Kiki’s Vacation Guide: How to get Shells

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

She sells sea shells by the sea shore. But Kiki won’t be selling these precious trinkets as they are prime currency in Kokoloko island. She needs them to purchase various items from Tiki’s Store. Items will be required to complete certain activities, pay for services and trigger special events. Our guide will help you obtain shells in Kiki’s Vacation for free:  

Lobsters: Shells wash up by your shack every now and then. Cute lobsters carry them. Tap on lobsters to collect your rewards.

You will obtain only one shell per lobster. The game notifies you whenever these trinkets wash up by Kiki’s shack. Make sure you have turned on notifications via the settings menu if you want to be notified about rewards.  

Harvesting Shells in Kiki's Vacation

From the Trawl or Net: Get them from the net by the Shack. You can harvest 100 shells from the net every 60 minutes.  

Mailicans: Pelicans or “Mailicans”, as they are called in Kokoloko Island, bring magazine subscriptions to Kiki at her shack or any random area in the town or some other location. These magazines come with a little bonus – 50 shells.

Tap on Mailicans to get rewards

Tap on a pelican, watch a short video and get your reward from them. Mailicans appear occasionally, probably thrice a day, so you have to open the app regularly to get your rewards.  

Aerial Advertising or Skywriting: Pay attention to the skies to spot aerial advertising.

Pay attention to aerial ads

There will be a big “AD” banner floating. Tap the aerial advertising in the sky, watch a video and get around 70 trinkets.   

Cloud ads.

Cloud Ads: You might have spotted a cloud ad floating in the sky. Tap on it, watch a video and get 70 seashells.   

Bonus Ad when you tap on Net – Sometimes, you will get a bonus offer as soon as you tap on the net to collect your rewards. Watch an ad and obtain extra 100 seashells besides the 100 you received from the net. This offer appears rarely, most probably once a day, but keep your eyes peeled for such offers.  

Cobwebs: Poor Kiki, has to clean cobwebs using the duster every day. Why don’t you help her with the chores? Just tap on a cobweb in her shack to get rid of it and you might get a shell or two.  

Daily Rewards: Play the game every day to get seashells under the daily reward program.  

Get shells from Mina the Bat.
Mina the bat.

Get’em from Mina the Bat: Is it a cat? Is it a bat? It’s a Batcat! Anyway, Mina comes flying in the shack or a shop in the town at nighttime. Tap on her, watch a video and get 50!  

Lobster Multipliers: I don’t how when this offer appears, but I found one in the morning. I tapped on a large lobster, watched a video and voila! Three tiny lobster multipliers appeared just beside the net. I tapped on them and one of them told me that I would get more shells from the net after the time limit ends. I got a total of 200 seashells instead of the usual 100. 

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Does the Time-Lapse Cheat Work?  

It’s that old trick where you manually adjust your smartphone’s clock to instantly get your rewards. In Kiki’s Vacation, this cheat works once, but the game does have an anti-cheat system which punishes the player by extending the time to several hours to get rewards after applying this cheat.  

I tried manually adjusting my smartphone’s clock by moving time ahead by an hour to instantly obtain rewards from the net beside the shack. I was successful, but then the time limit to obtain rewards, which is usually 60 minutes moved ahead to 300 hours or so after I set the time back to automatic.  

TLDR; Don’t try this cheat as it will work only once and then you might have to wait for several hours to get rewards from the net.  

Get Rewards Five Times a Day 

You can obtain a total of 150 shells as rewards if you watch 5 videos in a day.

Get free shells from watching videos.

You can view this offer by tapping on the “+” sign on the top-right corner of the screen, just next to the total shells.