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Al Bagiuo
Lovebrush Chronicles

Embark on a journey through diverse realms in search of love; Lovebrush Chronicles presents an enchanting tale of romance adorned with exquisite artwork and a soul-stirring soundtrack.

This captivating creation hails from Exptional Global, the renowned publisher behind celebrated titles such as Neko Crush, Naraka+, The Lord of the Rings: War, Infinite Lagrange, and a plethora of other captivating games readily accessible on Android and iOS via the Play Store.

Lovebrush Chronicles
Photo: Exptional Global

Immerse yourself in a multiverse where you step into the shoes of a freshman in the fine arts, blessed with unique talents.

Journey through diverse dimensions, confront formidable trials, and engage with characters brought to life by acclaimed voice actors as you quest to discover your one true love.

Lovebrush Chronicles' Main Characters
Photo: Exptional Global

Lovebrush Chronicles, like every Otome game in its genre, places a strong emphasis on storytelling, art, soundtrack, and player immersion.

With elements reminiscent of Mystic Messenger and Tears of Themis, the game introduces players to a cast of five central characters.

These cards can be collected through the main storyline, special events, or gacha, featuring new outfits and stories that span across various worlds.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on Lovebrush Chronicles’ Best Characters to use.

How Do Tiers Work?

Before we delve into character introductions, let’s familiarize ourselves with ‘Tiers.’ Tiers represent the card rarity within the game, and the higher the tier, the more powerful the cards become.

Lovebrush Chronicles Ayn SSR
Photo: Exptional Global

In Lovebrush Chronicles, you’ll find four card rarities: N, R, SR, and SSR, with N as the most common and SSR as the rarest.

SSRThese cards can be obtained by summoning through banners,
each with its separate pity counter for draws. This highest-tier card is the most powerful and coveted
in the game.
SRMainly acquired through the Main Story, banners, and limited-time event rewards, this tier stands as the second-best on the hierarchy.
RAttainable through the Main Story, limited-time events, and special events, this tier is considered the average option on the list.
NThe most common and weakest tier in the list is obtainable through daily events.

You can enhance your cards by leveling them up, and when they reach their maximum level, they can undergo a rank breakthrough, allowing you to raise their level cap.

The materials required for breakthroughs can be obtained by completing specific stages.

The Main Three Stats

Photo: Exptional Global

Beyond the Tiers, every card possesses three primary stats that can be enhanced through enchanting and upgrading using materials obtainable via the game’s storyline and banners.

HPThe health stat of the card. Can be improved through enhancing and upgrading.
ATKThe card’s total attack power that is based on its level and tier.
DEFThe DEF stat of the card determines its resilience. A higher defense value indicates a greater ability to withstand attacks.

Lovebrush Chronicles – Best Characters To Use

Event Story
Photo: Exptional Global

Now that we’ve covered Tiers and the essential Stats to consider, let’s delve into our primary topic.

The selection of the best character for your gameplay hinges on your personal preferences and favorites from the roster. With that in mind, let’s explore the top Characters and Cards to make the most of your gaming experience!

Here are the best characters and cards in the game:

SS Rank

Quiet Night
SSR (Alkaid)
HP: 15418
ATK: 7286
DEF: 3346
With recovery skills that can be used in a wide radius.
Ebon Rook
SSR (Ayn)
HP: 15197
ATK: 7494
DEF: 4019
Raises the critical strength of all allies in the field. Adding in overall attack power.
Ebon Rook SSR
Photo: Exptional Global
Lion the Big Cat
SSR (Lars)
HP: 14030
ATK: 8716
DEF: 3152
High ATK card that does massive damage on single targets.
Dance of the Glacial Butterflies
SSR (Clarence)
HP: 118129
ATK: 6630
DEF: 4689
With its impressive HP, this character can endure a wide range of attacks and boasts excellent support and recovery abilities specifically tailored to aid a single ally.
Dance of the Glacial Butterflies SSR
Photo: Exptional Global
Castle in the Sky
SSR (Alkaid)
HP: 14771
ATK: 8366
DEF: 3921
Its self-buff enhances its damage output, making it the most potent single-target source of damage.
Chess Player
SSR (Cael)
HP: 14519
ATK: 8194
DEF: 3940
A powerful card that incapacitates all enemies in the field.
SR Tier
Photo: Exptional Global

S Rank

Afternoon Nap
SSR (Ayn)
HP: 15102
ATK: 8120
DEF: 3862
Its persistent damage proves to be highly effective against foes boasting both high HP and DEF.
Shattered Stars
SSR (Alkaid)
HP: 15607
ATK: 7301
DEF: 3862
A support card that boosts allies’ skill gauge while simultaneously reducing the enemy’s skill gauge.
Shattered Stars SSR
Photo: Exptional Global
Captive of Past
SSR (Ayn)
HP: 15465
ATK: 7166
DEF: 3702
It possesses a skill that can remove an opponent’s buff.
Cage of Guilt
SSR (Clarence)
HP: 14614
ATK: 7524
DEF: 3783
It grants you the ability to freeze, decrease, or even seal your opponent’s skill gauge.
Lord of the North
SSR (Lars)
HP: 15607
ATK: 7301
DEF: 3625
The skill gauge rate is decreased, but the character can be revived when downed.
Lord of the North SSR
Photo: Exptional Global
Waiting Cat
SSR (Clarence)
HP: 16080
ATK: 7226
DEF: 3862
It features an outstanding debuff skill that reduces the defense and accuracy of all enemies on the battlefield.
High Society
SSR (Lars)
HP: 14919
ATK: 7301
DEF: 3460
It grants continuous damage immunity for all allies.


Ultimately, it’s a game centered around collecting cards to uncover the narratives hidden within them. Transporting you to its imaginative world, one that is sure to captivate your heart.

If you’ve found joy in Lovebrush Chronicles and are eager to explore more titles within the same genre, consider delving into Tears of Themis, where you can engage in mystery-solving alongside compelling characters!

For a head start, you can access a comprehensive guide and strategies here: Tears of Themis Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies.

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