Love Idol Company Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Love Idol Company, also known as Girl Group Inc: Love Idol, is an excellent K-Pop simulation game created by Sunbeesoft. Step into the shoes of a failed CEO who gets a second chance to turn the tides of a bankrupt record agency. Help him hire trainees, train them to uncover their talents and create the best girl pop group to maximize profit and bounce back from bankruptcy. 

Love Idol Company: Agency Property

In Love Idol Company, you will have to grow the company by building trust with trainees and shareholders. Listen to your shareholders, give advice to young trainees, train them and help them pass auditions, increase album sales and assist in gaining fans and followers to achieve success in concerts.

There are several things to do in this game. These beginner-level tips, tricks and strategies will help you earn profits, achieve fame and popularity and raise your trainees into popstars.  

Why Should You Train Characters?  

When you train to level up trainees, you increase their chances of passing an audition. Training a character in vocals, dance, joke and acting improves their singing, dancing, acting and stand up (Joke) levels.  

Make sure you train a character that has a tilt or preference towards a particular talent, such as vocals, dancing, joke etc. You can check a character’s preference easily –   

Train your character

Tap the Office facility > Room and then tap on a character. Next, tap the tiny magnifying glass icon on the lower-left corner of the screen just beside her portrait. Under Profile > Favor, you will see her preference for a particular skill.  

Make sure you build all training facilities, such as Vocals, Dance Joke and based on a trainee’s favor, drop her into the respective room to train her. As she trains, she gains EXP which helps her to level up. The higher her level in a particular, the higher the chances of passing an audition. 

There are different types of auditions and each audition is linked to a particular skill. If you want a trainee to pass the Drama audition, you will have to train her in the acting facility and level up her acting skills. If you want a trainee to pass a TV Show audition, make sure you level up a character’s Joke skill. If a trainee wants to pass the Musical audition, then she must be trained in the vocals facility to level up her vocal skills.  

Based on her talent or skill preference, she will request you to train her via interviews or quests so that she can gain more experience and level up her talent, this will help her pass auditions, gain popularity and finally it will affect your K-pop group album’s success and sales.  

Training plays a very big role in Love Idol Company as it not only improves the chances of passing auditions, but also increases the chances of a successful album. It all depends on the experience of a trainee. A low-experienced trainee won’t be too popular among fans so it will be a waste of funs to release an album featuring her in your girl group.  

Don’t Decline Interviews 

Interviews are actually missions. They appear at regular intervals. Make sure you accept a mission from a trainee and complete it one time if you want to improve relationship with her and gain agency fame. Do not decline an interview as it will deduct relationship points from your trainee.  

Always accept an interview from a trainee for future benefits.

Always try to complete interview missions before the stipulated time. If you fail, you will lose relationship points besides the angry taunts from her (taunts hurt, don’t they?).  

Completing missions will also help you to know your goals and all these missions indirectly help you to increase your agency’s fame, boost chances of album success and also gain trust among your trainees if you don’t want them to run away from your agency.  

We have also written additional useful content that will help you in one way or the other:  

Go for Auditions to Gain Money and Popularity 

Auditioning not only earns you in-game money, but also increases popularity, which indirectly affects the success and sales of your album. You may also earn additional rewards, such as bonus fans. Make sure you audition each trainee in your K-pop group to earn money and popularity.  

Your trainee should go for those auditions that matches their Favor for a particular skill or talent such as vocal, dance or joke. Also, make sure a character’s level is pretty high if you want her to pass an audition. Keep training her in a particular skill in a training room to gain experience and level up. You can learn about a character’s favor (vocal, dance, acting etc.) in her profile.  

Passing an audition

For example, if a particular character or trainee favors vocals or dance, then train her in the vocal training center, level her up and then go to the audition room to pass the musical audition. Tap “musical” and then tap the same character.  

Don’t lose heart if she fails, it means her skill or talent level is not up to the mark and you will need to train her more to pass an audition.  

The higher the level of her talent or skill the higher the chances of passing an audition. So, if a character prefers or favors acting, train her in acting skills, improve her level and then go for the TV show or Drama audition to gain popularity.  

When are Auditions and Album Production Available?   

When auditions are available, there will be an “On Air” sign below them. If they are not available, don’t fret. In Love Idol Company, auditions are available every 10 days according to the in-game time and not real-world time.   

Pay attention to the “Date” section on the top-left corner of the screen:  

The last numbers are hours, the second-last numbers are days and the third-last number is month. In-game hours pass each second.  

When the hours countdown hits 0 from 24, a new day begins. When 30 or 31 days are completed, a new month begins and so on. Auditions will be available soon after 10 days have passed.  

The in-game dates also affect albums, so you will have to wait at least 1 month according to the in-game Date to produce and release an album.  

Keep an eye on the hours and days numbers. Each time the hour section hits 0, a new day begins. You will have to wait until 30 or 31 days to start a new album. Don’t worry. Since these are not real-time numbers, days and months arrive pretty quickly.    

Hire Trainers to Level Up Skills Faster 

When you train a character in any of her skills, such as joke, vocals or dance, her training time will be slow. To speed up her training and gain EXP faster for leveling up, you will need a trainer in each room.  

You can hire trainers from the “Office” building. Tap on it and then select “Office”. Tap “Employ” or the person sitting on the chair.  

There are different types of trainers, choose only those who will help your trainees level up faster. You can hire the Acting Trainer to train a character at the Acting building, Dance trainer to speed up training a character in the Dance building and so on. Purchase a trainer using cash. When you buy one, he/she will be automatically placed in the respective training building.  

Expand Training Facilities and Housing 

Expand Buildings to accommodate more characters. As you scout for additional trainees for your K-pop group, you will also have to level up each building, including Housing to make room for them.  

Expanding a particular building will add an extra slot for your new trainee. This could be a new bed in the housing building, a new mic in the vocals building or a new slot for dancing in the dance building. Make sure you level up each facility to add more space.  

The increase in the rate of a character’s EXP totally depends on the level of a training facility, so make sure you keep leveling up a facility if you want to gain more EXP each time an trainee train herself.  

How to Auto Train Characters 

Normally, you will have to tap on a character to train her. When auto training is enabled, the same character keeps training on her own until she becomes exhausted.  

A trainee starts training automatically when her “Intelligence” role reaches level 5.  

Build the Library and then drop a trainee on the library building to start improving her intelligence role (skill). Once you drag and drop a character onto the library tap her to improve her intelligence. She will sit on a chair and start reading.  

When she finishes reading, she gains EXP which is added to her intelligence role (book icon). She gains a new level when the intelligence bar fills up.  

Keep training her to gain EXP until you reach level 5. Once she reaches level 5 in intelligence, she will start training in each building automatically.  

Tip: Along with intelligence EXP, your trainee also earns Beauty or visual EXP from time to time, which increases her visual skills that may be helpful for bringing album sales.  

Don’t Forget to Level Up Roles  

A character possesses certain “roles”, such as Beauty (star icon), Intelligence (book icon) and Strength (bodybuilder’s arm icon).  

These roles also need to be upgraded just like her acting, vocals and dance skills.  

You will have to build certain buildings to train them on these roles and level them up to get various benefits. For example, Build the Library to gain experience in intelligence and level up intelligence to level 5 to unlock auto training.  

You can see all three roles of an trainee when you place them in certain buildings such as the library and the fitness center.  

Improve her Stamina to Train for Longer Periods of Time 

Every time a character trains at any of the training facility, she loses a bit of stamina. When the strength bar beside her portrait pic is empty, she gets exhausted and can’t train anymore. You will have to drag and drop her into the Housing facility to regain her stamina.  

You can improve her strength so that she practices in any training facility for longer periods of time. All you have to do is build the fitness center and then drop all trainees to level up their strength role (arm icon).  

Make sure you upgrade them to level 3. This will increase their stamina level and you will see a noticeable difference in their training period. They will be able to train for a very long period of time as their strength bar will decrease slowly.  

Equip Various Items to your Character 

You may have noticed the training gauge above a trainee when she practices vocals, dance or joke. When the training bar fills up, she gains XP which fills the respective skill gauge on the bottom of the screen. When her skill gauge fills up completely, she levels up.  

The more XP or experience she gains per practice, the faster she will level up. To make sure she gains bonus XP, equip items such as armlets, glasses, cap or chains to her.  

Tap the Beauty Shop facility. Tap a trainee and the tap “Items” on the lower-right corner of the screen. Now choose an item that you want to equip to her. Each item offers a unique perk. For example, the “Amulet” under “Chain” increases the acting EXP by +30 percent. This means the character will gain 30 percent bonus EXP besides the normal EXP she gains each time she trains at the Acting facility.  

There are other cool items as well, including various armlets, such as the star band, two tone beads etc. These increase popularity by a certain percentage. This means that if a character is equipped with any of these armlets, she will gain bonus popularity if she passes any audition.  

Remember that you will have to spend in-game money to purchase an item. Some are way too costly, but if you are seriously looking to boost EXP and popularity, then you must invest on them wisely. Make sure you tap on each item and note down their uses before purchasing any beauty item.  

Renew Contracts with Trainees 

When a character’s contract ends, a warning box pops up on the screen. To renew her contract in Love Idol Company, go to Office > Room. Tap on a character whose contract has ended and then tap on the “Recontract” button. You will have to spend money to renew contract.  

Renew Contract with a trainee

You can also see the “Trust” numbers in her contract info. Make sure the trust is higher to get her back again.  Answer positively under “Report” (it’s located on bottom of the screen) to gain her trust so that you can renew her contract. Choose the right answer so that your stockholders and trainees have trust in you and won’t ditch your agency.  

Meet Stockholders Demands to Gain Additional Funds 

Check stockholder missions regularly by tapping their icon on the top-left corner of the screen. Complete their mission before the deadline to get additional funds.

For example, stockholders will demand that one of your albums should reach top 600 in charts by the end of the year. You will have to complete this to get bonus funds from them. A year is decided based on the in-game “Date”, so keep an eye on the date section to see when will the year end.  

Use Potential Card to Rank Up a Trainee 

Every character belongs to a particular rank. To view her rank, go to Office > Room. Tap on a trainee and then tap on the tiny magnifying glass located on the lower-left corner of her portrait.  

A character’s rank can be seen on the bottom-left corner of the screen. She can reach a higher rank using a potential card. This will also boost the potential of her abilities. Under the Ability Card, you can see potential (in green) beside each ability.  

Potential card effect on a trainee.

In Love Idol Company, increasing the potential of a character using a potential card has lots of benefits.  

Firstly, her training time will be reduced, which means she will gain EXP quicker while practicing her vocal, dance, joke or any other skills. The higher the potential of a trainee, the shorter will be her training time.  

Secondly, it will help a trainee achieve success in certain offers, such as appearing on fashion magazine cover. At times, agencies will approach you and request one of your trainees to feature on their fashion magazine.  

Choosing a model with a high potential for a fashion mag cover ensures high magazine sales, which ultimately secures more fans, confidence and also open doors to various award ceremonies which will award her from time to time. This will ultimately help you achieve more agency fame and fans.  

Getting an award in Love Idol

When you use a potential card on an trainee, you might increase her visual potential which ensures higher sales of fashion mag featuring her on the magazine cover.  

You can get potential cards from attendance rewards. Play the game ever day and receive these cards on certain days. You might also receive cards by watching videos. Tap the reward callout on the center of the agency property. Potential cards have a singing girl’s icon on them, so it will be easy to recognize a card on the rewards callout or on the attendance rewards section. 

  1. even though i train my idols to be level 30 in a certain skill, it doesnt increase their stats in the producer/writer/dance menu when making an album. whereas some idols can be at level 20 in that skill but have higher points in that stat

    1. @Alyssa, try clicking on the skills icon (which is the vocal, dance ,acting and joke icon) and upgrade their skill level

  2. I am stuck in the game of competition I don’t know what does concert audience goal mean and where can I find it.

    1. @LaggyGal, try clicking on the concert building and host a concert. the amount of audiences to ur concert is the goal of the competition

  3. I just got to the global competition for the album sales in China and I releases an album but it was not recorded
    What should I do

  4. من از بازی خیلی راضی هستم ولی وقتی تولدشون میشه و پریود میشم نمی دونم باید چی کار کنم اگر میشه راهنمایی کنید ممنون!؟

    Translation: I am very satisfied with the game, but when they are born and I have a period, I do not know what I should do if you can help me, thank you !? (via Google Translate)

  5. Hi there, I think I may have asked this question before, but here I go again… How can get the attendance reward I’m stuck that and there seems to be no one’s problem, so I can’t find the answer 🙁

  6. How can I unlock the idol in covert intelligence. I had won many competitions but still I don’t get the idol and currently I am on the overseas competition.

    1. @Divya, I think you must win the 2nd Round Competition against ANC’s Woo Sul Hyun to get the soloist

  7. Hye , can you help me how to battle group global overseas concert audience goals.because i confuse..can u help me

    1. @Maya, I think you can’t kick an idol out but if her contract has expired, you can just don’t do recontract so she can’t go back training or to your group.

  8. How can I unlock the 4th idol? I have extended all training center and search many times in the street but I still cant find any new idol to join 😿

  9. I’m currently in the mission of expanding overseas, how to increase audience in ‘World Tour’?

  10. Stuck on overseas expansion mission how do I increase the number of people attending a concert on China and Japan?
    I do broadcasts and album releases but still can’t get more than 500 people at concerts

    1. @Sam, The only way is to grind overseas fan via the broadcast station. Also, did you make sure to get all the girls maxed for all their skills? Not the level of the skills in vocal, acting, joke and dance but the skills that appear when you click on either of their level bar. That would grant you around 700k~ overseas fan/ broadcast on a LV7 building.

    2. @Sam, increase intelligence for broadcast, stage for concerts and also increase abilities of idols and staff

  11. How can I get other idol to surpass level 100? Others are stuck at level 100 when there limit is 120,150 etc.

  12. I have unlocked the locked character of an idol in her portrait what to do with that do we have to hire that character?

    1. @Pk, when u unlock a character u must to go to scouting area and then tap on employ u can hire ur character and then name the character as you want

  13. How do I increase the Goods sales rapidly? Cause seriously, my Goods sales are only 481 and the ANC has 7189 sales… I have already started my 2nd competition with ANC and I don’t want to lose… AGAIN.

    1. @Nobody,
      U need more fans. If u have like 1.5 m fans then u will receive 700+ per day. In other words, to beat the challenge u just need to keep collecting goods and add more fans to beat them. U can add more fans through auditions and album.

  14. Hi,
    I have a problem.
    I have to debut my oversea unit but when I try to do an album they tell me I don’t have enough command ticket ? But I don’t have any idea how to have some and what it is in the first place please ?

    1. @Dynamite, i had the same problem too until i realize that their song writing skills are horrible. Because its horrible, my rank will get lower and they will blame us for using their song. In other words, make sure they have the skill to write the song first before using it, if ur rank lower for using their music, the relationship will decrease.

    2. @Dynamite, And be careful, it can also happen that a writer wants to collaborate with them and they do badly, for this they must click on the YouTube type icon and listen to the 5 seconds of song, if some blackpinck type sounds or twice give it yes, otherwise they reject everything .

  15. So I have overseas and domestic units,I want my idols to be in the same that possible?

    1. @Hannah, Yes, you can use a glitch.

      First, put your team in the normal group. Close and reopen. Then, remove them and put the same in overseas group. Close and reopen. Remove from overseas and put back on normal group. Close and save the game. Then load the game and you have the same team on both groups.

      Do be careful that once your girl got terminated for an outdated contract, you will have to repeat it again.

  16. I don’t know why but even though I have a overseas unit and am in the first global competition it doesn’t let me make music sales for them. To be more specific the promotion and focus doesn’t register so nothing can be made. This leads to an automatic competition loss so I can’t unlock overseas training.

  17. I’m on a stockholder mission where I need to level up the entertainment centre to level 5 and I’m stuck because I don’t know where that is?

    1. It’s in Joke Centre. Entertainment centre has the same meaning as Joke Centre. So, you must level up the Joke Centre to level 5

  18. So i have like 5 idols right now and 2 on hold. Do I have to add the two in the unit as well if I ever scout them? can’t i make them soloists or something?

    1. Hi, well you cannot make them go soloist but you need to add them to your domestic unit or the overseas unit. The overseas unit must be unlocked when you reach 300000 fans, I think but I cannot remember well.So yeah , this what you can do.

      Hope the reply was helpful.

    2. @mun, You don’t have to put them in your units but your idols reach’s 100,000 fans that’s when you can start making the solo albums

    1. @Skrt, you have to build a VAP, and hold broadcasts every week. To increase global fans, you have to level up your idol’s visual, intelligence and joke, since if you don’t, you may end up losing fans.

  19. Do I always have to use potential cards? I mean everytime I want them to focus on one skill, do I need to use it? Or just stay in the current rank? All my idols are on Rank B and up. They are already slowing down when it comes to training ;c

  20. Hi. Can I able to see all of the albums that I have produced? As well as the statistics of how many albums that were sold since the recent release?

      1. Hey I’ve used thousands but I never can get an A, do I have to improve my idols skills first?

  21. How can I gain more experience when someone is lacking when you open the tab where you can see their experience and levels? and also the sub its says the backbone, personality and etc.? how to gain experience in that?

  22. Hello I want to ask how to beat ANC in that sales challenge.
    I don’t know what to do because it has something to do with the goods.

    1. It’s based on the goods you sell, the money icon that sometimes pops up over the “Goods” building is the one you wanna watch and level up for this challenge.

    2. Level up your idols to increase the sales you get when making a new album, the sales and goods depends on how marketable the album you created.

    3. @Luis Padilla, Tap on the icon of the abilitys you can make them learn skills by using experience or star coins

  23. Hello, I want to ask how to increase my idol potential? My favorite idol has highest level than the others. but still in C rank while the other 2 has B rank 🙁
    Help me please.

    1. You will need a potential card. Please read “Use Potential Card to Rank Up a Trainee” in this guide to know more.

      1. Level up your idols to increase the sales you get when making a new album, the sales and goods depends on how marketable the album you created.

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