Last Survivors Adventure: Game Guide, Tips & Tricks

John Alem Ramos
Last Survivors Adventure

Welcome to Last Survivors Adventure, a casual game created by Wejoyo! In this world, a crazy zombie virus has taken over the world, turning everything into an apocalypse playground.

Last Survivors Adventure: Intro
Photo: Wejoyo

But hey, no need to panic! You’re one of the survivors, and your mission is to team up with others, fight zombies, and basically save humanity from becoming zombie snacks.

Last Survivors Adventure is all about chilling and having a good time. Go at your own speed, open some chests, and grab more than 100 different gear items to level up and kick those zombie butts.

Last Survivors Adventure: Intro 1
Photo: Wejoyo

So, get ready, because this guide is here to break down the game basics and help you conquer the zombie-ridden world. Let’s do this!

Last Survivors Adventure: Gameplay Overview


Let’s talk about how the Last Survivors Adventure works – it’s super easy, promise! 

First things first, you dig up some cool gear. Think shovels, not treasure chests. Then, slap on the best stuff you can find. The fancier, the better – we’re talking rare gear for that stat boost!

Last Survivors Adventure: Mechanics
Photo: Wejoyo

Now, take that decked-out gear into different modes like Adventure and Arena. That’s where the magic happens. It gives you the upper hand in battles against zombies and other survivors. 

Winning feels awesome, trust me!

Gears and more!

The equipment is like the heart and soul in Last Survivors Adventure. The more kick-butt gear you’ve got, the better off you are.

To snag these goodies, just do some digging or hit that shovel icon at the bottom center of your screen.

Last Survivors Adventure: Gears
Photo: Wejoyo

Now, here’s the trick: always swap out your gear for something better if you stumble upon it. It’s like upgrading your superhero suit for a snazzier one with higher stats.

And guess what? If you’re not feeling a piece of equipment, no worries! You can sell it for coins and experience points. Cha-ching!

Last Survivors Adventure: Equipment
Photo: Wejoyo

Now, let’s talk post-apocalyptic style. Who wouldn’t want a cute pet sidekick in this crazy world? 

Level up to unlock a pet and choose wisely from the 50+ options – some are adorable, others are total powerhouses. They’re like your ride-or-die buddies in battles.

Last Survivors Adventure: Pets
Photo: Wejoyo

But hold up, we’ve got more cool stuff! There’s this tech thing with unique components that amp up your character’s skills.

Mix and match these bad boys for killer tactical moves.

Last Survivors Adventure: Tech
Photo: Wejoyo

And for those speed demons out there, we’ve got cars with skill upgrades.

Pick one that matches your playstyle – it’s like choosing the perfect ride for your zombie-smashing adventures!

Last Survivors Adventure: Car
Photo: Wejoyo

Supply Box

To score the best stuff, you gotta upgrade that Supply Box. The higher its level, the better your chances of grabbing top-notch items.

Last Survivors Adventure: Supply Box
Photo: Wejoyo

Go all the way to the max level, and you might just snag some ‘Eternal’ items for the ultimate gear boost. It’s like leveling up your loot game to superhero status!


Check out the ‘Promote’ bar – it’s your go-to for cranking up your hero’s game. 

Want more HP, ATK, DEF, or SPD? Well, you’re in luck because promoting your hero does just that! The higher the promotion, the more impressive those stats become. 

Last Survivors Adventure: Promote
Photo: Wejoyo

It’s like giving your hero a serious power-up. Go ahead, make them unstoppable in the world of Last Survivors Adventure! 

Last Survivors Adventure: Features


In Adventure mode, you’re on a mission to take down zombies across various stages. Heads up, though – as you progress, those zombies don’t play nice. It gets trickier, but that’s what makes it thrilling!

Last Survivors Adventure: Adventure
Photo: Wejoyo

Now, here’s the sweet part: every successful attack scores you supply boxes, speed-up cards, and a bunch of other awesome rewards. It’s like a loot bonanza!

Last Survivors Adventure: Victory Reward
Photo: Wejoyo

Oh, and don’t forget to grab your chapter rewards. More rewards mean more goodies to amp up your game. So, gear up and let the adventures begin! 


Time for a challenge! Check out the ‘Challenge’ tab for some serious thrills.

Last Survivors Adventure: Challenge
Photo: Wejoyo

First up, we’ve got the Arena – a battleground where you take on other Last Survivors Adventure players. It’s all about climbing those rankings and proving you’re the ultimate survivor.

Last Survivors Adventure: Arena
Photo: Wejoyo

Next, swing by the Supply Station. Challenge and raid zombies for a chance to grab more chests. It’s like a loot hunt – the more, the merrier!

Last Survivors Adventure: Supply Station
Photo: Wejoyo

And here’s a unique twist – Zombie Invasion! Face off against a single zombie and see how many rounds you can last. It’s not just about survival; we’re counting the total damage you dish out. Show that zombie who’s boss! 


Let’s explore what’s under the Homeland tab in Last Survivors Adventure.

Last Survivors Adventure: Warehouse
Photo: Wejoyo

First up, we’ve got the Warehouse – your stash of supplies waiting to supercharge your hero. Collect those goodies and gear up for some serious upgrades!

Last Survivors Adventure: Dress Up
Photo: Wejoyo

Feeling a fashion change? Head to Dress Up. It’s your spot to switch up your character’s look and add a personal touch. Because who says you can’t slay zombies in style?

Last Survivors Adventure: Bag
Photo: Wejoyo

And don’t forget the Bag. It’s like your inventory HQ, showing you the total resources you’ve got. Keep an eye on it – you never know when those resources will come in handy!


Joining a guild is like forming a zombie-battling family. Fight alongside your fellow survivors and reap the rewards together. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Last Survivors Adventure: Guild
Photo: Wejoyo

So, don’t go solo in Last Survivors Adventure – join a guild and let the rewards roll in. It’s not just survival; it’s survival with style!

Last Survivors Adventure: Tips and Tricks


Level up pronto to unlock Auto Dig! It’s like having your own zombie-fighting assistant in the terrifying world of Last Survivors Adventure. 

Last Survivors Adventure: Auto Dig
Photo: Wejoyo

With Auto Dig, gear-hunting becomes a breeze, and you get to focus on what really matters – taking down zombies and showing those survivors who’s the boss!

Airdrop Box

Keep your eyes peeled! Every now and then, a sweet airdrop box parachutes in with extra goodies for you to snatch up. 

Last Survivors Adventure: Airdrop
Photo: Wejoyo

It’s like a surprise gift from the apocalypse – grab it and amp up your rewards!

Click Missions

Look at the bottom left, right above the Adventure tab – you’ll find missions waiting for your superhero touch. Complete them fast!

Last Survivors Adventure: Missions
Photo: Wejoyo

Click on the accomplished mission, and you’re off to the next challenge. It’s like leveling up your mission mastery! 

Open Mail

Don’t forget to check your mail – it’s not just bills and junk! There are some awesome regards waiting for you. 

Last Survivors Adventure: Mail
Photo: Wejoyo

It’s like a surprise party in your inbox. Open up and let the rewards roll in!

Watch Ads

Why not kick back and watch some ads? It’s not just screen time – it’s a shortcut to unlock extra rewards and snag some free goodies. 

Last Survivors Adventure: Ads
Photo: Wejoyo

It’s like getting bonus loot while taking a popcorn break. Press play and reap the benefits!

Daily

Don’t miss out on the daily sign-in rewards! Log in every day and grab your goodies.

Last Survivors Adventure: Sign In
Photo: Wejoyo

Plus, mark your calendar because, on the 7th day, there’s a special pet reward waiting for you. It’s like a daily dose of awesome – sign in and let the rewards roll in! 

Daily Quests

Daily quests are your secret treasure map to more rewards! Get those quests done, and don’t forget to claim your loot once you’ve conquered them.

Last Survivors Adventure: Daily Quests
Photo: Wejoyo

It’s like having a daily adventure checklist – complete, claim, and revel in the rewards!


Keep an eye out for events – they’re like bonus challenges packed with extra goodies! Dive into the missions they offer, conquer them, and voila, more rewards coming your way. 

Last Survivors Adventure: Events
Photo: Wejoyo

It’s like a party within the apocalypse – join in, complete missions, and bag those rewards!


Get ready for a ton of other exciting gameplay adventures waiting for you to dive into at Last Survivors Adventure. Your journey starts now!

Step into the post-apocalyptic battleground and gear up for the fight of your life. Download Last Survivors Adventure at the Play Store and become part of the last hope for humanity.

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