King’s Choice is Celebrating its First Anniversary with a Series of Updates and Social Media Festivities

Anurag Ghosh
King's Choice First Anniversary

ONEMT is inviting its fans to take part in a round of social media events to celebrate the first anniversary of the hugely popular RPG sim, King’s Choice.

To express its gratitude for the support of its loyal fanbase, King’s Choice is bringing players even more content, and with the addition of a new Pets system, a new Home system, and limited-time events.

As part of the anniversary festivities, players are invited to enter content via the King’s Choice Royal Fantasy event, where cash prizes and in-game rewards will be awarded to those that submit the most impressive videos, artwork, and memes.

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You don’t have to be creative to join in with the celebrations though; the Special Wishes event is currently giving eager participants the chance to earn rewards for sending a video expressing their anniversary wishes. Some lucky well-wishers may also see their entry included in an anniversary Livestream via the Virtual YouTube Channel Allie Channel where new update information, a fireworks show, and code giveaways will also be showcased.

YouTube video

In King’s Choice, players are tasked with establishing themselves as a legendary emperor, by forging alliances, crushing rebellions, raising heirs, and charming beautiful maidens. As you expand your empire, you’ll get to enjoy stunning visuals that invoke the mastery of classical arts from 15th to 18th century Europe.

If you’re keen to try your hand at experiencing royal court life for yourself, you can download King’s Choice right now on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

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