Madfut 24 – Ultimate Gameplay Guide

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(Last Updated On: November 3, 2023)

Madfut 24 is a football card trading game where you collect cards of your favorite footballers to compete on different levels.

It is like the iconic game FIFA Ultimate Team and can be a challenge for new players who just want to play a football-related game that differs from the conventional ones.

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For the smoothest experience with the game, this Madfut 24 gameplay guide aims to talk about the key features and attributes of the game.

It is impossible not to fall in love with Madfut 24 simplicity and immersive gameplay. So, are you looking forward to playing Madfut 24? Why not do it with us?

Madfut 24 Supported Platforms

a squad in madfut 24 in fatal game mode
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Madfut 24 is available on both Android and iOS. You can get the card trading football game by navigating to the application store for both operating systems. It is also possible to play on platforms such as BlueStacks and LDPlayer.

  • Android users can download the game from the Play Store.
  • iOS users can download the game from the App Store

Madfut 24 Gameplay

a squad in madfut 24
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Madfut 24 is a card-trading football game whose core gameplay is to collect football cards, trade the cards, and use them to compete in different game modes.

It is the latest in the Madfut series and comes with new features and modes, which makes it much more interesting than the previous series.

choose a player in madfut 24
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On collecting the different cards, you can compete in several game modes, such as Fatal, Draft, and SBC, all explained in this Madfut 24 ultimate guide.

Its gameplay and features make it different from conventional and popular football games like EA, FIFA, and eFootball. Still, it can be said to be equally or even more interesting.

Madfut 24 Draft

draft in madfut 24
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The Draft is what you begin with in Madfut 24. A common mistake is that players think Madfut 24 is like FIFA and eFootball, so they watch out for player cards with the highest rating and how their ratings contribute to the total squad rating. However, the chemistry between the players is more important.

draft gameplay madfut 24
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A mistake most new players of Madfut 24 will make is not understanding the gameplay before playing the game. As a result, this section of the Madfut 24 ultimate guide will talk about the Madfut Draft, showing its little intricacies and features.

Madfut 24 Team Chemistry

team building madfut 24
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The team chemistry depends on the individual chemistry between the players. Every two players have either a red, yellow, or green line connecting them.

A green line indicates chemistry between the two players, and a red line indicates no chemistry. A yellow line shows that they have little chemistry.

chemistry in madfut 24
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Something about the chemistry line is that it draws from a player to a possible interaction in the game.

For example, in the formation 4-2-3-1, the LB position can connect with the CB, CDM, and LMF. However, in 4-1-3-2 formation, you can only connect with the CB and LM.

different formation in madfut 24
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Here are the several situations and the possible chemistry line between the two players:

  • There will be a red chemistry line if the adjacent players do not belong to a similar league or country
  • There will be a yellow line if the adjacent players play from two countries that speak the same language, play for the same country, or play the same league.
  • The chemistry line will be green if the two players play in the same league and are from the same country. It can have a significant performance bonus.
  • The chemistry line between two legends of the game, irrespective of their previous team or nationality, will be green.
  • The chemistry line between a legend and any other player will be yellow

Madfut 24 Draft Modes

choose a cup style madfut 24
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The draft modes consist of several competitions in the cup or league format, and you earn rewards. This is where the game becomes very interesting, like the conventional FIFA and eFootball.

claim a reward in madfut 24
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Several competitions include the La Liga Showcase, Future Icon I, French Trophy, and Biaconeri Cup. Each competition has a unique reward system obtained on completion.

one on one attack madfut 24 gameplay
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The gameplay is different and requires active participation from idle games. For example, during gameplay, players must answer questions, save chance, compare players, choose attackers and defenders, choose attacking and defending positions, etc.

Madfut 24 Draft Redo

team chemistry
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You can redo the Draft by navigating to Draft and tapping “Start New Draft” or “Restart Draft.” Click on OK and watch the full-screen video ad. If you want to redo your Draft, you should pay attention to the players and ensure they have good chemistry.

Other Madfut 24 Game Menu

game menu madfut 24
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Aside from the Draft, there are other game menus that you need to be familiar with to enjoy Madfut 24. Below is an explanation of each game menu and how they can enable you to enjoy a seamless experience.


trading madfut 24
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Trading in Madfut 24 unlocks at level 5 and allows you to trade your friend with another player.

The trading process is easy. You can trade with random people using “Random Trading” or friends or recent players using “Friends and Recent.”

Furthermore, you can use “Search by Username” if you have a player in mind whom you want to trade with directly.

wishlist madfut 24
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The “Wishlist” includes the player cards that you want to get. This will give other players an either of what you want.

Also, you can add up to six messages using the “Message” feature and select messages such as “I have 1% collection” and “I only want wishlist.”

Squad Building

squad building madfut 24
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In the Squad Builder menu, you can create a dream team with player cards you draw. You can also change the formation.

Player cards obtained are categorized using their position, country, league, club, rarity, and rating. Furthermore, you can search for the name of an already-obtained player.

My Cards

my cards madfut 24
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This menu contains all the collected cards. Like in Squad building, player cards are categorized based on position, country, league, club, rarity, and rating. Furthermore, you can search for their names.


araujo card madfut 24
Photo: Madfut

A collection contains player cards based on a preset value or terms. For example, the Centurion icon contains seven players: Pirlo, Gullit, Smith, Jairzinho, Rooney, Koeman, and Gattuso.

rooney centurion icon madfut 24
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Other collections include Centurion, Nike Mad Ready, and Rare Gold. You will see a green circle surrounding each collection based on the number of player cards you collect.

My Badges

madfut 24 badges
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The badge is the icon that represents each team. There are three categories: Special, Nation, and Club. You can use a badge that you feel like, and it will reflect immediately in the game.


objectives in madfut 24
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This contains objectives that you need to complete to earn rewards. New objectives are in the new categories, while completed and in progress are in the Completed and Uncompleted categories.

objectives madfut 24
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Each objective has a certain requirement and can require you to build a draft with player cards from a team, with a rating, leagues, chemistry, etc. On completing the objective, you earn a certain reward.


sbc madfut 24
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Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are challenges where you must build a team using collected cards to fulfill a certain criterion.

There are two categories: SBC Groups and Live SBCs. The former contains unique challenges with rewards such as icons, highly rated cards, and icons.

sbc requirement in madfut 24
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Each challenge is unique and has a particular story in Madfut 24. For example, the Juan Riquelme challenge takes us back to his Argentina, Boca Juniors, Barcelona, and Villareal playing days.

Each challenge has its SBC conditions attached, which you must fulfill before you continue.


fatal madfut 24
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Fatal mode is also as popular as the Draft Mode. It is a single-player mode where you build a team and use it to compete with another player or an AI.

fata game mode madfut 24
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In Fatal gameplay, you use your team to battle an opponent. You choose a player and select whether to use the player to control, attack, or defend.

fatal game mode play
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For example, if you choose to defend, your opponent will choose a player to attack, and the game will select a winner using the rating, then comparing the other attributes (defend and control).

Your opponent then chooses, and you respond, and the game goes on ten times until the overall winner is decided.


higher lower madfut 24
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This is a mini-game in Madfut 24 where you predict whether the next player to be compared to the player on the screen has a better rating or attributes.

higher or lower in madfut 24
Photo: Madfut

This mini-game is very interesting and requires football knowledge.

For example, the picture above shows that the game is asking whether the pace (PAC) of Real Madrid legend Pepe is higher or lower than an unknown player.

The player is a left-back from Borussia Dortmund from Norway.

pepe vs ryerson madfut 24
Photo: Madfut

With football knowledge, it is possible to compare both players and see whether it is possible. Nevertheless, you can still guess.

ryerson madfut 24
Photo: Madfut

If you win, the game compares the next player to a new one. Continue to win, and when you lose, you start from the beginning again.

The Higher/Lower also has other submenus, such as the Market and LTM cards, where you can get rare or highly rated player cards.

Other submenus

free pack in madfut
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Other submenus in the game include Market, where you can use tokens to get new players or use the in-game currency. There are also Packs where you can get player cards of different categories using the in-game currency.

Madfut 24 Tips and Tricks

Madfut 24 can be very interesting. However, it might also be challenging sometimes. You can enjoy seamless gameplay with the following tips and tricks.

Open packs wisely

open a pack
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The best thing to do when you need a new player pack is to wait for the release of special packs. Avoid opening every pack you see. Instead, you can save up and wait for packs with better player cards.

Play Higher/Lower

higher lower menu
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For those who want bragging rights amongst their friends, continuously play Higher/Lower so you can start having football knowledge. This will also help you in the game as sometimes there is repetition, and you can win more rewards.

Watch out for team chemistry

watch out for team chemistry
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The easiest way is to use players from a country with many players. For example, getting a high team chemistry from England and Brazil will be easier than the United States. Irrespective of your chosen method, ensure your eyes are fixed on the chemistry.

Trade with other players

trade with other players
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One of the best ways to get good cards from your team is by using the trading section. The game further makes it easier as you can trade with players on the game or social media using random mode, friends, or usernames.

Build a balanced team

build a balanced team
Photo: Madfut

Irrespective of the game mode, ensure that your squad comprises highly rated players of different skills, abilities, and positions. All these should be done without jeopardizing the team’s chemistry.

Final Thoughts

Your first experience with Madfut 24 might be a little unpleasant, especially if you are a beginner. However, with this Madfut 24 gameplay guide, you have an ace up your sleeve and can enjoy a deep and rewarding football card trading game.

We tried to incorporate a few tips and tricks so you can build a world-class team like we do for our other games. Do you have any questions, or you are thinking of another game? We are the right place to go.

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