LEGO Tower Guide – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
LEGO Tower

Nimblebit lets you build the tower of your dreams! In LEGO Tower, you will be building residential and business floors for minifigures to live and work.

You can hire minifigures for certain jobs to earn coins, which can then be used to build more floors. I love how tiny minifigures keep arriving at residential apartments, waiting for their dream job. I can see them work, play and moonwalk!  

LEGO Tower also lets you gain access to mission vehicles to unlock fun missions like delivering pizzas, finding missing items etc.

Along with building floors to take your tower to new heights, you will also be collecting hundreds of minifigure pieces, which can be used to customize visitors. Check out these tips and tricks if you want to know how to earn coins, get dream jobs for visitors and obtain free bux.  

How to Play 

– Your goal is to build a bustling LEGO Tower. You will have to build floors and deliver visitors or mini-figures to each floor with your elevator.

There are six types of floors – Creative, Residential, Recreation, Retail, Food and Service. Except Residential, all floors are “Business” floors and earn coins when you start hiring visitors for certain jobs. You will need coins to unlock a new floor.

It will take time to construct a floor, but you can speed-up construction time using “bux”, which is premium currency and harder to earn than coins. You can build as many floors you want, but you will need lots of coins to unlock one. 

Build the best business floors in LEGO Tower

– Visitors or mini-figures move to a residential floor, so make sure you build one as soon as possible. While mini-figures keep visiting each floor, some will move and stay on a residential floor. You can see them standing, dancing or performing some random action.   

– When a mini-figure appears in an elevator, tap the white “up” arrow button on the bottom of the screen and tap and hold the “^” button until the elevator reaches that floor. Whenever a visitor enters a floor, you earn some coins.  

– Visitors staying on a residential floor can then be hired to work in business floors. Tap on a newly-created business floor and a box pops up on the screen. There are three “tasks” listed on that box and the word “Hire” shown beside each task.

Hire Workers on Business Floor

For example: If you have a “downtown diner” business floor, then tapping on this floor will display three tasks for the job of downtown diner – Coffee, Bacon and Pie. You can hire visitors for each job.  

– When you tap the yellow hire button, a list of “unemployed” visitors will be displayed on the screen.

These visitors are currently staying on the residential floor. Now tap a visitor to hire him/her to that floor.

You can hire up to three visitors for each different task on a particular business floor to increase the earnings.

You can’t hire someone who has already been hired for another task. You can, however, “evict” the visitor from a certain task, if you want to hire him for some other job.  

– After hiring all three visitors, tap on a task on a business floor to order some stock. It will take some time for stocks to arrive. Once it arrives, tap again to stock up to start earning coins. Do this for all three tasks on a business floor.  

– In LEGO Tower, a task is divided into three stages and each stage is color-coded (red, yellow/orange, green).

When a task on is red, it means the stock is yet to be ordered, when it’s orange, it means stock has been delivered but you have to tap to stock up and green means it’s ready for selling. You begin earning coins when you stock up.  

Order to replenish stock in Lego Tower businesses

– You can also see green, yellow and red dots on the upper-left corner of a business floor to know if it’s yet to be ordered (Red dot), delivered but not stocked up (Yellow dot) or ready for selling (Green dot).

You will also be notified when a particular floor will be out of stock or if is yet to be stocked up to start earning. Check the notification shade on your mobile.  

Earn coins from each business floor

– You keep earning coins from each business floor. The total amount of coins you have earned so far is shown on the top-left corner of the screen.

Under the total amount is the rate at which you are earning. Basically, you will be earning coins per minute.

To increase the per minute earning rate, you must build new business floors and make sure to stock up on goods on each floor.

You will notice an increase in earnings rate when you stock up on good, i.e. the second stage.  

 – The pale grey dots on the top-left corner of a residential floor show how many visitors can live on it. When a visitor arrives, a pale dot turns white.

Five pale dots show that a maximum of 5 visitors can live on a residential floor.  

 – When a mini-figure moves to a residential floor, he/she pays rent. You can collect rent from all visitors each day.

The more visitors in a residential floor, the more rent you can collect from them each day.

Make sure you build more of these floors to earn some extra coins (and these are huge!) each day besides earning them from business floors.   

Now that you know how to play LEGO Tower, check out these beginner-level tips and tricks to earn more coins, bux and build the tallest tower:  

Place Minifigures on Their Dream Job Floor to get Bonus Rewards 

Each visitor or mini-figure has a “dream job”.

You can check a visitor’s dream job by tapping on menu (yellow button) on the lower-right corner of the screen > “Minifigures” button.

Tapping this menu item will display all visitors living on your residential floor(s).  

Get bux by placing employees in their dream job

Below their name is their status, which usually shows “unemployed” if you haven’t yet hired them to a job or their current job they are hired for.

On the right side is a mini-figure’s dream job, highlighted by a pink heart beside it. Each visitor has a unique dream job. 

You will have to make sure that a mini-figure gets his/her dream job by hiring them on a matching business floor.

For example: If a mini-figure’s dream job is “flower shop” and you have constructed a flower shop floor, then you should place that minifigure in the flower shop floor to get bonus rewards.  

When you place a visitor whose “dream job” matches with the floor’s name, you will receive triple rent from him for his stay at the residential apartment and also get bonus bux 

Choose the Right Floor Wisely  

Continuing with the previous tip of placing minifigures on their dream job floors –  

In your LEGO Tower, random visitors arrive in a residential floor and to make sure they get their dream job, you will have to build a matching floor. The good news is that you can choose a business floor.

Choosing a Floor

Once you unlock floor 7, you can start selecting a particular “job” floor that matches with a minifigure’s dream job. There are five business floors and each floor is further divided into several “job” floors. Here’s the list:  

1. Creative – Art Studio, Blacksmith, Cake Studio, Fashion Design, Laboratory, Recording Studio, Sculpture Studio, Photo Studio, Talent Show, Woodshop.  

2. Recreation – Arcade, Billiards Hall, Bowling, Boxing Gym, Health Club, History Museum, Ninja Training, Rock Climbing, Space Museum, Swimming Pool.  

3. Food – Bavarian Food, Burger Bar, Cafe, City Plaza, Crab Shop, Farmers Market, Parisian, Sushi Bar, Sweet Shop, Tea room, Downtown Diner.  

4. Retail – Bike Shop, Car Dealer, Clothing Store, Fabric Shop, Flower Shop, Hat Shop, LEGO Store, Music Store, Ninjago Comics, Sporting Goods.  

5. Service – Bank, Animal Clinic, Barber, Dentist, Detective’s Office, Fire Station, Garage, Hospital, Laundromat, Library, Mal Room, Sky, Police, Wedding Chapel, Fortune Teller.  

Now if a random visitor’s dream job is “Dentist”, which you can easily view under menu > minifigure.

You will have to first unlock an empty floor using coins, tap on that floor, choose “Service” and then tap on Dentist to build a dentist floor and hire that visitor at this floor to earn bonus rewards.

Along with business floors, make sure you build several residential floors so that you get a lot of visitors moving to them.

Please note that once you build a particular “job” floor, you can’t build the same job floor again, but you can build several residential floors so that more and more visitors move in.  

Change a Visitor’s Job If You Don’t Have a Matching Floor 

If you have hired a minifigure at the wrong floor, you can easily rectify your mistake. Tap on that floor and then tap non the minifigure’s profile pic on the left.

Changing a visitor's job

Tap on “Change Job” if you have already built a matching floor and select that floor from the list. You can also make a minifigure “unemployed” via the “change job” option.  

Customize a Minifigure’s Look by Changing Pieces 

You can easily change a minifigure’s look. Tap the menu on the lower-right corner of the screen and then tap on “minifigures” button. Tap a minifigure and then tap “change pieces”. You will find head pieces, body, legs and hair.

Change Pieces to customize a visitor's style and look

You will get pieces as rewards from time to time. While playing, you might find a piece on the bottom of the screen. Just tap to obtain it. You will also get 1 or two free pieces every day. Go to Menu > More Pieces and tap the “Free Daily Piece” to get a random LEGO minifigure piece.  

How to Obtain and Manage Bux 

Bux is LEGO Tower’s premium currency. You can use bux to speed up construction time, order and stock time.

You can also use bux to upgrade floors to hold more stock or buy mission vehicles. They are pretty hard to get and you may have to spend real money to obtain them. However, there are a few ways to get them for free:  

1. Get Mission Vehicles: Unlock mission vehicles to get access to various fun missions that offer bux as rewards. The first vehicle “pizza scooter” will be unlocked for free.

Once unlocked, you can start earning 4-5 bux per mission, which ranges from delivering pizza to a certain visitor to finding missing items hidden on random floors. You will also get a random mission involving certain visitors.  

Acquire mission vehicles to participate in fun missions

2. Find a Dream Job: Make sure you hire a mini-figure whose dream job matches with a floor’s job profile to get 10 bonus bux 

3. Get Bux from Random Floors: This feature is available when you unlock floor 7. You will notice bux under a certain floor number.

When a visitor requests to move to that floor, you will get your bux. You can easily obtain 20-100 bux when the visitor reaches that particular floor. You can see the denomination of a bux under a random floor.  

More than anything else, it’s bux management that can really help you gather and store. A bux saved is a bux earned.

Try not to spend bux to speed up time, especially when you want to unlock a new vehicle. Don’t waste bux on speeding up construction time as it will usually take an hour or two to finish construction.

You will keep earning bux from pizza scooter missions and from certain floors when visitors are escorted to them. Save them until you reach 500 bux.

You can then unlock the “Electric Car” (500 bux) which will give you access to new missions. Electric car missions offer 9-10 rewards for simple tasks.