Legend Of Slime – Best Builds 2024

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Legend of Slime

In the Legend of Slime, the once-peaceful monster forest has fallen under the invasion of greedy humans, forcing you and your fellow creatures to take up arms and defend yourselves!

As the leader of the Slime clan, your mission is to lead, strengthen, and win in the epic war to restore peace to your homeland once more! Will you rise to the challenge and lead your fellow monsters to victory?

Legend Of Slime
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Winning every battle is undoubtedly a challenging feat. As a Slime leader and warrior, you must undergo rigorous training and equip yourself with the right gear and skills.

You must summon and choose the best companion for your quest in Legend of Slime. Together, with determination and strategic planning, you can overcome any obstacle.

In this article, I’ll guide you in creating the strongest build in the Legend of Slime, from selecting the best gear, skills, companions, and much more.

Legend Of Slime – Starting Up

To have the best build means preparing for the end game. To start, you must unlock all the features in Legend of Slime, every slot of your companion, and skills. Remember, creating a powerful build will require a lot of time investment.

You don’t have to fully copy the provided build guide; feel free to improvise based on your preferred gameplay style. Build Guide serves as a helpful guideline, but the best way to achieve your desired result is by experimentation and firsthand experience.

The Bird Build

This is currently the strongest and most common build in Legend of Slime, and it works for both Pay-to-Win and Free-to-Play players. Bird Build focuses on the companion’s strength, bird type to be specific.

Legend of Slime
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The Slime

The first thing you need for the Bird Build in Legend of Slime is the Slime itself!

For Pay-to-Win players, aim for Gent. This Slime is an SS Tier with a unique skill, “Spotless Love.” Bent shows off their love every 12 seconds, dealing 30% of total Companion ATK and doubling damage on all enemies for 18 seconds.

Legend of Slime
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For Free-to-Play, Aku is the best slime, but you need to use specific toys to bring out Aku’s true potential for this build.

Best Toy

Giving your Slime their own Toy increases their stats, which helps greatly in difficult stages. You can obtain stronger toys through Fusion in Legend of Slime. It’s a mechanic where you fuse three Toys of the same grade to create one Toy with a higher grade. When you fuse a toy, it will carry over its stats.

Legend of Slime
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Best Stats for Toys

  • Companion Damage – Since we’re creating a build firmly focused on the companion’s strength, companion damage is the priority in the stat.
  • Boss Damage – Bosses are the toughest enemy in the stages. Getting the Boss Damage stat grants you and your companion more damage against it.
  • Skill Damage – Attack is useful, but Skill Damage has more impact due to the multiplier within the skills themselves. It is best to focus on the multiplier rather than the raw damage.
  • HP – You will need a lot of HP to survive huge attacks. The longer you stay on the field, the more opportunity you have to cast skills once it reaches cooldown.
Legend of Slime
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The ring is simple for this build; get any grade with high companion damage, and you should be set in Legend of Slime.

Best Skills

Legend of Slime
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RageIncreases ASPD for a certain duration.
ReaperThe Reaper appears and deals a huge damage.
Bird StrikeCall bombarded squad of six birds, dealing huge AoE damage.
BlizzardSummoning a blizzard, dealing damage to all enemies.
Dark CloudsSummons a dark cloud that causes lightning, dealing with AoE damage.
Irradiating CometCall down a mysterious comet, dealing AoE damage and decrease cooldown of the skill with the longest remaining cooldown.

Best Companions

Legend of Slime
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This won’t be a Bird Build without your Bird Companions! You will need four birds in your team. It doesn’t have to be specific; just compare the stats and select your strongest bird companion. For the fifth companion, use your strongest frog.


Legend of Slime
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Now, to select Treasures. This is where we provide more stat boost for the companions we added to the team:

Chick DollIncreases Skill Damage per added bird companion.
Frog VaseIncreases ATK per added frog companion.

Those two are the must-have for the treasure. You can choose the rest according to your needs, such as Gold Bread to increase time for battles or Dwarf Armor to increase your survivability in Legend of Slime.

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Legend of Slime
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Relics works just like Treasure. For the Bird Build, you will need the following:

(Bottle) PotteryWhen equipped with a chicken companion, use Egg Throw every 2 seconds.
(Gem) RubyThis compliments your “Rage” skill. By using Rage also increases companion ASPD.
(Figurine) Sparrow FigurineCast Egg throw if bird companions land attacks.
(Cushion) Chicken CushionEnglarges chicken companions, and increase chicken companion’s ASPD.
(Necklace) Sacred NecklaceEnlarge slime and increase HP, increasing survivability.
(Mask) Birdy MaskIf you have four bird companions in the team, increase slime ATK.
(Book) Tome of DisorderIncrease the slime ATK.


To achieve this build, collecting gems for summoning will require a lot of time and dedication unless you’re willing to make in-app purchases to hasten your progress.

The main goal is the same, which is to reach the Legend of Slime endgame and to enjoy clearing stages with your best build.

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