League of Angels: Pact Codes – September 2023

League of Angels: Pact Code Redemption Page
(Last Updated On: August 30, 2023)

League of Angels: Pact is the mobile version of the popular browser game, League of Angels. Developed by the same creators of DDTank and Wartune, Game Hollywood Games has adapted their popular browser game to a mobile platform for our convenience!

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In League of Angels: Pact, we take up the role of a protagonist who signs pacts with various Angels as we progress through our adventures! While the game features a number of different Angels for players to collect, summoning each of them does come with an associated cost since players prevalently obtain these Angels via a Gacha.

Thankfully though, Game Hollywood Games has a number of free codes which players can redeem for freebies such as Diamonds, Advanced Summoning Orbs, Gold, and others!

This article will list all the available codes League of Angels: Pact has active, along with a guide on redeeming these codes!

League of Angels: Pact Redemption Codes

Below we’ve compiled a table of codes that are currently redeemable and active in League of Angels: Pact! These rewards vary from Diamonds, Summoning Orbs, EXP, Gold, and others!

CodeMail NameRewards
LEAGUEOFANGELSMFans Pack2 Diamonds Chests, 8 Medium Gem Chests, 4 Merit Tokens, 800 Enhance Stones
LEVELUPNOWFans Pack21000 Diamonds, 12 Angel Crystals, 1 Holy Land Potion
GAMEMASTERFans Pack350 Legendary Shards, 6 Refinement Stones, 6H AFK EXP
WENDYPACKCompensation PackAngel Wendy
FORTUNAFORTUNASilver Accessory Box, 4 Refinement Stones, 1500 Enhance Stones
MIKAELAMIKAELA10 Advanced Summon Orb, 30 Legendary Shards, 8 Common Gem Chests
GLACIAGLACIAFate Star Stone, 10 Normal Summon Orbs, 200 Refining Stones, 2 6H AFK Gold Rewards
APOCALYPSEAPOCALYPSE5 Omnipotent Angel Shards, 50 Tail Feathers, 5000 Relic Essences
LOAP2022LOAP20222 Sigil Stones, Common Class Scroll, 2500 Angel Essences
STARTLOASTARTLOASpirit of Frost, 10 Rings of Aegis, 6H AFK EXP Rewards
LEAGUEOFANGELSLEAGUEOFANGELSSpirit of Nature, 2 8H AFK EXP Reward, Amber Accessory Box
VIP777VIP777Spirit of Lightning, 5000 Honor, 500 Refining Stone
VIP888VIP8882 Diamond Chests, Silver Accessory Box, 200 Refining Stones

How to Unlock Code Redeeming

Initially, you won’t be able to redeem any codes since the Bonus Bringer is locked behind story progress. Don’t worry about it too much though since the progress required to unlock code redeeming will only take you five to ten minutes depending on how quickly you can follow the tutorial!

Step 1: Create Your Character

League of Angels: Pact’s character creator is fairly simple. You only choose to play as a male or a female and then type or randomize your in-game name!

Photo: Game Hollywood Games

Afterward, you will be given the option to choose between two starter angels, Glacia or Mikaela.

Step 2: Progress Through The Tutorial

Photo: Game Hollywood Games

Once you’ve arrived within the game, you’ll be greeted by Lydia, as well as gain access to the tutorial.

Step 3: Defeat Baphoment to Unlock The Bonus Bringer

Photo: Game Hollywood Games

After defeating Baphomet, both the Territory function and the Bonus Bringer should be unlocked. Simply click on the Territory button on the lower left side of your screen.

Step 4: Redeem Your Codes

Photo: Game Hollywood Games

Press on the Bonus Bringer and then press on the Code button on the lower right side of the screen to find the code redemption window!

Photo: Game Hollywood Games

Your rewards should arrive in your account via the in-game mailing system! Note that each account can only redeem up to 10 codes per day, so be sure to check back on our article again tomorrow to redeem any codes you weren’t able to get today!

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