Kill Shot Virus: Tips and Strategies to Get More Kills and Rewards

Kill Shot Virus: Scope Kills
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

The second game of the Kill Shot series was all about killing rebels and insurgents and featured cool missions. Virus may not be as brilliant as Bravo, but blowing up a zombie’s head can be fun. The game has a campaign mode and special events where players can use state-of-the-art weapons to fight the undead. The campaign mode is further divided into primary, sniper, dead-ops and breach missions. Of these, primary and dead-ops missions are quite a challenge, whereas breach and sniper missions are good for earning quick bucks.

Kill Shot Virus features a host of deadly zombies, such as exploders, screechers and jumpers. Dealing with a large horde can be a frightening experience and you will have to eliminate any incoming zombies before it’s too late. The game offers power-ups, including my favorite slo-mo to eliminate large groups. If you want more headshots, know different gun parts/upgrade benefits, need info about supply boxes and factions, check out these quick tips and strategies:

1. Use Your Rifle’s Scope to get Headshots

You earn bonus cash for every headshot. While it is easy to get headshots in sniper missions, you won’t get them so easily in primary missions. But there is a way to get them if you use your assault rifle’s scope. All you need to do is swipe up to bring up the scope and point the red dot sight to a zombie’s face before pulling the trigger.

Kill Shot Virus: Scope Kills

When the scope appears, just move up the magnifier (located at the right side of the screen) to zoom in. At the highest level, you can zoom in to get a clear view and get easy headshots. You can also use your machine gun to get headshots and move the magnifier up to zoom in. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your gun’s scope. Do not zoom in too much when zombies walk/run towards you or when you are shooting at a large horde as it will be hard for you kill them all.

2. Improve Your Guns: Different Types of Attributes and Upgrade Benefits

Before hitting the “Play” button, keep an eye on upgrade requirements which are displayed at the bottom of the mission info screen. Just like its predecessor, Kill Shot: Virus also requires players to upgrade certain parts of their rifle.

Upgrade rifle parts to ensure better accuracy, damage, range and other attributes. You don’t have to wait for upgrade requirements to appear on the mission screen. You can upgrade parts anytime.

There are 6 main parts of a gun (sniper rifle/machine gun/assault rifle/shot gun):

  • Damage: Upgrading this attribute will inflict more damage on targets
  • Accuracy: Improves your shooting accuracy
  • Scope: Improves full zoom. Upgrade your sniper and assault rifle’s scope to get more headshots
  • Range: More accurate long-distance kills, so keep upgrading this attribute
    Recoil: Less recoil after each shot
  • Mag size: Want fewer reloads? Upgrade magazine size to get more shots before reloading

Tip: Your priority should be to upgrade Damage, Scope and magazine Size.

3. How to Complete Missions

Primary: Story-based missions. Look for mission-based objectives. You will get a star on completion of an objective. Missions can be hard. Beware of fast-moving zombies and kill them instantly. Look for explosives and exploders (aka Fat Man) and target them to take out large hordes.

Dead Ops: You will have to kill a special zombie along with completing certain objectives mentioned under “Rewards” section. Mission completion rewards are huge. For example: The second mission (Fat Man) rewards 2400 cash and 150 medals for just completing it. However, the difficulty level is harder than other campaign missions.

Sniper: Has the lowest payout, but easy to complete. If you want some quick bucks, just play sniper missions. Try to eliminate zombies that are too close to a survivor.

Breach: Close quarter combat, requires a shotgun and are easy to finish. Mission payout is low but you face fewer zombies. Try not to use scope here and go for body shots to get quick kills.

4. Save Medals for Supply Boxes

There are 4 types of supply drops: Event, Premium, Free and Medal. You will need gold to buy the first two supply drops. Free supply drops are available every 8 hours. Once you receive an item from a free box, you will have to wait 8 hours to claim another.

Players can spend medals to buy Medal Supply Drop. The medals that you receive by completing mission objectives can be used to purchase supply boxes.

The last two supply boxes (Medal and Free) usually contain gear such as helmets, shades, bulletproof vests and greaves. You can equip gear to your character by tapping menu > gear and choosing items received from supply drops. Gear does not have any effect on your weapon stats as of writing this guide.

Now there are several ways to get them:

Along with cash and gold bars, you can also receive medals as daily rewards. Tap the “Daily Reward” section to know what rewards you will get each day. Log in daily to get your rewards.
You can easily get medals by completing primary, dead ops, sniper and breach mission objectives.

Tap Menu > Daily objectives to have a look at everyday tasks. You can finish those tasks that reward medals. Objectives refresh every twenty-four hours, so hurry up and complete the easy ones first to get rewards.

Complete faction objectives to get medals.

5. Shoot the Fat Man and Destroy Explosives to Get Multi-Kills

Fat Man (exploder) and explosive barrels are two best ways to get multi-kills. Shoot the fat man in his stomach to blow him up if you want to take out large hordes. Just make sure the exploder does not come too close to you, else he will blow himself up.

If you fail to hit his stomach and he is near you, then shoot him in the head, legs or arms to stop him from exploding. Look for red and white barrels and shoot at them when you spot several zombies close near them.

6. Complete Daily Objectives and Login Every Day to Get Rewards

Daily objectives can be accessed from the menu button. You can earn cash and medals by completing simple tasks such as upgrading weapons, killing an X number of enemies with a gun etc. Log in daily will also earn you some cool rewards such as cash, gold and medal.

7. Joining a Faction: Tips You Should Know

In Kill Shot Virus, you can join factions to get access to exclusive faction-based missions and objectives. You can receive lots of rewards on completing objectives.

For starters, choose a faction that has a “Public” status and no level requirements. Most faction owners will require gamers to reach a certain level before they can join them, but there may be a few of them that have no such requirements.

After joining a faction, tap the “Objectives” tab to have a look at various tasks such as getting an X number of scoped machine gun/shotgun/assault rifle kills. You will get bucks, faction points and other rewards on completing such objectives.

You can also help your faction by donating extra cash, gold or medals to the “bank”. Player donations help elders purchase powerful upgrades for the entire faction. A faction has to reach a certain level to purchase upgrades from donated resources. It’s a team effort so you and your fellow members will have to complete objectives to earn faction points. Total points earned from objectives fill the “Faction Level” bar. Once full, your faction levels up.

8. Replay Old Missions to Complete Failed Objectives

Yes you can replay primary missions if you missed out on completing objectives. Tap “Mission List” and look for missions that are missing one or two stars. Replay them to complete all objectives to earn cash/medals. You can also replay previous Dead-Ops missions to complete objectives and earn rewards.

    1. Tap the menu (three horizontal lines) on the upper left corner of the screen. Now tap the “Factions” tab. You will then have to tap “Create faction” to make your own faction. Reach level 3 to create one. When you meet this requirement, you are ready to go. You can enter your faction name, minimum level (in case you want to accept only those players that have reached a particular level), location and an optional description. Make sure you have 500 bucks to complete creating a faction. If you have set a minimum level, then only those players who have reached the minimum level can join your faction.

  1. How do you use the ballistic plates for I don’t get the purpose of them I have 32 and have no idea how to use them

    1. Ballistic Plates are high-level upgrade items. They are required to get your Gear upgraded to max level. Depending on the quality of the Gear piece, you may require more Plates to reach max level. Plates can be earned primarily through Events, so check event rewards and milestone lists! You can view your Ballistic Plate total by going into the Gear menu and looking at the currency counter at the top right of the screen.

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