Lost Maiden Guide (Side Quest) – AFK Journey (AFK2)

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Lost Maiden side quest guide - AFK Journey (AFK2)

The Lost Maiden side quest is one of the earlier quests you’ll get in the Dark Forest. Long story short, a patroller informs you that Yolanda has entered a portal and gone missing.

Upon finding her, she says that she is looking for a specific treasure to heal a friend. Afterward, you’ll have to solve a puzzle and find one of the treasures, leaving Yolanda on her adventure to find more.

Step-by-Step Lost Maiden Guide

Step 1: Talk to Patroller

Talking to patroller - lost maiden side quest AFK Journey (AFK2)

The team was passing through the Dusk’s Patroller’s Camp in Dark Forest 1 (290;282), where a patroller stopped them. It turns out that she has something to tell Captain Lyca.

Yolanda from Lunadorf entered a portal to check how it works and what the scenery looks like, but hasn’t returned since. Lyca said that there’s an island in the heart of the lake with no other way to return than the portal.

Now you, Lyca, and the team have to go find her since the patroller is on duty.

Step 2: Talk to Yolanda

Talk to yolanda - lost maiden side quest AFK Journey (AFK2)

You will have to go to Dark Forest 1 (326;292) where the team will enter the portal and teleport to the island to find Yolanda. Thankfully, she’ll be safe.

The reason she came here was to find the treasure of the Deer Spirit, which was required to heal her ill friend.

Step 3: Check the Wooden Stag

Find the wooden stag - lost maiden side quest AFK Journey

Yolanda said that there are many wooden stags (puzzles) in the Dark Forest set by gods that need to be solved in order to get the treasure of the Deer Spirit.

Now you’ll see a large tree here. Tapping the hand icon will show you a note whose title will be “Mysteries of the Antlers 1.”

Step 4: Place Offerings

Placing offerings lost maiden side quest AFK Journey

The note’s description, which reads, “In a world where flickering stars fly, heavenly tree sprouts shoot to the sky,” hints that you need to place plant-related offerings.

Tapping the hand icon will show you the plants you have (obtained from world loot) and you’ll need to offer them to the tree. You can find different plants scattered around the map.

Once the offering is placed, the puzzle will be solved, and you’ll get a treasure.

Step 5: Talk to Yolanda

talk to yolanda aagain Lost Maiden side quest - AFK Journey (AFK2)

The Deer Spirit didn’t show up, but the treasure was real. Now Yolanda decided to go solve another puzzle by herself.

How to Unlock

The Lost Maiden side quest is unlocked after you complete your progress in Dark Forest 1.

Lost Maiden Rewards

There aren’t any rewards at the end of the quest. However, you do get a treasure after completing the tree puzzle in AFK Journey.

This guide has made it easier to complete all the steps and quickly get the treasure you deserve!

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