Kitty Letter Game Guide: Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Kitty Letter is an exciting new word game from Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, and Double Dagger Studio. 

According to Inman, this addictive word game “combines Scrabble with Clash Royale”. Basically, you will have to spell words from jumbled letters displayed on the “enchanted language vortex” placed on the bottom of the screen to transform them into an army of cats. Your feline squad will then march towards your opponent’s house to attack it. Your opponent will do the same. A player is defeated if his house gets destroyed first.

Kitty Letter

Drag your finger over the letters to form words from the jumbled letters. Our getting started guide will help you know how to play Kitty Letter. If you already know the basics, skip to our beginner-level tips and strategies section to know how to win a multiplayer match against a human player.

How to Play: Rules

All correct words are transformed into cats. These cute kitties then walk straight towards your opponent’s house and attack it, causing damage to it. Every time a cat blows herself up next to a house, a player’s HP decreases a bit. A player loses when his HP bar reduces to zero. Your opponent’s HP bar is displayed next to the house/camper van.

When spelling a word, pay attention to letter tiles. Each letter tile carries certain points. The number of cats deployed from a house depends on the total points of the word spelt by a player. For example: If the total score of all letters of the word “ARMS” is 5 (based on the points of each letter tile), then five cats will be deployed from a house.

The minimum word length in this game is 2. You can start with a 2-letter word if you want quick results. Later you can unscramble more words from the jumbled letters.

When two groups of cats collide, both explode, thereby stopping each other from reaching their opponent’s house.

As you progress through Kitty Letter’s story mode, you will discover new rules and features that make gameplay exciting and engaging.

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Game Modes

There are two main game modes – single player and multiplayer. Single player has a story mode and an arcade mode. Story mode is easier to play and introduces new features and rules as you progress. In story mode you will have to battle a grumpy “Cat Man”, who keeps deploying kitties from his camper van to destroy your house.

Kitty Letter’s story mode is divided into 13 chapters. Before a new chapter begins, the game introduces new rules in a very hilarious manner, Oatmeal style!

The Arcade mode is actually an “endless mode”. Playing arcade will test how long a player can survive against a horde of AI kittens. You will score points for hitting your opponent’s camper van. The AI opponent will keep deploying cats to hit your house. Every time a cat attacks your house, your blue HP bar will decrease a bit. The game ends when your HP decreases to zero. 

In multiplayer mode, you can play against a random player or against a friend. Under “Play a Friend” create a room. You will be given a 4-letter room ID. Share the room id with your friends. Your friends will have to “Join” a room, enter the secret room id to play against you.

Under “Play a Stranger”; the game matches you up against a random player. I would recommend playing the story mode first before playing the multiplayer mode.

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Tips & Strategies

1. Consider yourself lucky if there’s a letter “S” on the vortex. Look for the plural form of a noun by adding an -s at the end. This way, you will be able to create two words at a time (For example: DEN, DENS).

Use plural forms of words to create more words.

2. Attack is the best defense. Kitty Letter is a fast-paced word game and so you will have to be very quick in deploying cats. The more cats you deploy, the higher the chances of defeating your opponent early in battle before he does.  Start by playing two or three-letter words. Later, you can make four letter words.

3. Can’t find words from the current set of letters on the vortex? Just tap the shuffle button on the lower-right corner of the screen. Maybe you might find a new word after shuffling since the current letter arrangement might be making it difficult to play new words.

4. A new set of letters appears at regular intervals. I have noticed that a new set appears if I don’t play words from the current set of letters for a few seconds. If you don’t find any words on the vortex, just wait for a few seconds for a new set to appear.

5. Notice a letter above a group of cats? This is because your opponent has played a word that starts with that letter.

Example: If your opponent plays a word starting with the letter “W” then that starting letter will be shown above a group of cats approaching your house. You can stop this group by playing a word that also starts with the letter “W”. This will then deploy a group of cats that will move towards them, in the same lane. Both cat groups will explode when they collide. This way, you be successful in fending off a feline invasion.  

6. At times, the number of tiles on the vortex keeps changing. Sometimes, there will be only four tiles on the vortex. You can still create words from those tiles using a word finder.

7. Keep an eye on “Spider Pug”. These cute, but horrifying insects disrupt vortexes, making it hard for players to form words. A spider pug has a letter displayed on top of it. Create a word that starts with that letter to send your cat army to collect it. You can then drag and drop the spider pug into your opponent’s house to disrupt his/her vortex so that it becomes difficult for them to make words.

Power-Ups and How to Use Them

While playing, you may have noticed a deer trudging through your yard. They poop and leave “power-ups” or “presents” on the yard. A letter will be displayed above such a power-up.

You can pick these power-ups by sending kitties over it. Note down the letter above a power-up and then create a word which starts with that letter. Your creatures will move towards it and pick it for you. All presents/power-ups are displayed on the lower-left corner of the screen. To use a power-up, drag it into the field.

There are three types of power-ups:

Axe: Shrinks all creatures on the field by 50 percent. The axe should be used against your opponent’s cats. Just drag the axe onto enemy cats and see them shrink.

Lawnmower: Destroys an entire lane of creatures. Just drag the blue lawnmower into the same lane of enemy cats and watch it run over them. Warning: Your kitties can also be crushed under your lawnmower, so exercise caution before using it. Make sure the same lane does not have your cats.

Piece of Chicken: Drag this on your cat squad to double their size. Use it when your cat army is close to the enemy’s house and there are no enemy cats walking towards them on the same lane.

Use Word Finders

While I don’t recommend using any word finders, you can cheat at Kitty Letter with the help of such tools.

Visit  on your browser.

Enter the letters on the empty space and tap “Search”.

You can also use additional features on this site, such as “Starts”. If you enter a set of letters on the empty box and then enter a letter from that set in “Starts”, then this tool will list only those words that start with that letter. You can then play those words to eliminate cats that have the same letter above them. (Check Tip #5 in the Tips and Strategies section of this guide to know how to tackle enemy cats.)

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