Lost Realm – Chronorift: Game Guide & Tips

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Lost Realm
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In Lost Realm – Chronorift, players play as the Keeper of Rift Hall and try to keep bad corruptors from destroying different worlds.

Players gather their teams of heroes, equip these teams with special gear, and fight in turn-based strategic battles through a world that is full of magic animals.

The guide to this game covers important aspects such as facing corruptors, calling out heroes through mirage and taking part in tasks to win prizes.

Lost Realm
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Battling the Corruptors in Lost Realm – Chronorift

Players go through an epic path in Lost Realm – Chronorift where they fight against strong corrupters as well guard magical realms.

Corruptors’ features are key in the game’s strategy RP gameplay where players should know how to spot a weakness, thus allowing one to win a battle against corruptors.

Players collect more than one hundred heroes, all with 40+ objects that they employ during their real-time PVP fights against rival teams as the Keeper of Rift Hall.

Lost Realm
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There is also a strong focus on the plot and rich images.

The players choose different game modes, such as Glory and Outland battles for side quests, Areopagus for joint boss raids, and trials for the difficult dungeon.

Understand Corruptor Mechanics

Knowledge of Corruptor Mechanics in Lost Realm – Chronorift is important for players trying to rescue worlds and move quickly.

The round brings out corruptors as very strong opponents that will give players for winning over them stars and gifts.

As a player progresses the fights become more intense and require great technical skill. These are the heroes who fight against Corruptors, called through “Mirage” of course gacha system.

Lost Realm
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Obtaining legend-heoras is important in ensuring success.

Other leading points include time-limited events such as Gear Boost Milestone and daily/weekly tasks which help players learn Corruptor Mechanics.

Summon Heroes Through Mirages

In Lost Realm – Chronorift, Mirages represent a system for hero calls that are an essential part of game mechanics.

The Mirage is located in the middle of the hall and works as a magical doorway through which players have a chance to call up different hero rarenesses using Covenant Crystals.

Lost Realm – Chronorift heroes come with their rares, epics, and legendaries.

Lost Realm
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Explore a variety of Norse and Greek myths fighters and other realms, and choose the one you like best. Here are some heroes:

  • Dionysus – Rare
  • Vali – Rare
  • Prometheus – Rare
  • Idun – Epic
  • Chaos – Legendary
  • Baldur – Rare

Upgrade Heroes with Gear and Levels

In Lost Realm – Chronorift, improving heroes involves a dual approach: giving their characters more powerful gears as well as leveling them up.

Lost Realm
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Mead resources can also raise the hero’s level, making it much stronger in battle.

The aim is to focus on better rare heroes as this improves their usefulness during fights.

Moreover, gear is vital and players might equip their heroes with different components that are going to enhance their features. Hero stats can also be improved by using gears.

Lost Realm
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Furthermore, the players can join in several short-term events and tasks that will allow them to unlock more upgrades for their heroes thus improving them.

Assign an Assist Hero

In earlier parts of the game, the fight will be easy but as you go about playing the game and gradually hit more difficult stages of battle, it will become harder day by day.

On some occasions, you are likely to lose during fights that are tough and are never easy on your first trial.

You may use the best heroes to beat your enemy if you fail, improve your heroes, or make changes in the formation of hero lines.

Lost Realm
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In this case, you open the Assist-Hero function and add another hero to your game.

Events for Abundant Rewards

Immediately after finishing certain fight scenes from your main game mode, you’ll be able to open the “Events” choice.

These events last within a certain period; however, you will join in them in this time range and work towards getting prizes in your game performance.

Freebies are mostly gained from visiting events.

Lost Realm
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Ensure that as the events involve a time limitation, you join in them and carry out their requests before the event stops.

In this way, you can stock your in-game store with lots of presents.

Complete Missions

In Lost Realm – Chronorift, To get prizes one has to finish tasks. Players progress through daily and weekly goals which are used as prize boxes upon achievement of tasks.

Finally, there is a 90-day check-in that allows you to join in daily and gain different goods and other things over the space of ninety days.

A hero prize system of 30 days that gives players a hero each month is also another bonus in the game.

Lost Realm
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Lost Realm – Chronorift gives the player’s character, Keeper of Rift Hall, a very interesting fantasy adventure trip in which he joins heroes who go into different realms to fight.

The game has more than a hundred valuable heroes, objects, and interesting aspects like Chronorift that take players through a journey filled with excitement.

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