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King Of Cricket Games

King Of Cricket Games is a cricket simulator developed by Cricket Games Company. You can download the game for Android from the Play Store.

Become a legendary cricket player in your own team, and complete various tasks in each match. You control your own character, as well as other characters from the team occasionally.

In this guide, we will talk about King Of Cricket gameplay and provide you with some tips and tricks to aid you in your athletic journey. Without further ado, let’s delve into our King Of Cricket Games guide.

Basic Mechanics

Swipe left
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The game’s mechanic is very simple. You are a batter on the team and required to hit the ball on the receiving end. To do so, you need to swipe left if the ball is coming to your left side and swipe right if it’s thrown to your right.

New bat
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Depending on your timing, the bar on the right will land on a color ranging from red to green. If it’s green, you’ll get a maximum of 6 points. If it lands on red, you’ll miss and get 0 points. Anything in between has different points (more on this later).

In every stage you will have three quests, each rewarding you a star upon completion. You can get a maximum of three stars from a stage (match).

Basic Rules

Waiting to strike
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King Of Cricket operates with the rules of the sport, so it’s essential to understand the basic rules of cricket.

  • There are two teams of eleven players on each team.
  • The batting team aims to score as many runs as possible, while the bowling team aims to dismiss the batsmen. Teams take turns in batting and bowling. You control the batting phase of your team.
Player dismissed
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  • If a batter misses two hits in a row, they are dismissed and replaced. If your player is dismissed, you lose the stage.
  • If the ball reaches the boundaries, your team is awarded extra runs. If it bounces on the ground you get four points, and if directly flies over the pitch you are awarded six points.
  • There are ten ways a batsman can be dismissed: bowled, caught, leg before wicket (LBW), run out, stumped, hit wicket, hit the ball twice, obstructing the field, handling the ball, and timed out.

Stage Tasks

Completed tasks
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Each stage is a game of various tournaments in the game. To unlock the next stage, you need to complete at least one task. Each task grants a star upon completion.

These tasks can range from hitting a number of consecutive boundaries to scoring a certain number of points. Complete as many of them as possible, but don’t risk losing the game in doing so.


In-game shop
Photo: Cricket Games Company

There is not much to buy from the in-game shop. King Of Cricket offers two different packs that you can purchase: Your Debut Kit and King Pack.

Your Debut Kit has 2000 tokens, 72 hours of unlimited energy, and no ads for 72 hours. King Pack has 20.000 tokens, unlimited energy, and no ads for life.

Umpire’s Decision

Umpire's decision
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When you get dismissed, you will lose the stage. Before your character is dismissed, you can demand a review of the Umipre’s decision.

The review requires 500 tokens. Alternatively, you can watch an ad to get the review.

Missions screen
Photo: Cricket Games Company

If the decision is reviewed, you will get a “No ball” call and continue to the game, earning another chance to complete the stage. If you don’t get a review, you will accept defeat and lose the chapter.

King Of Cricket – Tips And Tricks

6 points run
Photo: Cricket Games Company

Now that we know the basics of King Of Cricket, it’s time to talk about what it takes to win. Here are some tips, tricks, and strategies to help you out in King Of Cricket Games:

  • The most important thing is to guess which side the bowler will throw the ball. The earlier you decide the way you will swipe, the better chances you will have a good hit on the ball.
  • Time your hit carefully. If you swipe too early you will miss the ball, and the same also goes for when you are too late. Anything in between will result in a hit as long as you swipe in the correct direction.
Set of tasks
Photo: Cricket Games Company
  • If you have completed multiple tasks, but your player gets dismissed, don’t be shy to spend tokens to get a review. Also, consider watching an ad if you are short on tokens.
  • Try to get as many 6-point runs as possible. Once you get a grip on timing a green hit, your life will get a lot easier.
  • Getting a hit, even just for one point, is better than getting no hits and risking getting dismissed. Don’t restrain yourself from hitting just because you feel you will not get a green.
3-point run
Photo: Cricket Games Company


Whether you are a cricket fan, or just looking for a new sport to learn and pass with on a simulator, King Of Cricket is a fine choice. If you like the game, you might consider buying a pack to remove the ads.

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