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IM30’s colony-building game, Last Fortress: Underground, is an enjoyable zombie survival experience. Taking cues from Bethesda Game Studios’ Fallout Shelter, you’ll manage a group of survivors holed up inside what seems to be a long-deserted military bunker during a zombie apocalypse.

Being responsible for your group’s survival and protection, you’ll need to manage the group’s resources and defenses, recruiting other survivors and extraordinary ‘heroes’ scattered around the world too. Combat is a vital element of gameplay, and to know which character can hold their own during battles, here’s a quick guide on the best heroes and line-ups you should consider.

A Barren Wasteland

Natalie using a machinegun turret to destroy hordes of zombies.
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In Last Fortress: Underground, there is only death outside of your fortress’s steel walls. With the world overrun by the undead, resources hard to come by, and people turning their backs on one another, it’s up to you to help your group build a functioning society from the ashes of ruin.

Granted, you need to be on point when it comes to resource management, but combat is inevitable in the game. While every zombie encounter is simple in the beginning, powerful mutated variants will appear soon enough, forcing your best fighters to stay on top of their game.

A battle sequence in Last Fortress: Underground.
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If you plan to have the best heroes available when push comes to shove, the in-game characters chosen below are deemed among the most fearsome combatants in Last Fortress: Underground.

The Best Heroes

Portraits of locked Solari heroes.
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Last Fortress: Underground’s combat is simple and automated. All you need to do is choose the ideal team composition/ line-up to be deployed into battle, so your decision is extremely important since the game will decide on the outcome using its own algorithm, restricting you from interrupting fights.

Noting how randomized each person’s playthrough can be, here’s a general overview of the best heroes to pick for combat according to the different factions:

Natalie in Last Fortress: Underground.
Photo: IM30



Bolton is an absolute tank of a unit, and he bolsters allies’ defenses too. He makes almost any team impenetrable.


Wielding a flamethrower, Benson does massive damage to multiple enemies in a single round, scorching them to a crisp.

Heytech 103

This advanced military robot does what it’s made for; eviscerating groups of enemies. Armed with rockets and self-healing capabilities, it can prove invaluable to have on the battlefield.


Kobayakawa is somewhat of an experimental combat android hiding under a naïve teenage appearance. Make no mistake, though; her miniguns can shred enemies in mere seconds!

Emma in Last Fortress: Underground.
Photo: IM30



A real punk badass, Enrique’s attacks are brutal. His attacks take up chunks of enemies’ HP, and this isn’t counting his passive damage boost to allies yet.


Swap Enrique with a female counterpart, and Blanche comes into the fray. She’s ferocious with her sawblade and boosts offensive damage of other Vindicators in the party.


Ricardo’s a maniac for shocking people – literally. In combat, he chains foes together before electrocuting them, destroying them all at once.

Quinn A grenade/ bomb maniac, Quinn loves throwing explosions at her adversaries. Obviously, with big booms, come huge destructions, and she’s there to bring the pain to enemies in the game.

Quinn in Last Fortress: Underground.
Photo: IM30



The true embodiment of a guardian/ protector, Harman continues to generate shields for allies around him, almost guaranteeing the survival of your squad single-handedly.


Able to dish out damaging single-target attacks, Marlen offers damage and HP bonuses to his teammates as well. Plus, he can imbue his arrows with poison, adding to his already incredible DPS.


Master of curses, Elaine subjects enemies to devastating debuffs, making them useless in battle. With her on the team, you’ll have a much easier time slaughtering those zeds, especially the mini-bosses.

Kin Ogawa Among the earliest characters that you get, Kin is unmistakably one of the best heroes to have on any line-up. His blade combos and murderous slashes can cut through almost any enemy armor.

Kin Ogawa in Last Fortress: Underground.
Photo: IM30



A beastly tank, Roland is an intimidating presence on the ground. He can brush off enemy damages with ease, elevating the defenses and HP of nearby Watchers as well.


If Roland improves the allies’ defenses and HP, Laurel increases their damages instead. She’s amazing at destroying high-value targets, especially elite monsters or enemies.


A nightmare for anyone facing him, Galande is a genuine assassin. He’ll regularly seek the weakest enemy in battle, decisively killing them off to weaken the enemy party significantly.

Penny A tech genius, Penny controls multiple drones to do her bidding. This includes attacking and healing allies, which is a tremendous boon considering she has more than one of them in battle.


Cut scene from Last Fortress: Underground.
Photo: IM30

Heroes in Last Fortress: Underground aren’t exactly easy to get. It all falls down entirely on good luck when recruiting them via the Satellite Nexus.

That being said, if you happen to get any of these magnificent heroes in-game, you’ll know you’ve just hit the jackpot. If you wish to share your thoughts on the best heroes for a line-up in the game too, feel free to drop a comment down below!

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