Legends Rewritten Codes – February 2024

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Legends Rewritten is a popular game on Roblox in the Anime genre. In this game, you strengthen your character by battling enemies and bosses, collecting gear, and improving skills.

Besides fighting, you can mine ores and make different things at the Blacksmith, like armour and weapons. You can also explore maps, play with friends, and find special items.

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The team at Scrumptious Studio is always busy updating the game, so there’s always something new to discover and enjoy. Get the most recent Legends Rewritten codes here, then use them to get spins, rerolls, and free cosmetics. We review our codes each day.

February Codes for Legends Rewritten

THANKSFOR240KFAVS  Rewards include 10 free Blessing rolls
80KLIKESCODERewards include 10 free Blessing rolls
HAPPY2024NEWYEARS Rewards include 15 free Blessing rolls
CHRISTMAS2023 Rewards include 10 free Blessing rolls
ONEKPLAYERSONLINE Rewards include 10 free Blessing rolls
TYFOR235KFAVORITES Rewards include 10 free Blessing rolls
THANKSFOR225KFAVSRewards include 15 free Blessing rolls

The codes listed above are all currently in use. As of this writing, all of the codes stated above are fully redeemable. Additionally, a few of these coupons will expire in the next few days, so if you don’t want to see them expire without using them first, use them as soon as you can.

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Expired Legends Rewritten Codes

INFINITYRELEASE Rewards include 7 free blessing rolls
TYFOR25MVISITS Rewards include Free Blessing rolls
75KLIKES Rewards include 15 free blessing rolls
LRWPVPUPDATERewards include 5 free blessing rolls
200KFAVSRewards include 10 free blessing rolls
BEASTBDAYCODERewards include 7 free blessing rolls
70KLRWLIKES Rewards include 10 free blessing rolls
TYFOR20MVISITS Rewards include 20 free blessing rolls
THNXFOR20KSUBSYT Rewards include 20 free blessing rolls
CHRISTMAS2022 Rewards include Special holiday item
TYFOR65K Rewards include 10 free blessing rolls
15MVISITSHAT Rewards include Fire Fist hat
60KBLESSINGCODE Rewards include 9 free blessing rolls
MARINEFORDRAID2022 Rewards include 5 blessings
ANNIVERSARYPARTY Rewards include a Teal Party Hat
SDSUPDATE Rewards include 12 Blessing Rolls
ANNIVERSARYBLESSING Rewards include 10 free blessing rolls
MELIOOFUS Rewards include 7 Blessing Rolls
Picture: Scrumptious Studious

How to Redeem Codes in Legends Rewritten

To redeem codes in the Roblox – Legends Rewritten game, follow our easy steps –

  1. Tap on the Options icon located on the left side of the screen.
  1. Look for the Enter Codes box within the Options menu.
  1. Type the code exactly as it appears in the list provided.
  1. After entering the code, press the Submit button.
  1. You will receive your reward once the code is successfully redeemed!
Picture: Scrumptious Studious


Legends Rewritten is a fun Roblox game with many elements and frequent updates. Scrumptious Studio releases codes regularly, keeping things exciting and allowing gamers to customize their avatars and access special stuff. Keep checking for additional updates as you use these codes to explore the Legends Rewritten. Enjoy your gaming!

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