Knights Combo – Beginners Guide & Tips

Hamza Rashid

Oftentimes, players might want an easy to get into yet engaging experience in their mobile games. However, so many recent games coming out are large-scale RPG or strategy games in which you have to dump hours upon hours of gameplay, sort of like Nexus War Civilization.

Fortunately, Knights Combo, a game by Perfeggs, is not like that at all. Instead, it’s a mobile game that combines puzzle matching, card RPG, and roguelike elements into one easy-to-consume package.

Knights Combo
Source: Perfeggs

Today, we’re here to give a short yet in-depth guide on this game. By going through it, we guarantee you’ll know everything there is to know about Knights Combo to ensure you can jump in and enjoy the game to the max.

Understanding the Battle System

Knights Combo Battle System
Source: Perfeggs

As soon as you start the game, you’ll be thrust into battle. With three heroes on your team, you’ll have to defeat a wave of monster enemies if you want to make it through Chapter 1. Now, this tutorial will do a pretty decent job of explaining how the game works, but it’ll skip through some important things.

For starters, your heroes chain combos when you chain together elements of the same color at the bottom of the screen. However, what the game skips over is the fact that you need to chain a minimum of three elements of the same color otherwise your hero won’t attack. In this regard, you could say the game is like Toy Story Drop.

Knights Combo Battle System Pattern
Source: Perfeggs

Three elements chained results in your hero attacking three times and so on. Like this, the main objective of every player is to chain together as many elements as possible to make the combo counter go up and deal more damage. Naturally, you have to do so without your health at the top left of the screen reaching zero.

Knights Combo Battle Rewards
Source: Perfeggs

Additionally, every color is linked to one specific hero on your team. You’ll start the game with three heroes, and as such, three colors. Those colors will be yellow, red, and green. However, as you unlock more heroes with different elements, different colors will appear on the screen.

Unlocking Useful Abilities

Knights Combo Battle Unlocking Abilities
Source: Perfeggs

In addition to your heroes being able to use basic attacks, there are also abilities in this game. Every time you start a battle, you’re at level one. By chaining together attacks, you’ll eventually level up and be able to choose from one of three level-up choices. 

Now, these choices can either be abilities, upgrades to abilities you have, or stat abilities that increase the damage you deal or your total health. To use an unlocked ability, you have to chain the element of that ability until the ability icon bar maxes out, after which the ability emblem will be added with the rest of the elements at the bottom of the screen. You can then chain the ability emblem as you would any other element for your hero to use that ability.

Unlocking New Heroes and Progressing Through the Chapters

Knights Combo Battle Unlocking Heroes
Source: Perfeggs

Finally, how do you progress in this game? Well, similar to other arcade puzzle games, Knights Combo has a bunch of chapters you have to go through. Naturally, the more you progress the more difficult the stages become. 

At certain stages, there are also boss enemies you have to take down, although bosses are just enemies that hit harder and take more damage. Additionally, many boss enemies are weak or strong against specific types of elements, so do keep a lookout for that.

Knights Combo Battle Boss Battle
Source: Perfeggs

To make the process easier, it’s also possible to unlock new heroes and add up to five heroes to your team. Now, there are two freebie ways of unlocking heroes. 

  • You can either progress through chapters and unlock them as a reward for completing certain chapters
  • You can open chests from the store to hopefully unlock new heroes
Knights Combo Battle Chests
Source: Perfeggs

In addition to heroes, you can also potentially get gold from chests which can be used to level heroes up. Build the ultimate team of heroes each with different elements to conquer every chapter easily.


This was everything you needed to know before you start Knights Combo. We hope you enjoy this quick yet engaging game as it’s sure to get your mind running. For more games like this, check out the 10 Best Match 3 Puzzle Games for Android.

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