone Knights’ match-three mechanics are pretty similar to every other match-three puzzle game. 

You must match three or more same-colored blocks, called Magic Stones. Every match is an attack and deals damage to the enemies standing in line of that match. More Magic Stone in a match means more damage to your enemies.

Aside from the basic 3-block vertical or horizontal lines, here are the different types of matches you can create in Magic Stone Knights along with their rewards.

4-Block SquareGuided Missile Direct Hit a chosen enemy
Photo: Neowiz
5 or More Blocks
(Vertically or Horizontally)
Jewel BlockAttack with all same-colored Magic Stones.
Photo: Neowiz
4 Blocks
Vertical BlockAttack with all Magic Stones in the column.
Photo: Neowiz
4 Blocks (Vertically)Horizontal BlockAttack with all Magic Stones in the row.
Photo: Neowiz

Aside from horizontal and vertical matches, you can create 5-block L or T-shaped hexagons. Those also result in a Jewel Block and you already know what that does.

With Puzzle out of the way, here’s an overview of the Heroes, Companions, and other RPG gameplay elements of Magic Stone Knights.

RPG Mechanics

Along with match-to-attack, players have to build a team of warriors. These warriors, called Heroes and Companions, have different skills and abilities that further boost your attacks. 

There are 66 Heroes in Magic Stone Knights categorized as-

  1. Warrior.
  2. Supporter.
  3. Defender.
  4. Puzzlemaster.
Photo: Neowiz

For further support, there are 33 Companions. Companions are non-combatant characters that can heal and boost Heroes during battle.

Players create the perfect team using five Heroes and one Companion to win. Using Gold, Hero EXP, and Soul Pieces, players can enhance abilities and increase the level of Heroes and Companions.

If you’re wondering about the Draw/Roll feature, Magic Stone Knights have that too.

Photo: Neowiz

In Asran, there is a Tavern where players can Recruit Heroes. You can recruit 1 Hero or 10 Heroes simultaneously.

Idle Mechanics

If you’re not a fan of the match-three gameplay and just want to enjoy the RPG action, you can put the game on Full Auto. And if you’re not a fan of the RPG action and just want to solve puzzles, you can put the game on Skill Auto.

In Full Auto mode, the game solves the puzzles and uses the Hero Skills automatically, and players just have to worry about character builds.

Photo: Neowiz

On the other hand, Skill Auto puts Hero usage on automatic while players have to solve the puzzles manually.

Photo: Neowiz

That’s pretty much all you need to know to get your Magic Stone Knights journey up and running. 

I’ll finish this guide with an overview of the game modes in Magic Stone Knights.

Magic Stone Knights Game Modes

Primarily, there are three game modes in Magic Stone Knights:

  1. Campaign.
  2. Guild.
  3. Outskirts.

Here’s a closer look at all three.

1. Campaign

This is the main story mode of Magic Stone Knights. Players have to create a team of Heroes and Companions to go to battle against various enemies and protect their Village.

Photo: Neowiz

2. Guilds

Magic Stone Knights also offers a co-op mode where players can join or create Guilds to go to Battle together, defeat powerful enemies, and reap the collective reward.

Guild Matchmaking is available in the Asran tab in Magic Stone Knights.

Photo: Neowiz

3. Outskirts

Outskirts is the challenge mode of Magic Stone Knights. This is where players can complete different challenges to collect rewards. 

Photo: Neowiz

In Outskirts, players can enjoy:

ArenaPvP Mode
Tower of TrialsPvE Challenges
Sky IslandPvE Challenges
AdventBoss Battles

That brings us to the end of this guide.

I hope this helps you develop a better understanding of the game because only then can you fully enjoy this gacha extraordinaire. 

Feel free to leave comments below about what more you would like to know about Magic Stone Knights. 

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