Madtale: Idle RPG – Ultimate Game Guide & Tips

June Reyes

Madtale: Idle RPG is an auto-turn-based fantasy RPG with heavy gacha and idle elements. It was developed and published by Archosaur Games—a company that also produced other successful games like Dragon Raja and Life Makeover

In this game, you are thrown into a bleak alternate reality where you’ll meet, recruit, and even fight fictional characters from the most well-known fairy tales in history, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Puss In Boots, and more!

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In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know and do in the early game, as well as some tips on how to build a strong foundation for your account even as a beginner. 

Once Upon A Time…

At the start of the game, you will be taught the ropes through an in-game tutorial. 

If you haven’t played an idle gacha game like Madtale: Idle RPG before, I highly recommend that you pay attention and don’t skip it! 

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If you want to get good in the early game and get to the later stages as soon as possible, you’ll have to master four basic aspects of the game:

  • Getting Partners
  • Combat
  • How To Get Stronger
  • Important Items To Farm

Getting Partners

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Partners are characters you can recruit in the Clock Tower, go through battles with, and invest your resources in to make them stronger.

You can get more Partners by doing the following tasks:

  • Recruiting them in the Clock Tower with Diamonds or Miraculous Matches
  • Recruiting them by collecting and using Partner Shards
  • Buying them from various Shops in the Wilderness
  • Obtaining them as Events Rewards
  • Obtaining them from the Story Adventure


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Combat in Madtale: Idle RPG is completely automatic, where your Partners have two types of attack—their Normal Attack and Ultimate Attack.

Normal Attacks restore your Partner’s energy. Energy is required for them to execute their Ultimate Attack, which either deals damage to enemies or supports your team via heals or buffs.

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Partners also have Passive Skills that give them various stat boosts and skill modifiers. 

You can unlock all of a Partner’s Passive Skills by powering them up to Level 80 for Epic Partners and Level 60 for Elite and Rare Partners.

How To Get Stronger

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Listed below are all the ways you can strengthen your character, which will allow you to clear progressively harder areas of the game as a beginner: 

Power-Up MethodsItem Requirements
Upgrade LevelCoins
Memory Essences
Upgrade Level LimitCoins
Memory Essences
Hero’s Proofs
Equip & Upgrade GearGear
Mana Crystals
Equip & Upgrade SecretsSecrets
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In case you want to power up another Partner but have already used up your resources in another unit you don’t plan on using anymore, then don’t worry—you can still get those Coins, Memory Essences, and Hero’s Proofs back.

You can do this by using the Fountain located in the Main City, which can reset the level of a Partner and return all of the items you’ve invested in them in exchange for Diamonds.

Important Items To Farm

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Listed below are the items we strongly recommend you farm as soon as you start playing the game if you want to get stronger quickly.

Important Items To FarmItem DescriptionBest Beginner-friendly Sources 
DiamondIt is the main currency of the game and is used for a variety of purposes such as recruiting Partners, buying items from Shops, increasing Partner Slots, using the Wagon’s Time Hourglass, and more.Events
Daily & Weekly Quests
Story Adventure
Thorn Arena
Underground Ruins
CoinIt is used for powering up Partners and buying some items from Shops.Events
Daily & Weekly Quests
Story Adventure
Giant’s Garden
Underground Ruins
Memory EssenceIt is used for powering up Partners.Events
Daily & Weekly Quests
Story Adventure
Giant’s Garden
Underground Ruins
Hero’s ProofIt is used for powering up Partners by increasing their level limit.Events
Daily & Weekly Quests
Story Adventure
Giant’s Garden
Underground Ruins
Partner ShardIt is used for recruiting random Partners. Events
Daily & Weekly Quests
Giant’s Garden
Underground Ruins
GearIt is used to increase the stats of a Partner, with each gear piece boosting a specific stat type.Events
Daily & Weekly Quests
Story Adventure
Exploration Guild (Exiled Trader)
Miraculous MatchIt is used to recruit Partners without the use of Diamonds in the Clock Tower.Events
Daily & Weekly Quests

You will unlock more sources as you progress further in the game and become a veteran player, so don’t forget to explore every game mode you can farm these items from!

Primary Objectives For Beginners In Madtale: Idle RPG

Listed below are the tasks that you need to accomplish ASAP if you want to secure your account’s smooth progress for the long term by optimizing the amount of resources you get as a beginner.

OBJECTIVE #1: Clear As Many Adventure Story Stages As You Can

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By playing through the Adventure Story, you not only farm valuable items along the way, but you also unlock all the features you need to access quickly as a beginner:

In-game FeaturesAdventure Story Stage Unlocked
Giant’s GardenUnlocked at Adventure 2-6
Exploration GuildUnlocked at Adventure 2-10
Underground RuinsUnlocked at Adventure 3-6
SecretUnlocked at Adventure 4-4
ArenaUnlocked at Adventure 5-5
Memorial PalaceUnlocked at Adventure 6-10
LeaderboardUnlocked at Adventure 7-2

Most of these features will help you either strengthen your Partners or farm more resources.

We also recommend playing Arena as soon as you can. Achieving a ranking in the Arena as a beginner—no matter how low—will help you farm Diamonds early on, which gives you an advantage over players who haven’t done it yet.

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Again, you will unlock more features as you play the game, but clearing up to at least Adventure 5-5 where you’ll unlock the Arena in your first few hours of playing is highly recommended.

OBJECTIVE #2: Add At Least 20 Friends

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Adding friends in Madtale: Idle RPG isn’t just for socializing—it’s also necessary if you want to farm Friendship Points.

Friendship Points can be used to summon Partners in the Friendship Recruit banner in the Clock Tower.

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The rates for S or S+ Partners in the Friendship Recruit banner are much lower compared to the rates in the Advanced Recruit banner, but you can still get a lot of high-tier characters there in the long run.

Banner TypeDrop Rates
Friendship RecruitRare Units: 64%
Elite Units: 34.50%
Epic Units: 1.50%
Advanced RecruitRare Units: 55%
Elite Units: 40.30%
Epic Units: 4.70%

OBJECTIVE #3: Join An Exploration Guild

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Joining or creating an Exploration Guild as soon as your first day of playing is very important if you want to maximize your Contributions to a particular guild.

Contributions will allow a guild to level up, unlocking more features and farmable resources for you and your fellow guildmates.

Photo: Archosaur Games

The two main reasons why you should join an Exploration Guild as a beginner, however, are the Guild Dispatch and the Dragon Treasure.

Both of these features allow you to farm precious resources such as Diamonds, Partner Shards, Coins, Hero’s Proofs, and most notably—Gear, which you can also buy from the Guild Shop (Exiled Trader).

Five Best Tips For Beginners In Madtale: Idle RPG

Listed below are some tips that you must follow so you can avoid common mistakes most beginners make and flourish in the early game.

TIP #1: Prioritize Leveling One Or Two DPS Units

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The Partners that will carry you through most of the early game stages are the ones that deal the most damage—i.e. your DPS units.

Thus, it is advisable to focus on leveling up your main DPS units first instead of spreading your resources on your five main units.

As a general guideline, keeping your DPS units 20 – 40 levels ahead of your other units is recommended.

TIP #2: Save Your Hour Items For Later

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Hour Items are collectable items that will give you a specific amount of Coins, Memory Essences, or Hero’s Proof depending on how much your Wagon generates every minute.

Hour Items are divided into rarities, which are determined according to how many hours worth of resources they give you when used. 

For example, using an 8-hour Coin will give you the same amount that you’ll get from your Wagon if you were to wait eight hours in real-time.

Photo: Archosaur Games

The amount of resources you get from your Wagon depends on how many Adventure Story stages you’ve already cleared.

This is why we recommend saving your Hour Items for later, as using your Hour Items right away with very few Adventure Story stages cleared will give you fewer resources overall.

TIP #3: Always Take Advantage Of The Camp System 

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The Camp System determines the weaknesses and strengths of each Camp. There are a total of six Camps in the game.

Using a Partner that belongs to a Camp that has an advantage against the enemy will give that Partner DMG Bonus +25% and ACC +15%:

Camp TypesStrong AgainstWeak Against
Holy Light Order (Yellow)Tough Skeleton (Orange)Council Of Thorns (Blue)
Council Of Thorns (Blue)Holy Light Order (Yellow)Life Federation (Green)
Life Federation (Green)Council Of Thorns (Blue)Tough Skeleton (Orange)
Tough Skeleton (Orange)Life Federation (Green)Holy Light Order (Yellow)
Deity (Gray)Witch (Red)Witch (Red)
Witch (Red)Deity (Gray)Deity (Gray)

You also get a Camp Bonus by making a team with Partners that belong in the same Camp.

Camp CompositionCamp Bonuses
3 Partners of the same CampATK Bonus +10% 
HP Bonus +10%
4 Partners of the same CampATK Bonus +15% 
HP Bonus +15%
5 Partners of the same CampATK Bonus +20% 
HP Bonus +20%
2 Partners from 2 different Camps ATK Bonus +5% 
HP Bonus +5%

Optional Tip: Try to avoid making teams that don’t have a Camp Bonus. You may ignore this tip if your team synergizes well enough to disregard the stat bonuses.

TIP #4: Clear Quest Missions For Tons Of Rewards

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Event Missions are invaluable to new players, as they will give you so many items in the early game that you probably won’t even know what to do with them.

You can get almost every type of resource here (not to mention high-rarity Partners), so we strongly recommend participating in them as soon as you get into the game.

Photo: Archosaur Games

Quest Missions, on the other hand, are divided into three different types:

  • Daily Missions
  • Weekly Missions
  • Achievement Missions

While they don’t give you as many items compared to Event Missions at first glance, Quest Missions will be your most consistent source of valuable items in the long run.

TIP #5: Get To At Least VIP Level 2 (Optional)

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If you’re planning to play this game for the long haul, then we advise that you get to at least VIP Level 2, as you get tons of useful privileges once you achieve it.

To get to VIP Level 2, you’ll need to spend approximately $4.99 on any paid in-game packs or resources. 

Photo: Archosaur Games

The biggest reason why you need to get to VIP Level 2 is the Glimmer Blessing system (a.k.a. the Pity System).

This system allows you to select a particular S or S+ Partner to get as a reward once you reach a certain number of Recruits in the Clock Tower.

Partner RarityAmount Of Recruit Required 
S120 Recruits
S+240 Recruits

Keep in mind that getting the Glimmer Blessing via in-app purchases isn’t necessary at all. It will simply make your long-term progress a bit more secure, but not to the point where it’s essential.

And They Lived Happily Ever After…

While the mobile gaming market has indeed been flooded by idle role-playing games for several years now, Madtale: Idle RPG has a fun, fantastical charm that is mostly apparent in its art style and story.

If you want to see more games that are similar to Madtale: Idle RPG, then please visit our articles covering Idle Heroes and Mythic Heroes.

Also, feel free to check out our Madtale IDLE RPG Tier List to know which Partners stand out from the others in terms of battle performance!

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