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Lily’s Garden Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies for Beginners

Lily’s Garden is Tactile Games’ new match-3 puzzler that lets you match tiles to revamp a garden. The game is famous for its weird ad, which incidentally has nothing to do with the story. But the advert became viral, spawning several Lily’s Garden memes.  

Lily’s Garden is a story-based puzzle game. Lily’s great aunt passed away, leaving her property to her niece. As she enters her aunt’s huge estate, she is greeted by aunt Mary’s lawyer who reads out a special condition in her will:

Lily has only 30 days to restore the property to its former glory, and if she fails to do so, her inheritance will be cancelled. On her renovation journey, she meets several quirky and mysterious characters. You must help her rebuild aunt Mary’s large estate by completing match-3 puzzle levels. Earn stars and use them to fix up her property.  

With so many addictive puzzles and beautiful hand drawn visuals, Lily’s Garden doesn’t feel stale, in spite of several such games available on the Google Play Store. Check out these tips, cheats and strategies if you need help to solve match-3 puzzle games.    

Lily's Garden

Pay Attention to Tiles Before Matching Them 

Keeping multiple objectives in mind, you should first examine the board to look for tiles that can be matched.  

For example, if the objectives are to clear an X number of pink and purple tiles, then you should check how many pink and purple tiles are adjacent to each other.  

As you already know, you can match a minimum of two or more tiles of the same color to clear them. No matter what the objective is, your priority should be to check a group of same colored tiles stacked next to each other, and then check whether they are close to fulfilling your objectives in some way or the other. You can then start matching them.  

Don’t forget to create power pieces and use them to complete goals. Also, do remember that new tiles fall from above when you clear current tiles on the game board. Start by removing tiles from the bottom of the board to let newer tiles appear. This will lead to more tile-matching opportunities.  

How to Create Power Pieces  

Power Pieces are special power-ups that will help you in completing your objectives faster. With a limited number of moves, it won’t be easy for you to finish all objectives. This is where power pieces can help.  

Creating Power Pieces

When 5-7 tiles are stacked next to each other, their symbols changes that to a rocket. Tap any one rocket tile to create this special “power piece”. Now tap the rocket power up to set it off. The rocket will either clear a row or column, depending on the direction it is facing. If it’s facing upwards, it will clear a column.  

When eight or nine tiles of the same color are placed next to each other, their symbols change to a bomb. Tap one of the bomb tiles and then tap the bomb to remove several tiles around it.  

Ten or more same-colored tiles placed next to each other have a spiral symbol. Tap any spiral tile to create a magic flask. The flask takes the color of the tiles, so if all ten tiles are yellow in color, you will get a yellow flask. Now tap the magic flask and all remaining yellow tiles will be removed from the board.  

Power-Piece Combinations You Should Know  

You can combine two power-pieces when they are placed next to each other. Just tap one of the power-pieces to activate the combo. Here’s a list of all possible Lily’s Garden power-piece combinations:  

Combine the powers of two rockets to create a cross-shaped blast that clears a row and column simultaneously.  

A bomb-rocket combo instantly clears three rows or columns depending on the rocket’s direction.  

Combine two bombs to trigger a bigger explosion. The explosion radius is much larger than a single bomb.  

A rocket-magic flask combo creates magic on the game board. When you combine both, rockets replace tiles whose color is the same as the magic flask. Now all rockets will be launched automatically, removing several rows and columns. Try the same combo with a bomb and flask to clear a lot of tiles from the board.  

Combine two magic flasks to clear the entire board.  

Complete a day’s work to Get a Special Gift 

Each “day” in Lily’s Garden has a set of tasks for players. Complete each task to unlock a special gift box. The task completion bar on your checklist shows how much of the day’s work you have finished so far.  

Finish puzzle levels to get stars and then use them to complete restoration/renovation tasks. Fill the task bar to get a special gift, which may contain coins, boosters or power pieces.  

Don’t Waste Coins  

When you finish a level, you obtain coins. Use them wisely.

If you are just a few tiles away to complete a level and run out of moves, use coins to get five bonus moves. But if you think, that particular level won’t be completed even with a few extra moves, then you shouldn’t waste coins to complete it.

Use Coins to Get Extra Lives

Restart the level as the tiles randomly appear after matching tiles in every new level.  

You can also use coins to purchase power piece boosters and tools once you have used the free ones.  

Use Tools Wisely 

There are two tools in Lily’s Garden: Hand Trowel and the Rake.  

The hand trowel clears a single tile without spending a move. It can be very useful when you want to remove a tile that acts as an obstacle to create a power up or when it blocks the path of a seed packet which needs to be brought down to the bottom of the board.  

The rake can be used to clear a row and column at the same time. Tap the rake and then tap a tile. A row and column on which the tile is placed will be removed. You can use the rake to target that tile which is placed in a row or column full of obstacles or objects that need to be removed to complete a level.  

You can use the rake and trowel tools for free. Spend coins to buy more. Use them only on certain levels that re hard to complete.  

How to get Lives  

A life (heart) refills every 20 minutes, but if you are impatient, you can ask an extra life by sending a request to your FB friends. Connect your game with Facebook and make sure there are friends who are playing this game. Only then you can request lives from them.  

One big benefit of connecting Lily’s Garden to Facebook is that your game progress will be saved on the cloud and you don’t have to worry about losing progress if you have deleted your game on your device. You can download the game on another device, connect it to FB again and start playing levels from where you left them.  

Change Decorations on the Fly 

So, you have restored Lily’s garden, but want to change the decor, because you have a problem with the color combo? Now worries!  

Choose the best decoration

You can easily change decorations – just tap and hold an object. You will see three objects on the bottom of the screen. Tap any one to replace your current decoration. The best part is that you won’t be spending any coins to change the decor of her aunt’s estate. 

Complete Gardening Events to Get Rewards 

The sunflower event appears when you finish level 18. In this event, you will have to grow the largest sunflower in town by completing levels.

Lily's Garden Sunflower Event

Reach growth milestones to receive awesome rewards like infinite lives, boosters, tools and coins.  Make sure you grow the sunflower before the countdown timer runs out.


Friday 20th of January 2023

I am stuck with the snail shells. Are bombs the only way to remove them?


Wednesday 28th of December 2022

Hey guys where is the feather duster in the living room in the Christmas part?


Monday 11th of July 2022

@All The blue dollars are tickets for Lily's Gardens newest feature - "Indoor Stories". Indoor stories lets you decorate Lily's living room.


Saturday 9th of July 2022

What are the blue dollars for


Thursday 7th of July 2022

What are the blue dollars and where can you spend them? I have over 9000


Saturday 9th of July 2022

@Pat, I'm wondering too

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