League of Angels: Chaos Codes – How to Find and Redeem Them

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

League of Angels: Chaos is an action role-playing game from Youzo. It’s one of those mobile RPGs with auto-combat and auto-pathfinding, although you can switch to manual at anytime during gameplay. The game is known for its high-octane boss battles. You will choose a class from three classes: Archer, Mage, and Dragoon, and jump right into the battlefield to fight huge bosses.

Here are a few working codes, which can be exchanged for cool rewards in League of Angels: Chaos:

Working Codes

Here’s a list of active League of Angels: Chaos codes. Claim them before they expire. Make sure you check your in-game “Mail” at the bottom of the screen to claim your rewards.


This code may still be active, though it was shared on the LoA: Chaos Facebook group on January 14, with an expiry date of February 14, 2022. We used this code immediately after installing the game for the first time, on a new device. Guess it’s still active for new players, i.e. those who have installed the game for the first time.

You will receive:

50K Diamonds: Used to obtain 50K bound diamonds.

3 HP Potion: Used to increase character HP reserve by 10,000,000

5 Equipment Enhancement Stones: Essential for enhancing equipment.


This was found in the game’s official discord channel, under “#gift-codes”. It’s still active and there’s no expiry date mentioned.

You will receive:

50K Diamonds

Divine Treasure Map: Used for digging up treasures. Earn a free chance to earn rewards such as zodiac equipment. Player must reach level 180 to use it.

5 Mythical Creature Mark: Used in mount enhancement/for upgrading mounts. Go to “Terrestrial > Mount” to start upgrading.

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How to Enter Gift Codes

Tap settings (cogwheel) on the lower-left corner of the screen.

Under Settings, tap “Exchange”. It’s right at the bottom, next to “Stuck Character Service”.

Enter your League of Angels: Chaos code from Settings > Exchange.

Enter the code and press the “Exchange” button.

If the redemption code is correct and isn’t expired yet, you will receive your rewards.

To claim them, tap on “Mail” on the bottom of the home screen. Click on the message. In the rewards screen, press the “claim attachment” button.

Claim your rewards from the in-game Mail.

Where to Find Codes

While the game’s official Facebook group should be the best place to find new League of Angels: Chaos codes, you should also check out their Discord. Go to the #gift-codes section to find them. Alternatively, you can also bookmark our article to get regular updates.

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