Love Idol Company: Scouting Tips

Anurag Ghosh

As you look forward to expanding your K-pop group in Love Idol Company, you will need new trainees to add more zing to your group. Here are some useful scouting tips that will help you acquire more characters for your new group:    

You can get new characters or “trainees” from the game’s “Scout” section.  

Tap on Scout and then tap on “Casting”. Choose an area and then tap on a ticket to begin your exploration.  

To search for a trainee, you will get rechargeable coupons or tickets twice a day.   

Use tickets to scout trainees

You might obtain more exploration or search tickets by watching videos. Tap the advertisement callout button that appears on the middle of your agency property. A pop-up window will appear on the screen asking you to watch adverts. Tap “Yes” to watch a video and claim your reward.  

You can get only 5 rewards per day by watching ads. One of the rewards could be five scouting tickets. If you see a different reward, tap on it and watch a video to claim it. Keep claiming rewards until you discover the ticket reward.  Since rewards are randomly generated, you may or may not get a chance to obtain tickets.  

You will also obtain 5 scouting or exploration tickets on particular days under the Attendance reward. For this you have to log in each day to play Love Idol Company if you want to obtain tickets. Check the rewards list below to get a clear idea:  

Get exploration tickets and star coins from attendance rewards

If you have used up all coupons, you can still search for trainees by spending 500 money.  

However, chances of discovering new trainees using in-game money is only 10 percent. You may fail to find a new trainee. That doesn’t mean that chances of acquiring new characters are high using tickets, but you can still try.  

With star coins, there’s a very high chance of exploring and discovering a trainee (100 percent exploration). Obtain star coins on certain days as “Attendance Rewards”. You will get star coins on the fourth, tenth, fifteenth day and so on.  

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Increase Relationship 

While scouting using tickets or money, you will stumble upon shy trainees and you will have to win their trust before signing a contract with them.  

You will have to forge a good relationship with them by answering their question. If the answer to their question makes them feel good, +10 relationship will be added to the “Good Feeling” gauge.  

Scout a trainee in Love Idol Company and win her trust by choosing the right answers.

This gauge is located on the upper-right corner of the screen. Fill the gauge by answering questions that does not offend her and gain her trust to recruit her.  

Make sure you carefully select a choice that makes her happy and only then you will increase good relations with her.   

Those were a few scouting tips. If you have some more, please share them by posting your comments below. 

    1. @Olamide, you have to enter the game with the internet on, thats how i’ve been getting the attendance reward

  1. I’ve been playing this game for days now, yet no attendance reward… how does it work?

    1. @Nitam, you need to claim it via the present button on the left side of your screen

  2. How to unlock the fourth character?
    I only have 3 idol 🙁
    Bug? Scouting>cast> 0% chance search

    1. @Happy, You go to Scout and there will be two options: Employ and Cast. Go to Employ and you will have to pay to contract them.

  3. I’m done with china, japan, and U.S challenge. The airport isn’t open yet? What shall I do?

  4. All the other scouting areas except residential park are locked when will they open?

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