Konosuba Fantastic Days: Basic Farming Guide for Beginners

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Konosuba: Fantastic Days is an excellent anime RPG/gacha game that features real-time team-based battles, plenty of stories and your favorite Konosuba characters. Resources, such as crafting materials, Eris, promotion materials and power potions are needed in your quest to make your team stronger than the Devil King’s army. With the help of this basic Konosuba: Fantastic Days farming guide, you will learn how to earn them instantly and obtain them even when you are not playing the game.

1. Aim for Three Crowns in Every Quest

Go to Quest > Main Quests. Select a chapter and then tap on a level.

Tap on the “i” icon on the top-right corner of the chapter info screen. There will be three empty crown slots beside it.

Chapter info screen
Tap on the “i” icon on the top-right corner of the chapter info screen to know about conditions for earning three crowns.

Note down the requirements for achieving 3 crowns in that level. Usually, the requirements are: defeating all enemies in each wave, less than 2 party member knock outs/defeats, and finishing the battle in “30” seconds.

Conditions to earn three crowns

Tap on Prepare and choose the strongest heroes for the battle. You will need party members that possess stronger elementals against enemies. A party with total power higher than the enemy’s power will make it easy for you to win a level and obtain three crowns effortlessly. You can read our Konosuba Fantastic Days guide to know how to build a strong team against the Devil King’s army. You will also learn about elemental strengths/weaknesses, affinities and power.

2. Obtain Skip Tickets

Once you achieve three crowns in a quest level, you can farm for resources from the same level instantly. All you need is a skip ticket. Here’s how to get skip tickets in Konosuba:

 – On-time Events: You will find info about these events when you open the app. Make sure you like and follow the game’s Facebook page to know more about upcoming on-time events.

On-time event

You don’t have to do anything to get rewards from on-time events. Just login daily to get them. All on-time event rewards will be sent to “Gifts”, which can be found in the top-right corner of the home screen. Make sure you claim them before expiration date.

 – Special Events: Gain special login bonuses, including skip tickets on certain days. There are also other login bonuses, such as login bonus P2 and monthly login bonus that grant tickets.

 – Jobs: Once you unlock jobs, you can assign up to three members to get tickets and other rewards, such as Eris and crafting materials.  All assigned members will be “working” on jobs, so you will have to wait for a few hours or more before you can claim rewards from them. Tap on the “Accept All” button to get rewards from all three characters assigned to their jobs.

 – Events: Tap on the calendar icon titled “Events” on the left side of the home screen. You will get a list of ongoing events. Tap on each tab to know which events grant skip tickets. Make note of the event period and claim them before the period expires.


In the same events screen, don’t forget to claim the “Launch Celebration Bonus”. You will get 150 skip tickets among other rewards.

Launch celebration bonus

 – Exchange Adventurer Medals: These green medals can be obtained when you release reserve characters.

Reserve characters are nothing but duplicate characters. While summoning new characters from the “recruit” menu, you may get duplicate characters. You can summon new characters using quartz. All duplicate characters are stored in Team > Reserves.

Go to reserves, tap on a duplicate character card and press the “Release” button. You will obtain adventurer medals based on the stars a character card has. The higher the number of stars, the more medals you may obtain.


After releasing a duplicate character to obtain medals, go to Exchange and use the green adventurer medals to purchase skip tickets. 1 skip ticket costs 1 medal.

3. Replay Three Crown Quests to Obtain Rewards Instantly

Now that you have collected enough skip tickets, it’s time to make the most out of them. Go to Quest > Main Quests > any chapter – previous or current – and then tap on a chapter level in which you have achieved 3 crowns. Such chapters will be stamped with “100% percent complete”.

In the chapter info screen, press the “Use Tickets” button to spend a ticket for skipping a battle. When you spend a ticket, you can skip the battle entirely and earn rewards instantly with having to fight the entire battle.

Using tickets

Press the “+” and “-“button next to “Use Tickets” to increase the number of tickets for instant rewards. The more the tickets, the more number of times a battle will be skipped, allowing you to earn lots of resources per skipped battle.

You will earn promotion materials, power potions to level up characters, upgrade stones and crafting materials when you farm for resources using skip tickets in Konosuba: Fantastic Days. You will also earn player EXP to level up. Each time you reach a new level, you will increase the stamina cap and your stamina will be refilled. Plus new features will also be unlocked.

While you won’t get the crown rewards while using skip tickets for older battles, you will obtain crafting materials, weapon upgrade materials and power potions from these levels. Crown rewards are one-time rewards and are obtained when you earn crowns from a particular battle when you play it for the first time.

Along with skip tickets, stamina will also be used. Keep that in mind while replaying older levels using tickets.

Replay Older Quests without Skip Tickets

You can still farm for resources, such as crafting items, Eris, promotion materials, power potions etc. if you don’t have skip tickets. Start with the very first chapter in the main quests. I am assuming you have completed all levels in the first two chapters.

Start from the first levels. Since the required power will be extremely low, it would be very easy for you to beat starting levels. However, note that you will also spend stamina to replay a quest level.

Farm for Eris, EXP Potions and Relics from Free Quests

Free quests rewards players with a tons of useful items, be it relics, EXP/power potions and Eris. There are two types of free quests: Challenges and Unlimited.

Challenge Quests are limited to 2 per day, whereas unlimited quests don’t have such a limit. You can complete all quests, from beginner to ultimate in a single day, whereas in challenge quests, you can complete only 2 battles per day.

In free quests, always pay attention to the difficulty level. Difficulty level ranges from beginner to ultimate. There are four difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced and ultimate. Difficulty levels of a free quest is based on power. Always check the recommended power in a free quest and select the strongest characters so that their total power exceeds the power of an intermediate, advanced and ultimate free quest battle level.

You can follow the first, second and third steps in this guide if you want to use skip tickets to get instant rewards in free quests.

Try Event Quests

Konosuba: Fantastic Days has special event-exclusive quests that allows players to take on tough bounty targets. These powerful bosses are tough to beat, which is why you should have the strongest heroes in your party. Collect power potions by farming older quests with or without skip tickets and use them to level up heroes.

You will gain boss tickets from these event-based quests. Tap on Quest > Events > Quest to play battles and earn boss tickets. Save them to fight tougher bosses under “Boss Battle” which can be found next to the quest icon.

Battle it out against bosses as often as you wish, until your party prevails.

Boss battle events allow you to earn 2-star character summon tickets for character draws and exclusive potions that can upgrade your party members’ skills.

You will also gain slayer medals after defeating bosses. Exchange slayer medals with unique skill potions and other rare items.

Tip: Try to get three crowns in event-exclusive quests and then use skip tickets to farm for weapons, scrolls, and crating materials.

Assign Characters to Jobs

In Konosuba: Fantastic Days, “Jobs” is the best “offline” way to farm for valuable resources such as Eris, affinity points, power potions, skip tickets, promotion and crafting materials. These can also let you boost affinity levels of your characters.

On the home screen, tap on “Jobs” found on the right side of the screen. Assign three members to all three jobs: A Disciple for This Master, Help for This Tavern and A deep Clean for These Ruins. You can assign any characters to jobs.

Konosuba Farming Guide: Jobs

Once you have assigned characters to all three jobs, you will have to wait for several hours. They will be busy working in their jobs behind the scenes, so you won’t have to do anything. You can continue with you quests. You can assign main characters to jobs and continue with your quests with the same characters. There’s no need to keep the app open – you can close the app and let them do their jobs. When you are back, just claim them by pressing the “Accept All” button.

Job Rewards

There’s no limit to earning important items through jobs. Just that you will have to wait until all three characters finish their work and then claim rewards. Party members will continue farming for resources through jobs after you can claimed your rewards.

Once completed, a notification will appear just above the jobs icon on the left side of the screen.

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