Mafia Gangster City Street Sim: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

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Mafia Gangster City
Photo: Proficient Games
(Last Updated On: November 20, 2023)

Mafia Gangster City Street Sim is a 3D open-world Gangster City Vegas Battle game featuring an exciting environment with smooth controls and simple action.

In a realistic 3D world with sounds, players will find themselves in a criminal action-packing simulation.

Prepare yourself for a fight against the crimes and thrilling venture missions that bring you the true gangster lifestyle.

In case you are going on the thug mafia cycle, it was street life with your weapon.

Mafia Gangster City Street Sim
Photo: Proficient Games

Each step forward you create determines who you are going to be in the ruthless criminal world, in the city of Mafia Gangster.

Prepare yourself to go through the complicated maze of power, treason, and heart-pounding activities of life in the ghetto. Welcome to the chaos.

Interactive Missions

However, that is not simply wandering, as there are interactive quests available everywhere. Get involved in several cool things that will take you into the criminal world.

Be it negotiating with unholy people, planning and executing grand theft, or racing on the streets, that’s what you live for!

Reveal the city’s concealed narratives and equipment that would facilitate your journey on top of it.

Mafia Gangster City Street Sim
Photo: Proficient Games

Clothing and Personalization

In the game, Mafia Gangster City Street Sim, dress to impress and define who you are in the gangster world.

To top it up on customization, this game enables you to dress up your character in many cool outfits ranging from sly suits to street smart gear.

Alter your attire to conform to changes in the rankings within the criminal world.

Mafia Gangster City Street Sim
Photo: Proficient Games

Mafia Gangster City – Open World

Strap on and prepare for extreme speed in Mafia gangster city. 

This is not an ordinary city; rather, this is a huge playground with immense variety that exceeds city limits.

Mafia Gangster City Street Sim
Photo: Proficient Games

Unlike some ordinary concrete landscapes, this app includes crowded city streets, peaceful natural spots, and an active airport. 

It’s just like an entire universe that is waiting for one to venture forth into.

Police Chase

However, law enforcers represent an indomitable enemy for players as they go deeper into the violent and crowded city streets.

High-end stakes and playing a game of cat and mouse with the persistent police department as one navigates their way through this city’s maze-like layout.

This pursuit is a heart-stopping race for justice, making the overall gameplay even more exciting!

Mafia Gangster City Street Sim
Photo: Proficient Games

It is either escaping in sleek sports cars or going through the narrow alleys. In both cases, Police Chase guarantees that every decision matters.


Survival is about kicking people’s buttocks into pieces in the hardcore and tumultuous streets of Mafia Gangster City. The game throws you right into a brutal combat scenario where your skills will be tested to the fullest.

It’s no different from other fighting games; you have the basic punches and movement around but with the difference of 3 unique skills being delivered.

Lasers everywhere, a twister doing some serious damage, and tossing around an ultra-electric ball.

Mafia Gangster City Street Sim
Photo: Proficient Games

These are epic abilities which mean that your playing is not even just a game but rather you are ruling over the entire city at stake.

Variety in Weapons

Get ready for tough urban fights in Mafia Gangster City Street Sim and use an array of weapons.

The game features powerful guns like the dreaded AK-47 and others equally lethal.

In the gritty combat scene for every weapon, you bring your style and strategy that you tailor towards making sure that you dominate in the criminal world.

Mafia Gangster City Street Sim
Photo: Proficient Games


Your criminal Empire in Mafia Gangster City Street Sim can’t just be restricted to the streets but it should be a motorized marvel that has different kinds of vehicles under its control.

The game boasts a diverse range of transport options:

  • Cars and Motorcycles: Cruise through the city streets in style, whether it’s the sleek purr of a sports car or the nimble maneuvering of a high-speed motorcycle.
  • Helicopters: Take to the skies and elevate your criminal exploits with helicopters, offering unparalleled views of the sprawling city below.
  • Tanks: Unleash armored mayhem with formidable tanks, turning the urban landscape into your battleground.
  • Jetpacks: Embrace the future of criminal mobility with jetpacks, soaring above the city in a display of criminal finesse.
  • Limousines: Ride in luxury and make a grand entrance with limousines, showcasing your status as the city’s reigning kingpin.
  • Bicycles: For a more discreet approach or a leisurely ride, bicycles offer a versatile and inconspicuous means of transportation.
Mafia Gangster City Street Sim
Photo: Proficient Games


The game features excellent graphics and transports players right into the city’s gangland.

3D environments and real HD pictures reincarnate the criminal town.

The landscapes are very detailed for players to explore an open-world city while they play in such a manner the general gaming feels enhanced.

They shape the game’s environment. It is about an atmosphere of dirty underworlds they must traverse like gangsters, carry out tasks, and die.

Mafia Gangster City
Photo: Proficient Games


To conclude, Mafia Gangster City Street Sim takes players on a thrilling ride through the world of gangs, combining tough assignments with an open format design.

The game lets you walk on gritty streets climbing up the criminal ladder and moving across the dark world.

The game boasts Police Chase with additional elements full of action.

Do not fail to become a virtual gangster; grab and install Mafia Gangster City Street Sim onto your Android.

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