Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

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Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix has unveiled a teaser for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link during its 20th Anniversary Announcement Trailer, evoking nostalgia and summoning fans to once again take up their keyblades, this time on their mobile phones to fight the Heartless and clear the world of miasma.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link
Photo: Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is the latest entry in the Kingdom Hearts series as an all-new experience as a GPS-based Action RPG for iOS and Android.

YouTube video

Square Enix has finally confirmed a release window for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link. Originally planned for a vague 2024 release, the game will now be launching worldwide sometime in Fall 2024.

Pre-Registration & Updates

Square Enix has yet to open their Pre-Registration. To stay up to date, follow Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link’s official X/Twitter account.

What’s the Current State of the Game?

To ensure a smooth experience, Square Enix conducted a closed beta test for iOS users in December 2023. On their official X, formerly known as Twitter, announced that the closed beta test for Android devices, originally scheduled for January 2024, has been postponed to Spring 2024 to allow further adjustments.

What to Expect?

Beyond the fast-paced combat and gacha system players expect from the series, Missing-Link boasts various game modes to keep you engaged. The most intriguing feature, however, is the Astral Plane, hinting at a whole new way to explore the world of Kingdom Hearts.

Astral Plane is where your player avatar moves in an astral plane in conjunction with the location data of your device. Similar to Pokemon Go’s GPS-based exploration, take your smartphone with you on a walk outside and find Treasure and Piece posts.

Kingdom Hearts
Photo: Square Enix

Here’s the exciting part: you can also choose Touch Mode in Astral Plane. In touch mode, you can move freely without being restricted by your GPS, but you need AP to access posts or battle enemies. You can get more AP by playing in GPS mode!

A party system is also available. Form a party of up to 3 players within close proximity to each other. Within a party, you can gain various advantages, such as challenging aid bosses together, reducing AP consumption for teleportation, and more.

These features have been teased through the trailer and beta test so far, and more features are hidden behind the magical game. To fully unveil them all, we must wait for their official release and hope it will run smoothly and without delays.

What are the Device Requirements?

The data below is based on the previous beta test requirements and is subject to change:

iOS: iOS 15.0 or Higher
Device: iPhone XS or Later
Free Space:5GB or More
Android: Android 10 or Higher
System on a Chip (Soc):Snapdragon 845 or Higher
RAM: 4GB or More
Free Space:5GB or More


With only bits and pieces revealed, fans are left yearning for the full release date and a glimpse of official gameplay to truly understand what awaits them in Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link.

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