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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2023)

Developer, Neorigin Games Publishing, might not have an extensive video game catalog under its belt, but its newest idle role-playing game (RPG), Luna Rebirth, has managed to garner a respectable fan base following its Early Access launch back in July 2023.

A game similar to Dino Knight, Luna Rebirth‘s auto-battles are simple yet captivating, particularly due to the vibrant visuals and actual narrative that slowly opens up as you level up further.

The game can be a bit hard to understand at first, especially when some parts of the dialogues are disjointed or improperly localized/translated, so here’s a useful guide to help new players familiarize themselves with Luna Rebirth‘s universe.

Hero Of The Blue Lands

Loading screen in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Called forth by Goddess Luna, you’re among her chosen heroes destined to help save the realm against dangerous dark forces invading from other dimensions.

You’ll receive assistance from her devoted followers and priestesses, however, the journey to liberate the land depends entirely on your actions, acquiring powerful gear while bolstering your skills and abilities simultaneously.

Character "Start" screen in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

While Luna Rebirth‘s story might not be original, it sets up a wonderful premise for a glorious fantasy setting brimming with colorful characters and exciting challenges.

Still, much of the game’s best content is locked behind in-game progress, so here are the important aspects that you need to keep in mind:

Combat Equipment

Equipment screen in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Immediately upon entering the world, you’ll be forced into battling low-level creatures roaming the early-game regions. Although they barely pose a threat to you, it’s indicative that almost everything revolves around combat in Luna Rebirth.

And when there’s combat, your gear/equipment become essential tools in defeating your enemies, and you’ll acquire plenty of them the longer you play the game.

In general, these are the different types of gear you can find throughout your travels in the Blue Lands:

  • Weapon
  • Clothing
  • Jewellery/ Ring
  • Shoes
  • Cloak/ Cape
  • Helm
Equipment inside the backpack in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Under each category, items will be further varied by tiers, (signified by colors), and all can be leveled up when merged with their duplicates, leading to improved versions offering better stats.

Throughout the beginning stages, your gear doesn’t impact your character’s fighting prowess much. However, it’s when more game modes and PvP features become available that gearing turns into a necessary grind to beat both AI and other players alike.


All classes in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Apart from the gear, your character will need to specialize as one of five different classes upon reaching a certain stage in-game. Each class boasts its own strengths and weaknesses, and these are the respective classes you’ll need to decide on:

  • Fighter
  • Mage
  • Archer
  • Ranger
  • Priest

Depending on the class you’ve picked, exclusive skills can be unlocked afterward, making you even more formidable to take on tougher foes during your adventure.

You can experiment with unconventional class builds too by allocating attribute points according to your preferred play style every time you level up.

Still, unless you’re familiar with the applications of old-school stat mechanics, such as Vitality and Intelligence, it’s better to follow the game’s recommended stat allocations for the first playthrough instead.

If you’re worried about choosing ‘fragile’ classes like the Priest, though, just know that you’ll recruit companions to fight by your side later on, each representing the different classes as well!


The Fireball skill in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Once you’ve chosen a preferred class, new skills are then added to your Skill Book. All skills have their prerequisites before you can use them, such as a level requirement or currency needed to learn them.

Once unlocked, your character becomes deadlier, able to utilize those new skills during auto-battles, mainly against elite Bosses.

Skills can also be enhanced by consuming Skill Pages in the process. This works the same way for companions too, so you need to be smart in spending them because you might want to share the resource with allies, improving their skills’ potencies as well.

Currencies & Resources

Gold Coin reward in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

As a free-to-play (F2P) mobile game, Luna Rebirth adopts the use of several in-game currencies to allow players to enjoy the game while generating demand for the purchase of its premium currency as well.

Different resources also exist, but when it comes to the most important ones, these are what you need to keep an eye out for:

  • Cash
    • Cash is the premium currency of Luna Rebirth; it’s commonly used for purchasing rare, time-limited, or exclusive items, denoted by the $ sign.
  • Gold Coins
    • The game’s most valuable F2P currency is Gold Coins, used for important activities related to character progression.
  • Silver Coins
    • Silver Coins are used for learning skills the first time, besides merging gear, among other things.
  • Skill Pages
    • As its name suggests, Skill Pages are consumed to enhance chosen skills, making your hero and allies much more fearsome.
  • Companion Upgrade Potions
    • Unlike your avatar (leveled up by accumulating battle EXP), your companions can only level up by consuming special Companion Upgrade Potions gathered as rewards for completing Daily Missions, etc.
The Cash Shop in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Understanding Luna Rebirth‘s unique currencies and resources helps you plan your character’s growth better, minimizing the chances of you wasting them when you don’t need to.

While Cash is reserved for real-world monetization, (can still be acquired in-game via events, etc.), you can get the other currencies by simply playing the game consistently, making Luna Rebirth one of the most F2P-friendly games available on the market right now.

Idle Gameplay Mechanics

Combat with a companion in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Now, with the most crucial aspects explained, it’s time for you to dive into the game’s idle gameplay experience. As mentioned previously, Luna Rebirth is an auto-battler that keeps your hero in constant combat in the background, farming EXP along the way.

While fighting, both your hero and allies will use their unlocked skills by themselves, meaning you’ll have no say in their attacking orders during battles.

As such, your role is to ensure that they’re primed and ready to fight beforehand, equipping them with the best gear while enhancing their masteries simultaneously.

A mage fighting in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

When it comes to actually progressing through the story, you can just press the “Challenge Boss” icon located on the lower right side of the screen to prompt a Boss Battle whenever you’re ready to move on to the next stage.

Once the Boss is defeated, your character’s storyline progress will automatically update, and this cycle is repeated accordingly.

This does sound a bit boring once you’ve gone through it a hundred times over, but you can always leave the game running on the side, generating passive rewards by way of the Idle/AFK Chest, and completing missions under the Adventure Diary tab located near the top of the screen.

Daily section of the Adventure Diary in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Regardless of where you stand here, Luna Rebirth is a casual idle mobile game first and foremost, meaning its target audiences are players who are interested in spending time playing a relaxing game that’s less punishing or competitive than big-budget titles like Call of Duty: Mobile.

Diverse Game Modes

The Town in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

To preserve the game’s longevity, the developer implemented a variety of different game modes encompassing both PvE and PvP gameplay.

To access them, you need to progress through Adventure, (the storyline) up to a certain point before additional content can be joined.

Take note that Adventure is the only game mode accessible directly from the home screen which is located at the bottom of the screen, while the others are visited by exploring the Town section, (same row as Adventure).

Summarily, these are the unique game modes available in Luna Rebirth today:

  • Adventure
    • Adventure mode is where the primary storyline takes place.
  • Guild
    • Joining a guild opens up exquisite Boss hunts that reward you with rare materials and loot, besides Guild Wars against other online groups.
  • Entrance of Expedition
    • Raid different regions home to monsters guarding various rewards in Entrance of Expedition.
  • Dojo of Hundreds
    • The Dojo of Hundreds is the game’s King-Of-The-Hill equivalent where you battle other players to climb higher up the dojo ranks, scoring invaluable points for yourself and the guild.
Word Hunt in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing
  • Crystal Arena
    • Crystal Arena is the best place for you to farm Skill Pages outside of Adventure.
  • Valhalla
    • Valhalla is the dedicated ranked PvP segment of Luna Rebirth.
  • Trial Tower
    • The game’s ever-expanding dungeon is the Trial Tower where you beat increasingly difficult enemies the higher you go up the tower’s levels.
  • Challenger’s Halt
    • Daily Boss battles that change every day are found here, letting you secure some nice loot, EXP, and extra materials.
A Mysterious Purple Gift Box in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

As you can see, there’s plenty to do in Luna Rebirth, so you’re always free to jump in whenever you feel like hitting the couch after class or work.

Tips & Tricks

Elemental information in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Luna Rebirth is quite comprehensive in terms of its gameplay design and concepts, leading to some pleasant surprises you probably didn’t see coming. As such, here are a few tips and tricks that you might find useful for your personal playthrough:

1. Be privy to elemental typings

While elemental typings don’t appear throughout the beginning phases of the game, they become paramount for end-game content once you’ve unlocked the Attire tab for your hero.

Every combat advantage should be taken into account, and elemental attunements can help your character destroy enemies quicker than before. So, having multiple sets of different elemental types could be worth the struggle to get them.

2. Check character info

Player Info screen in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Many might not know this, but you can check your character’s overall information and stats just by opening your profile menu at the top-left corner of the home screen.

Once the profile screen is up, click on the “Character Info” tab next to “Player Info”. You might get a better understanding of how your avatar is currently doing from there.

3. Add points to different attributes

RPGs are supposed to give you the freedom of choice, letting you decide how to build your ideal hero and play the game according to your preferences.

Jumping to character attributes, consider reading each stat’s brief explanation of what they do once improved, allowing you to create a hybrid-class character that’s unconventional and hard to counter in PvP.

4. Exploit redemption codes

Gifts/ rewards obtained in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing

Luna Rebirth is fairly new on the market, so certain redemption codes are still active to this very day. So, if you weren’t able to use them previously, here are a few amazing codes for you to try out right away:

  • lunarebirthdiscord
    • expected to expire on July 15, 2024
  • LunarebirthFB
    • expected to expire on July 15, 2024
  • lunaios
    • expected to expire on August 14, 2024

To use them, just go to your profile screen located at the top-left corner of the main screen. Under “Player Info”, click on “Exchange Code” found at the bottom left corner of the page.

Type the code in and enjoy your goodies!

Fighting the Misty Queen in Luna Rebirth.
Photo: Neorigin Games Publishing


All in all, Luna Rebirth is an enjoyable auto-battler supplemented by deep RPG mechanics that aren’t quite seen until later in the game. Progress does feel slow and restricted at first, but once everything is unlocked, that’s when the real fun begins.

If you’re interested in other idle game guides, make sure to check out Immortal Taoist and Seven Knights while you’re here too!

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