Lost Lands 8 – Ultimate Walkthrough & Guide

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Welcome to a game with a premise as long as the time itself. Where runic language takes the helm in Lost Lands 8, and the line between modernity and magic blurs. What do the ancients tell, what do those flashbacks mean?

There’s so much to uncover in so little time. The puzzles wait for no one, and you need to earn your keep. With that said, let’s dive right into one of the most magical walkthroughs of all time.

Lost Lands 8 – Starting Point

Little Girl Lost Lands 8

The game takes us to a flashback, a vision of the past, telling us about the tale of the war maiden. That’s when the girl’s dad comes home, with a treasure chest from the lost lands that they found from the excavation.

Main Character

Would you look at that? There was an hourglass within it, a shattered one at that. Once revealed, the hourglass turns the father to sand, while the granny begins to shake her amulet to reveal a hidden portal.

Portal to Lost LAnds

Once inside, we are greeted with a world straight from Fairy Tails. The goal here is to find a cure for Maaron (the father). There’s a lot to uncover, we find mushrooms and begin inspecting them. There’s also a broken lock and a rune key with weird symbols.

Keep clicking around the area to find a bond with living fish and a door that seems to go nowhere. The area is vast, and we need to patch up these clues to solve all the riddles.

Let’s start by using the gardening scissors on the right side of your map.

Gardening Scissors

The goal here is to use them to find plantations and uproot them to reveal the lost key for the doors.

Entangled Branches

Once done, grab the key, and use it to open the door to the mysterious tower. Head inside and a new scenery will be revealed.

Inside the Tower – Lost Lands 8

Inside the tower

It seems like the main character is awfully familiar with this place, and is trying to find what has changed since her last visit.

Begin inspecting everything from a clock with weird dials, to the burnt racks on the fireplace. Move them aside to reveal a coin that is held by a wire.

This coin is a Kyoll, a form of local currency of these lands. Remember, your goal is to keep searching and digging up clues to use later and find out the cause of the story.

Broken Window

Right beside the window, there are broken shards of glass that can be collected. Similarly, you’ll also come to find a knife on the table.

With so much in your inventory, it might be time to move onto the next stage, but one final step before we do that.

Inspect the chair to find a hidden owl under the bedding. Place that into the lock of the underground door.

Old Doorway

Heading Back – Lost Lands 8

With our choices exhausted, it’s time to head back to the original scenery and continue our search with the brand-new assortment of clues we found. Will the knife help us pry something open? The answer is yes!


Once pried open, this lock will reveal a brand new form of puzzle but hold your horses. We don’t have any clues to solving that puzzle.

Let’s head back to the second scenery, and try using the glass shards on the koi painting. It’ll reveal clues to our next step.

It seems there is something we missed. Close to the underground entry, there is a small crack, and it seems something has been kept inside the crack. We could use the wire from the coin to pull it out.

weird totem called Detail

Hmm, it seems like a weird totem called Detail. If we look at it closely, it seems to resemble a key. Let’s use it to open the mailbox in our first scene.

first letter

Upon opening it, the first letter will reveal itself. Now would you look at that? Some professor, looking like a hobbit magician has sent Maaron a letter.

He goes by the name Folnur, and could be the key to helping us find a cure for Maaron.

Folnur's letter

We’ll also find more gear pieces and another piece of paper in the letter box. Though, let’s leave it at that for now and add those gears to the lock we recently pried open with the knife.

With those added, we can finally begin to drag and drop those into their section. Click the blue rectangles to understand how they work.

Solving Riddles / Puzzles in Lost Lands 8

The game is dynamic, and while the experiences are the same for everyone, the actual layout of the puzzle can vary.

However, all you need to remember is that the blue boxes need to go into the movable rectangles and you’ll be able to solve it. Here is how it looks after all is said and done:

blue boxes

Once moving, we’ll get another cutscene of our main character admittedly trying to ask a passerby about Maaron’s whereabouts.

Regretfully, the person knows nothing and admits that there have been no changes for a while now, and this ‘Maaron’ guy might not have crossed by since yesterday.


Our MC helps him out and asks him for the Academy of Magic’s whereabouts since that’s the other clue leading to Maaron.

Maybe the small Wizard could help us undo the curse on Maaron? Apparently, the passage to the academy doesn’t work. The first tutorial bit is over, and we’re finally at the stage where tasks are being displayed.

tasks board

Let’s head inside the shed and see what we come up with. Inspecting the area closely, we will find branches of processed wood called steps, and a sack of grain.

There are also hens in the area, maybe they’ll like the grain? Oh, they’ve come out from the shed. Let’s inspect the insides.

Now, this is where the game will start playing itself. You’ll find missing pieces, new fellows, and a lot more. The key here is to keep investigating every scene thoroughly and you will be well on your way to a successful path.

How To Clear Lost Lands 8 – Key Steps


Now that we’ve situated ourselves well into the game, the upcoming scenarios will be pretty much unique, while following a repetitive trope.

Recognizing these patterns is the key that’ll help you get past riddles, and the story – allowing you to find Maroon, and rescue the pile of sand that was once a human.

So, what kind of factors do we need to consider? Let’s look below!

1. Collect Everything – Be Thorough and Observant

The Garden Lost Lands 8

In Lost Lands 8, every item you come across can be valuable. You should thoroughly explore each scene and interact with as many objects as possible. Sometimes, items that seem insignificant can play an important role later in the game.

For example, small objects like keys, coins, or pieces of paper might be easily overlooked, but they often are essential for unlocking new areas or solving puzzles. Additionally, some items can be combined with others to create new tools or solutions.

Lost Lands 8 is specifically designed to challenge your observational skills, so go ham on those missing pieces.

2. Pay Attention to Details – Clues Are Everywhere


Lost Lands 8 environments are richly detailed and full of clues. Paying close attention to the artwork, inscriptions, and even the layout of objects can provide hints about what to do next.

For example, a pattern on the wall might hint at the sequence for a puzzle, or a seemingly random arrangement of items might actually be a clue for a hidden object puzzle.

Also, dialogue and narrative elements often can contain subtle hints or crucial information about puzzle solutions. So, listen and read carefully, and try to connect the story elements with the gameplay.

3. Use the Map Wisely – A Tool for Strategy and Efficiency

Tasks Lost LAnds 8

The Lost Lands 8 in-game map is an invaluable tool that offers more than just geographical guidance. It often indicates areas where actions are still required, acting like a to-do list.

This feature is especially helpful in a game with a vast world and multiple locations. For instance, if you’re unsure where to go next, the map might show icons or markers in areas where tasks are incomplete or new events have been triggered.

This can save time and minimize aimless wandering in Lost Lands 8. Moreover, the map can be used to quickly travel between locations, reducing the time spent on backtracking.

Always check the map when you complete a task or acquire new items to efficiently plan your next move.

4. Experiment with Items – Think Outside the Box

Item Exploration

The puzzles often require creative thinking and the unconventional use of items in Lost Lands 8. The key is to experiment with your inventory. For example, an item that seems to have a specific purpose might actually be part of the solution to a completely different puzzle.

Don’t hesitate to try combining items or using them in various contexts. Sometimes, the solution to a puzzle is not straightforward and requires you to think outside the box.

If an item has been in your inventory for a while, reconsider its potential uses, as its purpose may not be immediately obvious. This approach encourages exploration and experimentation, which are at the heart of solving many puzzles in the game.

5. Keep Notes – Organize Your Progress and Clues

Main Character and Her Daughter

Lost Lands 8 can present a complex narrative with intricate puzzles and a multitude of items. Keeping notes is not just a suggestion but almost a necessity. Documenting your findings, puzzle clues, and item locations can be incredibly helpful.

For instance, if you come across a code or a sequence but don’t have the puzzle it belongs to yet, write it down. Likewise, if you find an item but aren’t sure where to use it, note it for future reference.

This method helps prevent getting lost in the game’s depth, especially when there are long intervals between finding a clue and its corresponding use.

A simple notebook or digital note-taking app can serve as an effective tool to track your progress and thoughts.

6. Revisit Locations – Uncover New Opportunities


Areas you’ve previously visited can change over time or as a result of actions taken elsewhere. If you find yourself stuck, it’s a good idea to backtrack and explore previous locations again.

New items or puzzles might have become available in Lost Lands 8, or you might notice details you missed on your first visit.

This makes it so you fully explore the game’s world and can uncover hidden paths or items that only become relevant later in the game.

7. Solve HOPs (Hidden Object Puzzles) Carefully

Hidden Chests

Hidden Object Puzzles (HOPs) are a staple of the Lost Lands series. These puzzles require you to find a list of objects hidden within a scene. It’s important to approach these puzzles methodically and patiently.

Every item you find in a HOP can be integral for progressing in the game, and sometimes these items are cleverly disguised or require interaction with other objects in the scene.

Rushing through these puzzles can cause you to miss essential items in Lost Lands 8. If a HOP seems particularly challenging, take a break and return later with fresh eyes, as this can sometimes make it easier to spot the objects you missed initially.

8. Use the Hint System Sparingly


Lost Lands 8 includes a hint system designed to assist players when they’re stuck. While this feature can be incredibly helpful, it’s important to use it sparingly to maintain the game’s challenge and satisfaction.

Relying too much on hints can take away from the sense of accomplishment that comes from solving puzzles independently. Try to exhaust your own problem-solving skills and strategies first before resorting to a hint.

This approach encourages you to develop and refine your puzzle-solving abilities, which is a significant part of the game’s appeal. Besides, overuse of the hint system can make the gameplay less engaging and rewarding.

Reserve hints for moments when you’re genuinely stumped in Lost Lands 8, and you’ll find that overcoming challenges on your own is far more fulfilling.


In essence, the entire purpose of Lost Lands 8 lies in exploration. Finding Maroon, exploring new areas, and solving riddles are just the beginning.

You will also learn how to spend money, become efficient at Lost Lands 8 minigames, and so much more, so keep your hopes high, because that’s the entry point to a period of joy and intrigue.

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