Kuma Sushi Bar Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

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Kuma Sushi Bar
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Kuma Sushi Bar is the latest restaurant management sim game from Hyperbeard, creators of Pocket Love, Tsuki’s Odyssey and Adorable Home. The game lets you oversee an old and unmaintained sushi bar. Your grandpa has high hopes from you and is sure you will bring the eatery back to its former glory.

Kuma Sushi Bar
The green roller-pin on the top-left corner of the screen is the menu. Tap to expand it.

With hand-drawn Kawaii visuals, this adorable restaurant sim game is for casual gamers. Gameplay is very easy and relaxing. These Kuma Sushi Bar tips, tricks and strategies will guide you through the dishes, guests, boosters and furniture. 

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Repair Tables ASAP

The rundown sushi bar inherited from your grandpa needs some good repair. The first thing you should do is fix the tables because your customers need to sit to eat before they can gorge on delish dishes. The more tables you have, the more customers you will be able to serve.

Once the mini-tutorial ends and Benjiro Gramps (your grandpa) finishes introducing you to his old sushi bar, he will give you 10 dollars.

Dollars are used to fix tables, furniture and get rid of old and broken décor. They are sort of premium currency, but can be obtained for free. We will explain how to do that later.

In the repair tutorial, you will be able to fix one table for free. But for others, you will need dollars.

Once you receive 10 dollars from your grandpa, complete the repair tutorial and welcome “Nyanko”, your first employee, tap the hammer icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen to enter repair mode again.

Repairing tables

With the 10 dollars, you can repair two more tables in the middle row – the one of the extreme right and another on the extreme left. This way, you will have four tables ready for your customers. Fixing furniture takes time, but you can speed up repairs by watching 30-second videos. Tap the “Ad” icon in repair animation to watch a 30-second advert.

Attract Customers

It was Nyanko’s idea, and quite a cool one! You can attract more customers by tapping the flyer on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Tap the flyer multiple times to attract customers to your bar. The flyer is also the best way to attract new customers.

Once you have four or more tables, you can go for the “television advert”, tap the TV icon just above the flyer on the bottom-right corner of the screen, watch a 30-second advert and witness a deluge of customers entering your sushi bar.

TV adverts greatly increase your outreach and attract a lot of guests at once.

Prepare Dishes for Your Customers

Once you have attracted customers to your restaurant, it’s time to serve them delicious Makizushis and Sashimi! There are two ways to serve food:

1. Tap on the food item above a customer. Wait for the timer to finish preparation and once he finishes eating food, he pays coins or dollars. Upgrading ingredients will speed up the timer above customers.

Serving dishes to customers.
The timer above customers indicate that food is being prepared and will take a few seconds to serve. Makes sure you tap on dishes above customers to start serving them.

2. Play the cooking mini-game by tapping the chef’s knife above your character on the bottom-center of the screen.

The first one is easy, but you won’t obtain bonus rewards if you just tap on customers to prepare food.

You will obtain bonus coins if you play the cooking mini-game. Read on to know how to assemble the plate for bonus rewards.

Cooking Mini Game Guide

Kuma Sushi Bar’s cooking mini game can be fun if you know the right ingredients and the correct order to assemble the plate.

As you already know, there are two ways to serve food – tapping on customers and assembling the food plate manually.

Preparing food manually and serving them is the best way to obtain extra coins besides the ones paid by your customers.

Tap the chef’s knife above the cute bear in the bottom-middle corner of the screen. If there’s a timer instead of a knife, it means he needs to cooldown a bit. You can speed up his cooldown time by using the “Television Advert” on the bottom-right corner of the screen to attract a lot of customers at once.

In the food preparation/assembly screen, you will have to tap on the right ingredients in the correct order to prepare a dish shown in the callout/white cloud.

Cooking mini game.

When the food is assembled correctly on the plate, sparkly stars will appear around it. You won’t see sparkly stars for a wrong dish.

Tap the plate to complete the correct dish once you see sparklers around it.  Now tap the white cloud/callout to serve the dish.

Noticed the number on the top-left corner of the food preparation screen? Well, it’s a mini-timer. Quickly assemble food in the right order before the number goes away. Do this to obtain coins.

Timer on the left
The timer is on the top-left corner of the screen. Finish assembling the dish before the timer runs out to obtain coins.

Your first employee “Nyanko” the cat will accompany you to prepare dishes. If you have tapped the wrong ingredients or the order of food items is incorrect, just tap him. He is sitting on the right side of the cooking table and he will happily gobble it up. Botched up or wrong dishes fed to Nyanko the cat earn extra coins.

Note: You can unlock new ingredients for the cooking mini-game whenever Genki the goat comes to your sushi bar. Just tap her, watch a 30 second video and unlock a new ingredient.

Activate Fast Cooking Boost

Tap on dishes above customers to serve them food, but it will take some time to finish serving dishes to them. Speed up serving time by tapping the “Fast Cooking” button. Watch a 30-second video to activate it.

Attract More Guests during Fast Cooking Boost

Once the fast cooking boost is activated, you can serve food to customers instantly by tapping on dish icons above them. The fast cooking boost remains active for 90 seconds.

Tap fast cooking to serve dishes instantly.
Tap the fast cooking boost when your restaurant is full to make the most of it.

While the fast cooking boost remains active, quickly tap the television advert (on the lower-right corner of the screen) to invite more guests once the current lot finishes eating. You have 90 seconds, so you can easily serve two batches of customers through the television advert boost within ninety seconds.

Attracting more guests through the television advert will ensure more earnings and higher chances to get dollars from special guests.

How to Obtain Dollars

Unlike coins, dollars are hard to obtain in Kuma Sushi Bar. They are used to repair rooms and purchase décor. Here are some ways to get dollars for free:

From special customers: Special customers, such as “Shibaby” and “The Captain” may pay dollars sometimes after finishing their meal in your sushi bar. They will drop dollars on the table. Tap to collect them.

special customers drop dollars.
Special customers leave dollars at the table.

There are chances of acquiring such special customers if you use the flyer to attract guests to your eatery. Once unlocked, they will appear in your small restaurant at regular intervals.  Tap the flyer on the bottom-right corner of the screen too attract new customers.

To view a list of special guests, tap the green roller-pin icon on the top-left corner of the screen and then tap on the second icon and then tap the “Special Guest tab.

Daily Rewards: Tap the total dollar amount/coin amount on the top-right corner of the screen. Swipe left to go to the daily reward section. You will receive dollars on certain days, so make sure you log in/play the game daily. If you have downloaded the game just now, then you will have to wait for day 2 and day 4 to obtain 2 and 4 dollars respectively.

Daily rewards

Complete Offers: The offers section can be found just beside the daily reward section. Tap the “Get Free Dollars” poster > Accept and complete third-party offers, such as installing an app, earning multiple rewards in a certain game (you will have to download the game to start earning rewards), finishing an action, such as registering for a product etc.

Upgrade Ingredients and Dishes

As you progress, you will be able to upgrade delicious sushi dishes and ingredients.

Upgrading ingredients, decreases the preparation time, ensuring faster cooking and serving, whereas upgrading dishes increases their price.

To upgrade ingredients, tap the green roller pin on the upper-left corner of the screen. Now tap the fish icon.

Upgrade ingredients

To level-up dishes, tap the green roller pin to expand the menu and tap the green sushi icon.

Upgrade recipes

Make sure you have enough coins to upgrade ingredients and dishes.

Complete Quests

Quests are displayed on the top-center. Tap the quest bar to expand a list of tasks. Complete all quests shown in the list to obtain a surprise gift.

Finish quests

List of Special Characters

Special characters appear occasionally throughout the day. They provide certain freebies and rewards, but only after watching a 30-second advert. Here’s the complete list:

Hayami: Unlocks free outfits for your employees. You can view employees with different outfits by tapping on the green roller pin on the top-left corner of the screen. Tap the first pic on the menu to access a list of unlocked employees and their unique outfits.


Kachi-Kachi: Unlocks new furniture. Tap the hammer icon on the bottom-left to enter edit mode and view them.

Kachi Kachi

Michiko the lucky cat: Drops coins all over your sushi bar once you finish watching a video.


Genki: Offers/unlocks new ingredients for your cooking mini-game.


How to Unlock New Rooms

In Kuma Sushi Bar, new rooms, such as the Sushi Belt and the Staff Room, can be unlocked once you start earning stars.

To earn a star, you will have to repair and place décor in the first room.

After repairing certain objects or areas in the first room using dollars, tap the cleaned area and purchase new decor with coins. You will have to be in room edit mode to do this. Tap the hammer on the lower-left corner of the screen to enter room repair mode.

Earn points by purchasing new décor/furniture. Points fill the star gauge on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Earn 10 points to obtain a star and you will be able to unlock the staff room. This room is on the right side of the main room. You will also need 500 coins to unlock it.

Staff room

The Sushi belt room is in the left side of the room. You will need 25 star points to obtain the second star if you want to unlock this room.

You can replace furniture/décor with new items by tapping on the repaired part and then purchasing a new furniture or decoration. You will still obtain star points every time you replace old furniture with newer ones. 

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