Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom: Heroes Tier List

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Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom
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(Last Updated On: October 28, 2023)

If you are new to the world of Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom, you should know Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom packed with brave heroes and tough fighters. Each fighter features a distinct set of skills that is of great help on the battlefield.

Understanding their strengths and weaknesses is the only key to winning. So, we’re here to simplify the complex landscape of heroes for you in this Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom: Heroes Tier List.

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S-Tier: Unstoppable Titans

Let’s start off our guide through the Knightcore characters with the S-Tier heroes, the absolute cream of the crop. These characters are not just any characters. Instead, they are skilled fighters who can bring the victory home all alone. If you happen to have one of them in your battle crew, consider the battle won. 

  • Arthur – The Sword of Justice: As his name suggests, Arthur is the perfect representation of justice served right! With his mighty attacks that could finish off the enemy in one blow, he sure is the Main Character of the S-tier. 
  • Guinevere – The Enchanting Sorceress: In Knightcore – Sword of Kingdoms, no one does sorcery better than Guinevere. With her magical abilities on the battlefield, everything goes in your favor! 

A-Tier: Commanders of Victory

In the A-Tier, you will find the heroes who are more than capable of leading the charge. While not as skilled as S-Tier, they are the driving force behind many victories.

  • Lancelot – The Speedy Duelist: Lancelot’s speed is like no other. His lightning-fast attacks make him a mighty warrior in one-on-one combat.
  • Morgana, The Dark Empress: Otherwise called the Queen Of Shadow, Morgana’s expertise in shadow magic can twist the battle in the blink of an eye.  Her damage output is exceptional, and she knows how to win the favor of the crowd all too well. 

B-Tier: Skilled and Reliable

While B-tier heroes might not be the player’s first choice, they are skilled fighters who won’t let you down for sure. B-tier characters often make the backbone of many successful teams.

  • Gawain – The Steadfast Guardian: if you are looking for a character with strength and resilience to add to your team, then Gawain is your best bet. The warrior is trained to take the heaviest damage without any signs of weaknesses and the best part? He is a great friend who makes sure to support and safeguard his allies wherever needed. 
Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom
Image: Noctua Games
  • Isolde – The Healer of Hope: there are many moments in the battle when nothing seems to go your way and you start losing hope. For times like these, Isolde is there to up your morale. Her healing powers keep her peers going regardless of how tough the ongoing situation is. 
Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom
Image: Noctua Games

C-Tier: The Unsung Heroes

While their speed might be disappointing sometimes, these C-Tier heroes can be relied upon when needed, given their unique skills.

  • Tristan – The Sharpshooter: When it comes to long-range combat in Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom, Tristan is an expert. With precise shots and the ability to pick off enemies from a distance, he’s a precious character. 
  • Vivian – The Nature’s Advocate: When all resources fail you, the force of nature can save you and to build that connection with nature, Vivian is the perfect character. She can call on storms and unlock the earth’s rage in an instant, making her a versatile and reliable hero.

D-Tier: Emerging Talents

The D-Tier is home to the rising stars, the heroes who are still working on their skills. While they may not be in the limelight much, they have potential.

  • Gareth – The Valiant Squire: Gareth’s strong determination 

Each battle is proof that he will be making headlines in no time.

  • Igraine – The Master Alchemist: Igraine’s ability to master chemistry is a work in progress. However, once prepared, she can easily make new potions that would do wonders for her team and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Her potential is yet to be fully realized. 
Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom
Image: Noctua Games

F-Tier: The Strugglers

The F-Tier is filled with characters who have overwhelming potential but still have a long way to go. They may have unique abilities, but they are far from being the first choice for upfront fighters on the battlefield. 

  • Galahad – The Chivalrous Youth: Galahad’s youthful spirit is truly inspiring, but he is still working on becoming a good fighter. With the enthusiasm he has, we are sure it won’t be long before he takes up the main stage. 
  • Nimue – The Mysterious Druid: 

Nimue is simply a complex unsolved puzzle. Her powers hold potential, but they need time to grow and shine fully.

Tips and Tricks for Knightcore: Sword of Kingdoms

Here are some tips that help you understand the heroes of Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom:

  • Character Coordination: Make sure to build a team of heroes that complement each other. Some characters work better together and come together as a force to be feared off on the battlefield. 
Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom
Image: Noctua Games
  • Daily Quests: Don’t miss out on the daily quests. They offer valuable rewards and help you level up faster.
  • Resource Management: your in-game resources are all that you have got, thus, use them wisely. Don’t rush to spend them as soon as you get them, instead spend some and save the rest. 
Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom
Image: Noctua Games
  • Arena Battles: Become a regular arena gamer. It’s a great way to earn rewards and polish your team’s strength.
  • Join a Guild: Being part of a guild has many benefits, such as access to exclusive guild events and resources.
Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom
Image: Noctua Games
  • Story Mode Progress: Keep progressing in the story mode. Not just to keep the storyline going but also because there are amazing rewards hidden as you progress ahead. 
  • Daily Logins: Daily logins are like your cheat sheets to get your hands on as many resources as possible. Log in daily to claim rewards. The more regularly you log in, the better the rewards.
  • Hero Upgrades: The best way to spend your resources is by upgrading your heroes, since they become more powerful with every level and skill upgrade.
Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom
Image: Noctua Games
  • Alliance Battles: Participate in alliance battles to earn extra rewards and strengthen your guild’s standing.
Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom
Image: Noctua Games
  • PvP Strategy: In PvP battles, focus on taking down enemy support heroes first to disrupt the opponent’s strategy.
  • Resource Packs: Keep an eye out for limited-time resource packs in the in-game shop. They can give your heroes a mighty boost.
  • Community and Forums: Join Knightcore’s official forums and communities and be as active as possible. This allows you to learn from experienced players and stay updated on the latest strategies.

Final Thoughts

And that was all for our take on Knightcore: Sword of Kingdoms and its tier lists. We hope this guide will be of some help in navigating your way through the game. 

Remember, Knightcore: Sword of Kingdoms is as much about strategy as it is about heroes. By following the right tips and tricks, you will be better prepared to fight fearlessly and lead your heroes to victory in Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom.

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