King Or Fail – Castle Takeover: Gear Tier List

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King or Fail Castle Takeover starting screen

Welcome to King or Fail Castle Takeover, where you are the only one responsible for managing and running the castle, starting from planting berries to leading the whole army into war.

King or Fail Castle Takeover is the place where you can prove your leadership tactics as you can build and upgrade your own army and take over castles to get gold, items, and much more.

Beside the army, there is the king, which is you. The king has his own gear, which makes him invincible. In this article, we will mention all the gear required to be a true king.

Gear Types

King or Fail Castle Takeover Battle Gear Types
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As mentioned, King or Fail Castle Takeover is all about being the strongest king out there, and you can’t do that without some really powerful gear.

Battle gear starts with the weapon itself, where you have 4 different types: the battle axe, which strikes multiple enemies in close combat.

Followed by the mace, which damages all enemies in front of you, and the spear, which pierces through several enemies.

And if you love shooting your enemies from a distance, there is the bow.

And then we have the armor, amulet, gloves, helmet, and boots, which all increase both your strength and damage.

How to get gear in King or Fail Castle Takeover


King or Fail Castle Takeover Battle path
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In King or Fail Castle Takeover, after building and upgrading the army, you can go to war against other castles to take over them.

Each level gets harder, but it means more gear for you, the higher the level, the better the items.

After winning matches, you get random items, starting from the weapons to the armor and gloves. Also, their tier will be random.


King or Fail Castle Takeover crates section in the shop
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Also, opening crates is one of the quickest ways to obtain items; remember that the tier and type will always be random.

Some crates are obtained for free or by watching a small ad, and others can be unlocked by a key that you get while battling and finishing missions.

King or Fail Castle Takeover Gear Tier List

King or Fail Castle Takeover Tier bonus skills
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All of the battle gear shares the same tier system, which starts with the normal tier colored gray, which is the lowest one and provides no bonus skills.

Followed by the good, which is in green and is slightly more powerful than the normal one.

Starting with the rare items, which are in dark blue, you unlock the first bonus skill for each item, as each one has its own unique bonus skill.

This is followed by the unique tier, which is in purple, which is surely more powerful than the rare, moving to the yellow tier, orange, pink, and then light blue, which is the highest tier, unlocking all the bonus skills.

How to Upgrade the Gear to a Higher Tier

King or Fail Castle Takeover merging system
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If you are lucky enough, you might receive a high-tier item by unlocking a crate, but most of the time you will need to upgrade it manually.

King or Fail Castle Takeover has a merging system when it comes to upgrading items, which requires three pieces of the same type and rarity to be able to merge them into 1 powerful higher-tier item.

King or Fail Castle Takeover battle gear list
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King or Fail Castle Takeover offers a vast array of weapons and battle gear to help you take over your enemies.

With different types of weapons and a huge number of armor pieces, upgrading them would greatly help you win your battles.

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