Love Balls – 6 Tips and Hints to Complete More Levels

Anurag Ghosh
Love Balls

Love Balls is a minimalist physics-based puzzler from SuperTapX. In this game, you will have to reunite two balls that are separated by obstacles. They are in love and it’s only you who can bring them together by drawing lines and shapes using your magic pen. With your pen, you can conjure up simple lines as solid objects and use them to get them closer to each other. Draw ladders, ramps, arcs and several more to make sure they don’t fall off the screen. You may find this basic guide helpful if you have just started playing Love Balls:

Love Balls

1. To earn 3 stars, you will have to use less ink. The bar at the top shows how much ink you have used up to draw a line. The more ink you use, the fewer stars you will earn. Pay attention to the bar while drawing a path. You can play the same level again if you think you have used up too much ink and there’s another way to reunite balls. On your first attempt, it’s easy to get 2 stars, but if you try a little bit harder, then you can get three stars.

2. First few puzzles will be easy to play, but as levels progress; puzzles will be hard to solve. The best part of Love Balls is that there’s no limit to the number of retries you can use. Just tap the restart icon on the upper right corner of the screen to play the same level again. Unlimited retries leaves some room for experimentation. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, even if it means using up more ink than needed and earning few stars. You can come back again to play the same level and find another way to get them together.

3. If you can’t solve a puzzle, don’t be discouraged. Take it as a practice session and keep trying. This way, you will learn a lot about how the physics of this game, how the balls behave when paths are drawn between them and how to make use of obstacles to solve puzzles.

4. Examine the game board. When creating ramps and platforms with your magic pen, you should keep these things in mind:

*Does the ball need a push to keep it moving? If yes, then you can draw a small arc above a ball. The arc will solidify and fall down on the ball, making it move towards its target.

*Is there a platform underneath a ball? If there isn’t any then you will find objects that can be lassoed and then the line can be extended to the other platform so that the blue or pink ball can move towards his/her target.

*Do you have to keep both balls moving, especially when they are placed on a flat platform? Instead of drawing a single line, you may have to draw two separate lines to bring those cute Love Balls together.

Since this is a pure physics puzzler, drawing lines in the air will make them fall down, so you must make sure that the lines should be propped by solid objects so that they don’t fall and act as a bridge between them.

5. Use a stylus to draw a line. With a stylus, drawing a line would be much easier than using your finger. You can draw clear-cut lines between objects and there won’t be any broken paths, something that you will face a lot if you use your finger. With your finger, you will need to apply more pressure while drawing lines and things might be a little more difficult if you have fat fingers.

6. Stuck on a level? You can always find a solution to a puzzle by tapping the light bulb icon on the upper-right corner of the screen. To get hints, all you have to do is watch a short 30-second video. You will see dotted lines on the game board and you just have to trace them to complete a puzzle.