Lost Words: Beyond The Page – Walkthrough & Beginners Guide

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2023)

Welcome to Estoria, the imaginative realm of Lost Words: Beyond the Page where platforming gameplay and the power of words are combined so that you can live an unforgettable experience.

Lost Words: Beyond The Page was published on May 2023, by PID Games, which stands for Plug In Digital, on the Play Store and the App Store.

The game is not only about some levels and challenges that you must pass, but it’s also about the feelings that you get while playing it as it explores the themes of loss, grief, and self-expression.

In this article, we will uncover the emotional journey of the young girl, Izzy, providing a Lost Words: Beyond the Page walkthrough and beginner’s guide as well as valuable tips to overcome the challenges and solve the puzzle.

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Mastering Movement and Control Mechanics

Lost Words is not only about walking in a straight line and jumping over obstacles, but it also has a lot to do, such as using robes and spells to overcome challenges. Down below are all the controls you will need to solve the puzzle.

Basic Movement

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For the basic movement, you need to swipe to move in the right or left direction, and if you want to crouch under trees, you could swipe downwards. And in case you need to jump, all you need to do is tap on the screen.

Moving Obstacles

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In some levels, you will need to place something below you so that you can jump on higher ground. You will need to go to the rock, press and hold on the icon in the right upper corner, then start dragging the rock to the required place.

Vine Swing

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In some places, you will only have that plant hanging and you have to use it to cross the gap below you by jumping on it, and the character will automatically catch it. Then, you have to use your momentum by swinging and then tapping the screen again to jump on the other side.

Using Spells

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As you proceed in the game, you will earn spells that you can use to overcome some challenges. Just tap on the right upper corner of the screen, and the spell book will open where you will find all the spells you have earned.

Drag the word you want and place it where needed.

Basic Walkthrough

The game takes place in 2 locations, the first one is inside the book, where you have to solve some puzzle and the second one is in Estoria itself, where you play the game. Down below, you will find the basic walkthrough for both.

Using Words

Photo: PID Games

Your main objective inside the book is to go to the door, which is torn in the page. Sometimes you will find some colorful words that, once you step on them, will reveal more words to walk on but sometimes you will find small notes that you can move and use to fill the empty spaces.

Photo: PID Games

Sometimes it will have to arrange the words, such as “a writer writes.”

Photo: PID Games

You can also find drawings that you can drag, such as the one in the picture, which you will use to water the tree to make it grow.

When To Use The Spells

Spells have a huge role, as you can use them to overcome any situation that only magic can fix.

You will earn a spell as you solve more puzzles.

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The first spell you will get is the rise spell, where you can lift heavy objects with your magic.

Photo: PID Games

The second spell you will earn is the repair spell, where you can fix broken things.


Photo: PID Games

Whether you are a new or experienced player, Lost Words offers an impressive experience with its emotional storytelling using the power of words.

Grab your device and embark on this amazing adventure to experience the power of words, the beauty of the hand-drawn landscapes, and the transformative journey that awaits you in Lost Words: Beyond The Page.

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