Konosuba Fantastic Days Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Konosuba: Fantastic Days teleports you to a world ruled by the Devil King’s army. On your arduous adventure, you will be able to recruit known and unknown characters from the Konosuba universe.

Konosuba: Fantastic Days

Join Kazuma and fight the armies of the Devil King in fast-paced real-time battles. Let the AI do all the hard work for you as you turn on auto-battles. Activate special and super skills, sit back and watch the explosive effects as your party members unleash the most devastating abilities against enemies.

If you have just started playing Konosuba Fantastic Days, then our beginner-level guide will be quite helpful to you:

Getting Started

Each character in your party has a cooldown time, displayed as circles above them. When the circle above a character fills up, you can choose a standard or special skill to attack an enemy/heal an ally or provide buffs to allies. Tap on the skill icon on the bottom to unleash it.

Manual combat.

All skills, barring the standard attack skill, have a cooldown time. The basic/standard attack skill on the extreme left side of the screen does not have a cooldown time.

Example: If you have used a special skill against an enemy, you will have to wait for a few seconds before you can use it again as it will take some time to charge up.

Note: Cooldown or charge time of a special skill is different from the cooldown time, which is denoted as a circle, displayed above a character. The latter needs to charge up so that a player can start using any available skills displayed on the bottom, whereas a special skill’s icon will be greyed out when it’s charging up and can be used again once the charging or cooldown time is over.

Change target by tapping on the enemy. So if you want all heroes to attack the main boss, just tap him and then start unleashing skills to vanquish him. Tap to select a target and then tap on the skill icon on the bottom to attack.

There are two gauges/bars above a character, the green one is the HP bar and the blue one is the super gauge. The blue gauge charges up when your character is attacking an enemy or taking damage. Once the blue gauge fills up, you can unleash a “super skill”. A character’s super skill icon is displayed on the bottom, on the extreme right side of the screen. Tap to use it against enemies. Super skills deal massive damage to enemies.

The cooldown circle above a character does not reset in each new wave. Every battle consists of three waves, so if a character’s cooldown circle is half filled up at the end of wave 1, it won’t reset and will continue from the same point in the next wave, allowing your character to attack at the earliest.

To add/remove characters from your team go to Quest > Main Quests > Select Chapter > Prepare. Tap on a character’s portrait in the party screen to select the main party member. In the character selection screen, you can filter heroes according to their rarity, power, level, HP, affinity, P Atk/M Atk etc.

Now that you know how to play Konosuba: Fantastic Days, find more about character upgrades, auto battles, elemental weakness, party power, affinities and rear guard members with the help of these tips, tricks and strategies.

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Turn On Auto Combat for Efficient Battles

Whether you are playing main quests or free quests, you can choose to attack enemies by tapping on skills/super skills during combat or let the AI do the job. Real-time combat is fast and a new player would be overwhelmed at the pace of a battle. Enemies won’t wait and will attack immediately when the circles above them fill up.

Auto Combat
Automated battles. Super Skill on the bottom-right is turned off. You can turn it on if you want your party members to unleash super skills on their own.

IMO, auto-battles in Konosuba: Fantastic Days are pretty slick and should be turned on, especially if you have just began playing. The AI adapts to the situation pretty well and attacks with the right skills. A healer will heal when a character’s HP hits below a certain threshold and heroes will provide buffs at the right moment. Characters will mix up the best skills while attacking to ensure max damage is inflicted on the enemies.

A player can also choose to automate super skills or activate them manually. I would recommend turning on “auto” for super skills. Doing this, the AI will use it against tougher enemies.

Auto super skills unleashed by a character
Activating auto super skills. Your character will use it at the right time, once the blue bar fills up.

Automated super skills will usually be unleashed against tougher enemies/bosses.

Quest Info Screen

The quest info screen appears when you tap on Quest > Main Quests/Free Quests > Chapter /Quest Type (Relic, Eris, EXP).

Quest info screen.

Under “Monsters”, view all enemies you will encounter in each wave. Tap on each enemy icon to know more about it. There will be several waves of enemies attacking your party and you will have to defeat each wave to emerge victorious.

Under “Treasure” you will get crafting items, scrolls, equipment, event boss battle tickets after each wave. These items will be found in treasure chests obtained after defeating enemies in each wave.

The “Rewards” section displays special rewards, which you will receive when you obtain crowns. In a quest battle, you can obtain three crowns after fulfilling requirements during combat, such as defeating all enemies, finishing a battle in 30 or less seconds, fewer than X number of character defeats (aka KOs). Earn 3 crowns in a battle to obtain quartz. Collect quartz for summoning new heroes. We have explained this in detail in our Konosuba: Fantastic Days Farming guide.

The two most important parts in the quest info screen is the “Rec. ELM” and “Rec. PWR”. These two decide whether your party is stronger than your enemies and winning chances. You can find them on the lower-left side of the quest info screen.

Rec. ELM is recommended element and Rec. PWR is recommended power. Find out what are elements and power in the next few paragraphs.

Increase Party Power

Pay attention to “Rec. PWR” in the quest info screen. Your party’s total power should be more than the recommended power – this ensures increased chances of winning a battle.

When you tap on the “prepare” screen in chapter info, you will be taken to party screen, where you can view your current party’s total power on the right and the recommended power on the lower-right corner of the screen.

To increase total power, you will need to increase power of individual party members of your team. Here’s how to do this:

Go to Team > Enhance Members

Tap on character icons that have the words “Main” or “Sub”. These are the characters you have chosen in your main party as primary/secondary characters and sub characters.

Under the “Enhance Members” page, you will see three tabs – 1. Level up, 2. Upgrade Skill, 3. Promote.

In the level up tab, use power potions to level up party members. You can obtain power potions from free quests > EXP quests and main quests. You will also get power potions from special login rewards section on certain days, so make sure you login daily.

Level Up Party Members to Increase Power
Leveling up a character

There are three types of power potions – small, medium and large. Small potions slightly increase the strength of party members, medium power potion moderately increase the strength of the party members and large potions will significantly increase the strength of characters.

Leveling up party members improve their powers which ultimately increases total power.

You can also promote a party member once he/she reaches maximum level.

Promoted Maxed out members
Characters can be promoted once they reach max level.

To promote a party member, you will need gems/crystals etc. You can obtain them from free quests > relic quests and main quests > treasure chests.

Party members gain EXP after each successful quest. They level up when their EXP bar is full. Members reaching new levels after beating quests also increase their power which increases the total party power.

Recruit Characters with High AGI stats to your Party

Battles are in real time. Enemies won’t wait for your turn and will attack once the circles above them fill up. Some enemies will be quicker than your heroes in unleashing damage and destruction. Agile enemies will be quick in attacking, which can be seen from the cooldown time circle above an enemy. It will fill faster than others. Some of your character will also have circles that will fill faster than others. This is because their AGI stats are higher than the others.

The time taken to fill the circle varies from one character to another. All depends on a character’s agility stats. A character with high AGI stats will be quick to attack as the circle above him will charge up faster than the others. Always have characters with higher agility stat in your party.

You can examine a character’s stats from Team > Enhance Member > Select Character > Info > Character Details

Character details
Check the AGI (agility stats) of each character under character details.

Note down those characters with high AGI and have them in your party in the next battles. But make sure you level them up using power potions. Max out their levels so to increase your party’s total power.

Take Advantage of Elements

Elements (ELM) play an important role during combat. There are a total of seven ELMs in Konosuba: Fantastic Days – Earth (orange), Fire (red), Water (blue), Wind (green), Lightning (yellow), Light (pale white) and Dark (purple).

Each character is dominated by a certain ELM. You can view your team member’s dominating element from Team > Party. Tap on “Info” under your team member’s portrait. You can see the color-coded ELM on the right side of the character info screen under “Main”. The ELMs are displayed as colors.

Here’s how you can take advantage of an enemy’s elemental weakness in Konosuba: Fantastic Days:

Attacking an enemy with a weak element will deal more damage to him. Whether you are playing main quests or free quests, just follow these steps:

1. Go to Quests > Main Quests, select chapter and level. In the chapter info screen, press the “Prepare” button.

2. In the party info screen, pay attention to the “Rec. ELM” (recommended element) displayed on the bottom.

Always check recommended element at the bottom of the party screen.

REC. ELM indicates that your party should have team members of that element to inflict more damage to weaker ELM enemies. If the recommended ELM is water, then you should try to include water element members, including sub members, to your party.

The best part of Konosuba: Fantastic Days is that the AI helps you to choose the stronger ELM characters to take advantage of elemental weakness of the enemy. You don’t have to rummage through the huge character selection screen to choose stronger ELM heroes for your party.

3. In the same party info screen, note down the “Rec. ELM” on the bottom and tap on the “Suggest” button on the right side of the screen.

4. In the suggested party screen, under preferred elements, choose the recommended element (it will be color-coded) and make sure main members and sub-members are checked under party formation categories. Next press the OK button.

Choose the recommended element under suggested party

5. If sub members are also selected, then the game will choose a stronger ELM sub member or a character with the same element as of the enemy in case there are no stronger characters available.

That’s it! During combat, you will notice the word “Weak” under an enemy, suggesting that he/she has a weaker element, so the damage dealt by a stronger ELM character will be more. 

Note: Elements are not limited to main characters, skills, traits and super skills of a character also have a unique element. You can view them from Team > Party.

How to Raise Affinity

You can increase a character’s affinity by giving gifts to him/her or having them as your main party members during combat. Raising affinity level boosts certain important stats, such as HP, physical ATK and most importantly a character’s super skills. A super skill deals massive damage to enemies when unleashed. Boosting stats also increases a character’s power.

Affinity Level Up

There are two ways to increase affinity of a character in Konosuba Fantastic Days:

From quests: Complete main quests to increase affinity level of main characters in your party. You will notice the pink affinity bar of a party member increasing each time he/she beats a quest level. Along with character level, affinity level also increases in every quest.

Increasing affinity levels after battles

Give Gifts: You can give gifts to a character to raise affinity and boost his stats and super skill.

Giving gifts to party members to gain affinity points.

To give gifts to a character, go to Team > Character. Tap the arrows on the left and right to find characters. The character displayed on the center will show his/her current affinity. Tap on the character on the center.

In the character info page, tap on “Gifts” on the top-right corner of the screen.

You will see a list of gifts and the points granted by each gift when given to the character. You will also know how many of these gifts you have under “owned”, which is displayed under its icon.

Gifts section

If you don’t have a particular gift, it will be shown as owned: 0.

The best way to obtain gifts is to use skip tickets on completed quests. Once you get gifts, come back straight to Team > Character and use the same gifts obtained using skip tickets to convert them into affinity points. In the next paragraph, you will learn how and when to use skip tickets and how to obtain them.

Use Skip Tickets to Get Instant Rewards

You can use skip tickets to replay a quest battle once you earn three crowns in the same quest. You can then use a skip ticket and stamina to get instant rewards without even having to fight enemies in the same level.

Using skip tickets to obtain rewards instantly

Instant rewards gained using skip tickets include gifts which can be used to increase affinity of a character. I have explained about character affinities in the previous paragraphs.

You can obtain skip tickets from:

Special login bonuses: This is a limited-time event, so make sure you play the game every day until day 7 and you will obtain tickets on certain days.

Summer Login Bonuses: Another limited-time event. Play Konosuba: FD daily until this event gets over to claim skip tickets on certain days.

Both login bonuses appear every 24 hours on your screen. Claim them.

You can also obtain tickets from on-time events. These are limited-time events and they will appear when you start the game. Tap on the “Go to Community” under an on-time event to get more info.

Using Adventurer Medals: You can convert any duplicate character into adventure medals. You can then use the medals to purchase skip ticket. Exchange 1 adventurer medal with one ticket. To convert duplicate characters into medals, go to team > reserves. Tap on a duplicate character card and press the release button to turn it into medals. When you get medals, tap on the exchange button under reserves to exchange these medals for skill potions, recruit tickets and skip tickets.

Don’t forget to claim skip tickets and rewards from the gifts section in your home screen. Gifts can be found on the top-right corner of the screen.

Add Subs to Main Party Members

Once you unlock sub members, you can include more members as subordinates in your party. Two slots will be unlocked under each main party member in the party selection screen. This party selection screen appears when you tap on the prepare button.

Adding subs to main party members
Tap on the “+” symbol to add sub-members. This will provide extra boost to your main members’ stats.

Sub members will make your main party members stronger in this way:

30 percent of a sub-member’s stats will be applied to the main party member. The main party member will get an additional 10 percent stats boost if you add a duplicate character as a sub-member to the main party member. This means that if both characters (main and sub) are the same, you will get an additional stats boost.

In the party screen, tap on the “+” button below a main party member to choose a sub-member. You can add two sub members for each main character in your team.

Earn Boss Tickets from Main Quests

There will be limited-time boss events where you can fight huge bosses for rewards and glory. During these events, beat main quests to get boss tickets. You can then take on special boss battles in these events. Defeat a boss to unlock a more powerful one.

You will receive awesome rewards upon defeating event bosses, these are 3–star character summon tickets and unique skill potions to upgrade skills. You can also receive emblems which can be used to purchase unique skill potions and other rare items.

Add Rear Guard Members to your Party

If you have just started playing Konosuba: Fantastic Days, you will notice two locked slots in the party screen. Reach player rank 8 to unlock them. You will gain player XP after beating quest levels. You can also speed up XP gains by using skip tickets in levels where you achieved three crowns.

Adding rear guard members to your party as substitutes.
The last two characters in your party screen arrive to take place of defeated characters and fight them.

Once unlocked, you can add two more characters to your team. They will be your “Rear Guard” members. Rear guard members act as backup or substitutes.

You will start your battle with three frontline members. As soon as a frontline member is defeated, the chosen rear guard member will take his/her place and continue the fight against enemies.

With rear guard members, you can start taking on tougher quests against enemies. Don’t forget to level them up and promote them just like the frontline members.

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