Kiki’s Vacation Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Anurag Ghosh

Kiki’s Vacation is the newest and the cutest Hyperbeard game to hit the Play Store. The game follows the adventures of a globe-trotting feline who loves traveling and posting her travel pics on “MeowLife”, the Instagram of the animal world.  

You might be familiar with the gameplay if you have played games like Tsuki’s Adventure, another gem from Hyperbeard. The game begins with the travel-loving cat spending a much-needed vacation in Kokoloko Island, a beautiful tropical island full of mysteries.  

Kiki's Vacation

Kiki’s Vacation is a relaxing game with a nice story. Tap on inhabitants, other travelers and shop owners to know more about this secluded island, its secrets and other fun activities. Speaking of activities, you will also have to find new items and use them to advance the story. You can purchase items from Tiki’s Store. The shop is located at the town and displays random objects at regular intervals. You will need shells to purchase items at the shop.  

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The game continues when you are away. Kiki won’t stop enjoying your vacation and may be found playing, sunbathing or just sitting idle in some random location in Kokoloko Island. You may have to switch between various locations to find her.  

The game has a real-time day-night cycle. When the sun sets in the real world, it will be late evening or nighttime in the game, which looks awesome on your smartphone screen. The day night cycle plays an important part in this game as certain characters and events appear only during certain times of the day. There are several things to do in Kiki’s Vacation and these tips, tricks and strategies will help you find out how to use items, find codes and progress through the story.  

Pay Attention to the Hints Given by Island Residents 

The game heavily depends on the cat’s interaction with island residents. Certain activities trigger new events in the game. To know more about an activity, you must pay attention to conversations between the cat and the island dwellers. You may get a hint or two about the next activity that needs to be performed through these dialogues. When you complete that activity, the story progresses and you might come across new characters in the game.  

For example: After watching the gorilla show girl’s dance at night (happens when it’s night time in the real world), tap on the show girl again in the next day. Kiki will praise her dancing skills and ask her for tips.

Certain items trigger events
The workout with show girl event triggers after you purchase the sweatband from the store

The show girl promises to teach her some exercise in the next morning only when she puts on a sweatband. You will have to purchase the sweatband from Tiki’s store to start this activity. Items are displayed randomly on Tiki’s store, so come back often to check whether the store has the items that you need.  

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities in this game. We have written a guide to help you get the best catches:  

Get the Yoga Mat from the Store  

There are many other fun activities in the island. You can enjoy various treatments, such as yoga, massage, acupuncture and jacuzzi at the Gigi’s spa located in the town. While you will have to spend shells to enjoy one of these treatments, you must have a mat to learn yoga from Gigi the female goat. You can get the yoga mat from the store.

Various treatments at Gigi's Spa.
Get various treatments at Gigi’s Spa

Remember that items randomly appear on the store, so check back often to find the object you need to progress through the story. Also, treatments are available once a day, so make sure you come back to Gigi’s Spa every day to get a nice little treatment from her.  

Fix the Radio 

The mysterious radio can be found in the pier by the shack. It crackles when you tap on it. I guess it acts as a medium of communication between underground pirates and someone who owned this shack before.

Check the speech bubble on tiop of the radio

When a callout appears above the radio, tap on it to read what the mysterious pirates have to say. Maybe they provide some hints or it might be a secret password. Who knows? 

You may have noticed that after the radio blurts out a message, it stops working. To repair or fix the broken radio in Kiki’s Vacation, you will need the screwdriver and the hammer.

Get the screwdriver to fix radio from the store.

Make sure you purchase both tools as soon as they appear in Tiki’s Store.

Fixing the radio.

The radio plays a big role in this game, so you must have such tools to repair it every time it breaks.  

How to Unlock the Beach 

You can access the beach on day 2. It won’t be possible to enter the beach on the first day, i.e. the day you started playing the game, as it would be under maintenance. Tap on the wooden sign in the extreme right side of the town to access the beach on day 2.

Access the beach and clean it for 2200 shells.
The Beach

The beach will be very dirty, but you can clean it by shelling out (pun intended) 2200 shells. Read the dialogues of Dr. Plats (the Platypus) and if you have 2000 shells, use them to clean the beach.  

Check the Item Description in the Store 

Every item sold at the Tiki’s store might be of some use in this game. You may hoard them for future use. However, you just can’t blindly shop for items at the store fearing they might not be available in the future. While it’s true that items appear randomly on the store, but if you don’t buy them now does not mean they won’t be available in the future. Always keep an eye on the store for new and repeat items.  

Shells are the main currency in Kokoloko Island and are used to purchase items. You might want to read this article if you want to know how to get them for free:  

Before purchasing an item, read the description. Tap on an item displayed for sale in Tiki’s Store and you will find a small snippet telling you more about the item. The description might provide some hint. Note it down as it might be of some help in future.  

The item description provides useful hints.
Note the character’s avatar on the bottom.

You never know when an island resident gives you a hint that he/she may need that item and your notes will may be of some help.  

You might also find a tiny portrait of a character on certain item’s in the description. The portrait suggests that the item will be of some use for that character.  

How to get Secret Passwords 

Like most Hyperbeard games, Kiki’s Vacation also lets you enter a secret password to acquire rewards. All you have to do is tap on the menu on the upper-left corner of the screen and then tap on “Settings”.

In the settings page, tap on the radio and microphone, which is located on the lower-right corner of the page. Enter your password on the empty space.  

Settings page to enter the secret code.
Tap on the radio to enter the secret password

The Radio and microphone on the settings page may seem a bit familiar. Well, it looks similar to one by the pier. You might find certain codes from the messages blurted out by the radio. Look for the speech bubble above the radio and tap on it when it appears. Note down the message. 

Of course, not all messages are hidden passwords or codes, but there must big reason why the radio is placed there and surely, it’s not just a medium for underground pirates to communicate.  

You may also find secret codes on Reddit. Search for the Kiki’s Vacation sub-reddit. Also, don’t forget to follow the social media accounts of Hyperbeard on Twitter and Facebook. The game developers might post limited-time codes on their social media accounts.