LOST in Blue 2: Fate’s Island Beginner’s Guide

Nivenka Stanton
Lost In Blue 2

LOST in Blue 2: Fate’s Island is a fun-to-play adventure game, with plenty of activities to keep you occupied. Are you a fan of Jurassic Park? This game will blow you away!

In this game, you will go on an adventure and build yourself the perfect campsite on a beautiful island, while fighting for survival in unexpected conditions.

If you are a new player, this game can get a bit complicated, so we are here to guide you through the beginning of the game, and hopefully, when you are done reading this article, you will have a clearer aspect of how Lost In Blue 2 works. Check it out!

How To Play Lost In Blue 2

Building Your First Camp

Your very first mission in Lost In Blue 2 is to build a fireplace. The tutorial will show you exactly where to tap to make this possible.

You will need firewood as well in order to light the fireplace, and wood can be obtained by chopping down a tree.

After building your fireplace, you will need to build a tent. Tap on the space that you are shown, and your tent will be built immediately. Tap on the milestone tab displayed on the bottom-left-hand side of your screen.

Lost In Blue 2 - Build tent
Photo: Volcano Force

You will need to build a fence to avoid unwanted predators entering your campsite. Tap on the space indicated to build your fence.

After building your fence, you will receive resources, which will be required if you want to progress throughout Lost In Blue 2.

Placing Buildings

Tap on the settings icon and build an Explorer’s Cabin. You can set the buildings down in your preferred place and where there is enough space.

Explorers cabin
Photo: Volcano Force

If you want to see how much space you have and where you want to place your buildings, zoom out by pinching two fingers together toward each other on your screen. Do the opposite to zoom in.

Your first building will be placed automatically, but you can move it at a later stage. To move your building, tap on it and drag it across the screen.

If you are not satisfied with the location of your building, move it and press the green tick to pace your building. The red cross will cancel the process entirely.

How To Upgrade In Lost In Blue 2

Specific resources are required to upgrade buildings in Lost In Blue 2. Gather some wood by tapping on the wood lying around your camp. Tap on the berry bushes to collect food.

You will be able to upgrade buildings by tapping on them and tapping on the upward pointing arrow indicating Upgrade.

Photo: Volcano Force

Upgrading buildings have a waiting period for them to complete construction. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and neither is a full-on campsite.

Fortunately, in the beginning stages of Lost In Blue 2, the time waiting period is not as long as when you reach higher levels.

Speedups will also become available after completing milestones and events, be sure to use these wisely. At the beginning of the game, try to wait it out if the timer is just 5 minutes. This will help you save up for those lengthy waits. (Running out of speedups is not fun, speaking from experience!).

Photo: Volcano Force

How To Build An Army In Lost In Blue 2

Once you have done all of the above, you will be required to build a Triceratops Training Camp. Tap on the setting icon and then the building. Place it and collect your resources.

Training For Battle

Now that your Triceratops Training Camp is complete, you can train a mean army! Tap on the Training Camp and select Train.

Training Triceratops
Photo: Volcano Force

Once the tutorial is complete, you will be able to select the amount of units you train. For now, however, tap on Train again.

How To Battle In Lost In Blue 2

Now that you have set up your campsite and built an army in Lost In Blue 2, enemies are getting ready to strike. You will have to be quick to ward off dinosaurs if you want to survive!

Your screen will become red when an attack is imminent, meaning you will have a chance to fend off any unwanted visitors.

Tap on the dinosaur to begin your attack. You will be given the option of deploying your troops, in this instance, it will be the Triceratops you trained earlier.

Attack dinosaur
Photo: Volcano Force

Tap on Formation and select the Survivor of your choice as the leader of your army. Tap Quick Reinforce to add all the troops and select Save.

Your final step will be to select Deploy, which will start the battle.

You will receive additional rewards and resources for all the attacks you win.

Medical Station

In any battle, there are bound to be casualties. That’s where your Medical Station comes into play. Build your Medical Station and watch the cutscene.

A tornado will wipe your camp out in a specified amount of time, so resisting this at all times when possible is a necessity! Certain tasks will help you to resist the disaster.

Photo: Volcano Force

Once the tornado has successfully been avoided, and it has dissipated, you will be rewarded with rewards that literally fall from the sky. Tap on the items as fast as possible to collect these rewards.

Resources falling out the sky
Photo: Volcano Force

You can resist the first tornado by gathering 2000 resources in your camp, as well as upgrading your tent to level 4.

Upgrading your tent can be done, however, to upgrade buildings, you will need to upgrade additional buildings before being able to achieve this.

For example, if you want to upgrade your tent to level 3, you will need to upgrade your walls to the next level before you can upgrade your tent.

This method applies to most things throughout Lost In Blue 2 gameplay.

Now back to your Medical Station. Tap on the building and heal your troops that were injured during battle. This is an important process throughout the game, as you will need all the troops you can gather to become stronger and fight battles efficiently.

Be sure to train your troops regularly, without wasting valuable resources while doing so.

Expanding Your Base

When you see your campsite is getting a bit crowded, you can always expand it a bit. You will see a magnifying glass, with a notice above it stating Expandable.

Photo: Volcano Force

Tap on the magnifying glass, and remove the resources in the way, ie. trees and berry bushes. A few unfriendly dinosaurs will appear, and as you remove the threat by attacking them, your campsite area will expand.

Lost In Blue 2 Tips & Tricks

Upgrading Buildings

Upgrading your buildings in Lost In Blue 2 is an important aspect. Doing so will make your campsite stronger, and the chances of you being defeated in battle are less, however, it’s not entirely impossible. Check below to see what upgrading some of the buildings will grant you:

  • Tent – Increases unit attributes, and unlocks new buildings and features.
  • Hospital – Increases healing speed, treatment potion output, and treatment potion cap.
  • Radio Station – Reduces the cooldown period between the free recruit feature.
  • Sanctuary – Increases dinosaur training capacity.

These are only a few of the buildings we wanted to mention, there are plenty more!

Upgrade Your Survivors

Photo: Volcano Force

Upgrading your Survivors is a must in Lost In Blue 2! Doing so will increase your power while you are attacking, granting your Survivors special skills that will help you be victorious.

Rolling for new Survivors, and drawing higher rarity Survivors is a priority, as the higher rarity ones are stronger and more durable in battle.

Upgrading your Survivors’ stars is also important, so be sure to take note of that as well.

Upgrade Your Dinos

Upgrading your dinosaurs will make them stronger in battle, and give you an advantage other players may not have.

To upgrade them, click on the respective building, ie. Triceratops Training Camp will allow you to upgrade the Triceratops only. Tap on the second dinosaur icon (See the image below), and see what level is required in order to upgrade your dinos.

Upgrade dinos
Photo: Volcano Force

You will need to upgrade the training camps if you want to upgrade your dinosaurs’ level.

Take special note that the more dinosaurs you have, the more resources will be consumed.

Tasks & Events

In Lost In Blue 2, completing tasks, events, daily logins, and other special milestones will grant you resources and in-game currency that will help you tremendously. Make sure to always check your tasks and complete them as you can.


Resources are your bread and butter in Lost In Blue 2 and should be used wisely. Spending too many resources will not help you, so try and save them as much as possible.

Do not open your resources in your item bag, unless you plan on using them. If you are attacked, any resources you have will be stolen by the enemy, and you will lose everything.

Always make sure your resources have been used before you go offline (AFK), and if it is not possible to use them, rather put up a buff, (Referred to as Aegis in-game).

When you are a beginner in Lost In Blue 2, you are granted a special two-day buff, which prevents enemies from being able to attack you.

Buff (Aegis)
Photo: Volcano Force

This buff will become null and void when you upgrade your tent to a certain level, or when the time period runs out. Make sure to put up a new buff to avoid major losses.

You can purchase buffs in the alliance store, or earn them during events and more. Additionally, you can purchase these buffs in the normal store using gold coins.


Lost In Blue 2 is a brilliant game, and can entertain you for hours on end! With ongoing battles, alliance wars, and help when you need it, you will never have a dull moment. LOST in Blue 2: Fate’s Island – Apps on Google Play

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