Lordly Trashcan and Warp Trotter Locations in Penacony – Honkai: Star Rail

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The Lordly Trashcan arrived in The Planet of Festivities, known as Land of the Dreams. Penacony is a haven for interstellar celebrities to revel in endless days of celebration while indulging in extravagant escapades.

It is a luxurious hotel positioned above the enigmatic sky full of possibility and mystery.

Lordly Trashcan
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Walking-talking sign boards, giant pinball machines capable of whisking you away to specific destinations, huge gachapon machines dispensing rewards in exchange for tokens. Yet, amidst these surreal wonders, none compare to the most peculiar of entities, the Lordly Trashcan.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the location of all the Lordly Trashcan and the adorable Trotter in Honkai Star Rail, Penacony.

Lordly Trashcan

An entity born within the realm of fiction in Honkai Star Rail, its story is documented in the nameless chronicles: a lone and valiant trashcan bearing the mission of the Garbage King to seek formidable warriors to eliminate all waste that threatens the world.

Lordly Trashcan
Photo: miHoYo

The Lordly Trashcan serves like a Warp Trotter within Penacony, rewarding Trailblazers with Stellar Jade upon its defeat. A total of eight of these smelly yet enigmatic entities exist in the Land of the Dreams, each offering a promise of valuable rewards.

Golden Hour (Trashcan 1)

Teleport using the Space Anchor called “The Reverie Hotel Entrance,” then runs towards West, where one of Hanu’s Adventure televisions is found. You will spot a seemingly suspicious trashcan right on the corner.

Golden Hour (Trashcan 2)

For the second Lordly Trashcan, teleport to the Space Anchor called “Clockie Plaza,” then climb the stairs before you. Head east and cross the road until you find another flight of stairs. Climb up, and to your right, you will spot the trashcan near the Bloodhound Family building.

Dream’s Edge (Trashcan 3)

The third trashcan is located in the Dream’s Edge. Teleport in the Space Anchor called “The Family’s Construction Authority,” then head west of the man and follow the path beyond the stairs. You will spot the trashcan near a Dream’s Eye.

Dream’s Edge (Trashcan 4)

Teleport into the Space Anchor called “Rooftop Garden,” then head far east of the area until you reach the parking lot. Right at the corner is the Lordly Trashcan, surrounded by balloons.

A Child’s Dream (Trashcan 5)

The fifth trashcan is in A Child’s Dream map. Head to the anchor called “Eddying Dreamscape” and then enter the room to the north.

Once inside, collect Dream Charges from the Dream Tower on your left, then activate the Dream bridge near it.

Continue forward, activating and crossing two more dream bridges until you reach a section where there’s another Dream Tower.

Collect Dream Charges from it, then activate the bridge next to the Dream Tower. After crossing, look to your right, and you will spot Lordly Trashcan. Don’t forget to collect the Treasure Chest you spot in the area.

A Child’s Dream (Trashcan 6)

Teleport to the Space Anchor “Corridor of Meaningless” in A Child’s Dream map. Then follow the corridor leading East, and you will spot the sixth trashcan in the room with a fireplace.

The Reverie Dreamscape (Trashcan 7)

The seventh Lordly Trashcan is located in The Reverie (Dreamscape). Teleport to the Space Anchor called Dreamscape Lobby, then take the elevator next to it, leading to the VIP floor.

The trashcan is right behind the elevator you just took.

The Reverie Dreamscape (Trashcan 8)

After teleporting in Dreamjolt Hostelry in The Reverie (Dreamscape) 3F, enter the corridor on the west, and you will find the last Lordly Trashcan at the end of the first set of stairs.

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Warp Trotter

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Warp Trotter is an adorable interdimensional creature lost in the stars. They occasionally appear in combat and wander about on every map in Honkai Star Rail. It spends most of its life feeding and fleeing.

Travelers who encounter these creatures see them as good omens.

Dream’s Edge (Warp Trotter 1)

For the first Warp Trotter, teleport to the Space Anchor “Rooftop Garden” in Dream’s Edge, then head far east. You’ll find the Warp Trotter at the overviewing park.

A Child’s Dream (Warp Trotter 2)

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The second Warp Trotter is in A Child’s Dream map. Teleport to the Space Anchor “Corridor of Memories” and then enter the door at the north. You will find Warp Trotter in the next room.

The Reverie Dreamscape (Warp Trotter 3)

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In The Reverie (Dreamscape), teleport to Dreamscape Lobby, then follow the hallway to West. You will find the Warp Trotter in the second corridor.

The Reverie Dreamscape (Warp Trotter 4)

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For the last Warp Trotter, teleport to Dreamscape Lobby again, then take the elevator next to it. On the VIP floor, you will find the final Warp trotter right behind the elevator you took.


Congratulations! Challenging all the Lordly Trashcan in Penacony will give you an achievement, Ramerash II. There you have it! With all the Lordly Trashcan and Penacony Warp Trotter collected, it’s time to move to the next challenge.

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