Knight Fever: Tips and Tricks That Let You Slash and Bash Your Way to Victory

Anurag Ghosh
Knight Fever
(Last Updated On: February 8, 2023)

Those looking to get their hardcore fantasy fix and indulge in some surprisingly fast-paced defensive strategy will want to play close attention to spear-sharpening RPG Knight Fever – the latest venture from veteran publisher Webzen.

It’s only fair that some knights get a little leg up before setting out on their quest however, so here are some handy tips and tricks that’ll have any budding adventurer slashing and bashing enemy creatures in no time.

Know Your Characters and Their Skills

One of the first things Knight Fever will task players to do is assemble their own mighty team of heroes. The game’s main mode of play takes place across four crazy lanes of near-simultaneous play, so it’s important to get your line-up exactly right. It’s for this reason that some may want to take note of Meow’s earth-shattering Shout ability which can damage or even destroy traps. Perfect for taking a cautious approach.

Knight Fever

Feeling a little more brazen and brash? The hero, Khrat, has the potential to hit 3 lanes at once in one cataclysmic attack, ideal for making light work of lower level enemies quickly. If enemies are proving too tough however, rest comfortably knowing that damage from Ecst’s Revenge goes straight through most pesky barriers and shields.

Lastly, Enya’s Quack Quack ability doubles the skills by gaining an additional one when reaching the next level, being less offensive but helping players reap mass rewards in the long term. Hero set up experimentation will reveal that some stages can be easily cleared with a different line-up than other, but our overall advice would be to strengthen all of your heroes at any given chance!

Items & Progress

An important freebie item you’ll want to be sure never to miss is Knight Fever’s weekly login book, which gives players a bonus reward for logging in every day. What it’ll be, you’ll have to find out, but even if it’s of no use to your team or style of play, send it in a Gift Box to one of your friends to share the love.

Paying a visit to Knight Fever’s The Peddler by way of completing the game’s recently updated Gold Dungeon might be worthwhile, with the General Shop refreshing every four hours. There’s every chance for a coveted legendary item to appear, so be sure not to miss out on the chance to enjoy valuable resources of use to your team. If all else fails idle knights can always acquire items via watching ads, ideal for those wanting to take a break from plundering puzzle-filled dungeons.

Advantages of Leveling-up Your Heroes

The more your team levels up, the more features you reveal in Knight Fever, most notably after 10 levels where you’ll need an additive to further enhance any equipment you want to continue using. Actions such as this will make you a true force to be reckoned with in-game, especially since cookies get fully refilled if your overall party level increases substantially.

Knight Fever Guide

Heroes who are particularly gluttons for punishment can always take their upgraded company into the depths of Hard mode if they’re craving further challenge. This extra challenge is made immediately available upon defeating Normal, so there’s always the opportunity to practice since these unlock chapter by chapter.

Use these words of wisdom and join an ever-growing community of heroes today. Knight Fever is free to try out from Google Play today.