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For over 10 years, Game Hollywood has been instrumental in providing some of the best mobile games in the industry. Its recent release of The League of Angels: Pact further makes a bold statement about the standard it has set for itself over the years. This immersive idle clicker game is arguably one of Game Hollywood’s finest exports, as such, its popularity amongst ardent gamers and enthusiasts is highly expected.

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Typical of most idle clicker games, the characters in the game are left to do most of the fighting and work. However, there are some necessary inputs required from you. In this game, you will be required to select a male fighter and an angel who has to be woken up in order to defeat the evil in the land.

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Also, for the game to begin properly, you would have to sign a pact with the angel selected for the angel to be activated in order to do battle with the demons in the territory!

League of Angels: Pact
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The adventure-themed idle clicker game has won the hearts of many with its unique storylines — One of which is the narrative of light’s triumph over darkness. This has no doubt increased its followership and saturated conspiracy theories that could have surrounded the game, had it been the story was written otherwise.

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Although the game has its positives, there are some areas that could be improved upon. This article aims to put into perspective what a beginner should expect from League of Angels: Pact, educating you about gameplay tips and the most important codes that you would find handy as you play.

Best Features of League of Angels: Pact

In every game, there are special features that define the game and those features are likely what will attract gamers and followers to the game. 

Although it could be different for you, here are some of the key features I found exciting about the League of Angels: Pact.

Interactive Graphics

The graphic images in the League of Angels: Pact are just as good as any other top-tier game you can find out there, if not better. Though the images might not be as classy as some other idle games, it is clear enough and should be compelling for gamers and followers of the game.

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Though this feature could also be seen as ‘relative’ given that some people might have issues with the ‘overbearing’ nature of the graphics (too many objects on the user interface), the designs are quite interactive and also attractive as they are pretty much the same in PC and on android.

Idle Gameplay

During the earlier parts of this article, we have mentioned that this game is an idle game, and in this section, we will lay more emphasis on what that means. Idle games that require less effort to progress in the game. In idle games, the characters or protagonists are basically automated.

This kind of game allows gamers the opportunity to tweak certain features and watch the characters play it out. Though the gamer should not completely stay off the game, he or she doesn’t really have much to do.

In the League of Angels: Pact, your choice of characters ( Angel and warrior) matters a lot because there are specific strengths you would attach to each of the warriors and also corresponding weaknesses. 

Mystical Partners

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So, the storyline of this game centers on spiritual entities and the quest for dominion in a world full of evil and demons. You will be required to select an angel and a warring character, and the two personalities are expected to sign a pact and war against these evil entities.

Fight Epic Villains to Claim Rewards

As it is in most idle games, you will need to claim rewards in order to stand a better chance of going far in the game. One of the ways of claiming rewards is to beat the villains encountered as you advance in the game. 

All you need to do is save your strength by summoning your Angel to do battle with you.

Thrilling Background Theme Tune

Ordinarily, this is one feature that most game developers don’t get right. However, the League of Angels: Pact stands out on this front. The background tune resonates perfectly with the overall theme of the game, further immersing you into the action that this game is all about.

if you are a gamer that takes a liking to thrilling background sound when playing a game, then you are sure in for a treat with this game.

No Pop-up Ads

You will agree with me that pop-up ads can kill the flow of a game. Sadly, this is one annoying occurrence in most of the idle games you can find around today.

Thankfully, the developers of this game went far and beyond to ensure that you don’t get to experience those distracting pop-ups as you immerse yourself in the action that this game promises.

Live Chat Feature

This is one feature in this game that puts it at par with some of the finest idle games in the industry today. You will agree with me that interacting with other players around the world is one spice that could help make playing even more fun for you. This feature creates a sense of community where gamers can discuss the game, offer tips and generally enjoy an interactive gaming experience.

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The image above shows that a user or gamer has just purchased one of the angels, to show you that you are not the only one in the race to get Divine grace!

Photo: Game Hollywood

You can also see from the image above that other gamers post comments on their experiences on using some of these warriors or angels. So as a new gamer, it is advisable that you check these comments for some hints and tips on which warrior Angel you should sign a pact with. 

Auto Repair

The developers of this game in their foresight decided to add this feature as there will always be a possibility of a breakdown in gaming experience or some hitches. 

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This feature basically works by shutting the game down temporarily and troubleshooting to diagnose the problem and fix it. The solution could come in the form of a reboot or just a quick scan.

The image above shows what happens when you use the auto repair option and it reboots.

Understanding the Basics & Terminologies of the League of Angels: Pact

It is always good to understand the basics of any adventure game before taking a dive into it. Even though the League of Angels: Pact is an idle game, you might still need some walkthrough on navigating the interface and understanding some terminologies in the game.

So stick around as we take you through the journey on how to navigate through the mystic realm!

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After the developers’ page, this is the next interface you will meet on the game’s app. You will be required to log in or sign up by giving some basic details about yourself.

League of Angels: Pact - Servers
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The next step is to choose a server. Choosing a server is very important as your choice of the server will determine how hitch-free your game experience will turn out. 

Servers exist to give gamers the opportunity to have a hitch-free game experience so as to unburden the main server (which is mostly the No. 1 server).

As you can see in the above image, there are 13 servers. Initially, there were only 12 servers, but with the increasing demand for the game, the addition of a new server became inevitable.

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The screenshot above shows an announcement that there will be an addition of a new server. This further shows how the increasing followership of the game affects the game, and the steps the developers take to salvage those glitches.

Also, you will take note of the top icon by the right tagged ‘Notice’. This notice option can also be called ‘Announcements’. This option is for updates on new servers, news on additions of characters, maintenance tips, and so on.

League of Angels: Pact - Help Center
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Furthermore, looking at the same right pane of the home screen, you will see an option ‘Help Center’. This option is necessary as there are bound to be complaints or questions that may not be answerable in the game, or even guides on how to navigate stages.

The help center consists of hot topics, guides, recharge problems, accounts, character progression, other and even an option to contact customer service directly.

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The ‘hot topics’ pane is simply a place for you to see the trending questions and answers amongst other online players. Here you can see answers to the most pressing questions among other gamers.

League of Angels: Pact - Guides
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The game tries to explain certain commonly used terms in the game, and one of the most common terms in the game is ‘divine grace’. As you can see in the above picture, a guide to finding the path to Divine Grace is given. Also, other questions like the availability of multiplayer events and other valuable tips are in the form of questions.

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Another question that was answered in the ‘Guides’ pane is shown above, and it is necessary to read these things before playing the game, as it might not be possible for you to read them during the game.

League of Angels: Pact - Selection of Angels
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Though you can make this choice before you start playing the game, you can also change your Angel during the game. 

As you can see in the image above, you can unlock the various Angels if you have the resources to do so. These resources can be gotten as you navigate the game, with the Angel given to you initially.

There are 22 Angels in total in the game, and each of them has their different pacts, which are signed at the point of purchase. 

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You can also improve the ability of your warrior here, so rather than seek to get another, you can boost the power and upgrade his/her skills! 

League of Angels: Pact - Live Chat
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Moreover, you can also check what is happening in the online community by simply clicking on the ‘territory’ option on the warfare screen. This shows you what other gamers are facing at their respective stages of the game.

Secret Codes in the League of Angels: Pact

Secret codes are available in most online games to help the newbies earn rewards that could be useful in advancing certain difficult stages of the game. These codes are not permanent (they mostly aren’t) and are changed from time to time. 

Though some of these codes are not time-sensitive, others are, and have a specific period of expiration.

You can obtain these codes by following the game’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube) in order to be updated on the addition of new codes. 

Also, the game’s developers publish these codes when there are special events, or major milestones worthy of celebrations. So you can do well to watch for the next special event around the corner!

Here are some of the secret codes available.


Follow the steps below to redeem the rewards from these codes: 

  • Launch the game
  • Click on ‘territory’
  • Click on ‘bonus bringer
  • Tap and enter the code in the code.

Are you already hyped about this game? Visit your device’s app store today and download to enter a world of thrilling action you have never seen in an idle game!

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