KleptoCorns Guide: Tips, Hints and Tricks

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

There’s something very mysterious about Hyperbeard’s “Kleptoverse”. Cats, dogs and now unicorns love to travel to the unknown realm through a portal in search of treasure.

In KelptoCorns, you are a proud owner of the fabled horse and her friends. And to make them happy, you will have to coddle them with pizzas and petting. Happy unicorns will then traverse the multiverse and bring mysterious items to decorate their homes. As you collect more KleptoCorns, you will learn a lot about them, items they bring and the multiverse. Check out these tips and tricks if you want to earn more coins, gems and collect all unicorns.  

Pamper your Pet Unicorn 

KelptoCorns need love. Lots of love! And the best way to show your adulation is to nourish them by feeding, washing and brushing their lovely hair. In return, they will bring back fascinating items from various mysterious realms.  

Nourish your pet KleptoCorns

You will get more coins and better items when you nourish a KleptoCorn. The heart gauge on the bottom right corner of the screen should be 100 percent if you want your cheerful unicorn to bring more coins and rare items.  

You can send one without pampering them, but there are chances of bringing duplicate items (items that have already been brought by your unicorns) and fewer coins back from the multiverse.  

To nourish a cute unicorn, tap her and then tap on each icon (treat, wash and pet) to start taking care of her. Just slide your finger over her to feed her or brush her hair and watch the heart gauge fill up faster.  

Once the heart gauge fills up, tap the “Go Out” button to send her to the outer worlds and she will be back after a few minutes with a gift and some coins. 

How to Earn Coins 

Coins are very important. You can use them to ring the bell so that your pet unicorn comes back quickly or trade them for gems. Here are a few ways to earn coins in KleptoCorns:  

Watch videos when your unicorn travels to another dimension in search of items and coins. The video offer will be shown on the bottom of the screen. You will get 50 coins for watching one. You can also watch videos from the book located on the top of the screen.  

Nourish your unicorn so that she brings more coins for you. Read our “pamper” section to know how to do this.  

Play mini-games. As you progress, your pet unicorn will take a lot of time to bring back gifts. You can pass your time by playing them. Just tap the Play button on the lower right corner of the screen when your pet goes out and play any one of the four mini-games.  

These addicting mini-games are inspired by carnival games. You will have to collect six items in a particular mini-game to get a coin, but sometimes, bonus coins will appear and you must target them.  

Tap the fairy unicorn that floats in the air to earn a lot of coins. It appears rarely, probably once in a day. Tap it repeatedly to get coins.  

Tap the fairy unicorn to get coins

Get coins from “Daily Reward”. There are two types of daily rewards chest – free and premium. Free chest contains fewer rewards than premium. You will get more coins from a premium reward chest once you watch an ad. You can access these chests from the book. Daily Rewards reset in every 24 hours.  

When you get a new Kleptocorn, share it with your friends on Facebook and other social networking sites to get bonus coins.  

Share items to Get Bonus Rewards 

This trick can also be applied to all “Klepto-” games. When your cute unicorn brings an item, tap the share button on the upper-left corner of the screen to share it with friends via social networking sites.  

Share items

But here’s the trick. Just tap “cancel” on the “share” screen and you will still get your rewards. You can try this when you are sharing a new unicorn.   

Save Coins for Unlocking Unicorns  

One can’t resist dressing up their beloved unicorn, but to dress her up, you will need coins. Here, I would recommend not to spend all of those precious trinkets to adorn the fabled horse.  

Save coins if you want to ring that bell to bring your unicorn back home quickly or if you want to unlock more horned creatures. Don’t waste them on boutique items. Once you have collected lots of coins, you can start decorating each unicorn, but your preference should be to collect more unicorns before doing anything else.  

Tip: Spend gems only to unlock to a new unicorn. Gems are rare so it’s not wise to spend them on unlocking an environment or location beforehand.  

How to get a new KleptoCorn 

To get a new pony, you will need 8 gems. These gems are rare to find, but you will get a guaranteed one if you spend 250 coins. You can also earn by completing simple offers. Tap Shop > Free gems and complete an offer to get them. It may take up to 24 hours to receive your rewards.  

Another way to get gems is to enter KleptoCorns codes in the safe. These safe codes are hidden in the background in each environment or in the items brought by unicorns.  

Sometimes, the safe codes might be hidden in two or more items and you will have to find them, combine those codes and enter them in the safe to get your rewards. To enter a code, tap the book on the top of the screen > settings and then tap on the safe.  

You might find safe codes in HyperBeard’s official Facebook or Twitter account. Keep an eye on updates and you might find a secret code or two.  

Move to a New KleptoHome to Unlock More Secrets 

To know about new homes, tap the globe icon on the top-left corner of the screen. Each home contains a specific number of unicorns and items brought by them. There are 15 unicorns and 100 items in each location. Collect them all to unlock a new one. 

Dress Up a Unicorn at the Boutique 

Tap the book on the top of the screen and then tap “Boutique”. You will find several cute items witch which you can dress up your Kleptocorn. You can purchase horns, wings and adorable clothes for your pet horse.  

Dress up a unicorn

To purchase an item, you will need coins. Try not to spend too many coins to purchase them. Save coins for ringing the bell to bring back unicorns faster and exchanging with gems to collect more KleptoCorns.