Kemono Friends: Kingdom – Ultimate Guide

(Last Updated On: August 2, 2023)

Kemono Friends: Kingdom was released on the 13th of July 2023, and upon its release, the game has become an instantaneous hit, so let’s take a closer look at it and see what Kemono Friends: Kingdom is all about. 

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What is Kemono Friends: Kingdom

Kemono Friends: Kingdom is a casual puzzle video game for mobile platforms that was developed and published by Neocraft. The game is available on both Android and iOS platforms and at the time of writing this article is sitting at more than 50K downloads and numerous positive reviews.

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Kemono Friends: Kingdom – The Basics

Kemono Friends: Kingdom takes place in a large theme park called the Kingdom that suddenly gets invaded by various monsters known as Ceruleans, bent on destroying it and everything around it.

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The player is then put in charge of a party of animal girls known as “Friends” and tasked with saving the Kingdom with the help of Friends’ unique magical powers. As the game progresses, each of the Friends will level up and gain new abilities and new Friends will be added to the party. 

Kemono Friends: Kingdom Modes

Kemono Friends: Kingdom features multiple different game modes and all of them have the player launch their friends in paper airplanes in order to gather collectibles and hit Ceruleans in an effort to deplete their health bars as quickly as possible. However, the rewards that each mode grants to the player are vastly different so let’s go over some of the main modes in the game.

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Adventure – Main

This mode is all about the main story of the game. During it, the player is introduced to dialogue and sequences and various cutscenes that explain the main story beats of the game. Players are also occasionally offered dialogue choices that can affect certain events and situations. 

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Adventure – Supply

Supply adventures are separate from the main story and their main purpose is to provide players with currency and other types of materials and consumables that they need in order to progress through the game and upgrade their Friends. Supply mode comes with three different types of missions. 

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It is worth noting that this type of adventure comes with a “Blitz” feature which allows you to automatically complete levels and gain double rewards in exchange for currency. However, this option only becomes available after the player manually completes a mission successfully. 

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Supplies– When completed, this type of mission rewards the player with materials required to level up Friends.

Miracle – When completed, this type of mission rewards the player with materials required to level up Miracles.

Awaken –  When completed, this type of mission rewards the player with materials required to awaken their Friends. 

Additional Adventures

In addition to Supply and Main modes, Kemono Friends: Kingdom comes with other Adventures including the Challenge mode, Cable Car Challenges, and the Subway Challenge. However, these modes are locked until much later in the game, and are not relevant to this guide, so will not go in-depth with their analysis.

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Kemono Friends: Kingdom – Friends

Friends are the main protagonists of Kemono Friends: Kingdom and the first line of defense against the invading Ceruleans. These creatures are essentially animals that have taken human female forms but managed to retain their animalistic abilities. The player can control a party of up to seven Friends and each Friend comes with its own Miracle, Nature, and Position, so let’s break things down and take a closer look at each of these aspects. 

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Miracles are the ultimate abilities and each of your Friends has one. Depending on the Freind’s position and nature, Miracles can perform different activities such as dealing massive damage to the enemy Cerulean or healing other Friends on the team who are low on health. Miracles can be triggered at will, and multiple miracles can be combined during a single turn. 

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Each of your Friends as well as the Ceruleans that you will be facing comes with its own Nature type that affects its strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. There are three different types of Nature and each type has its own counter. This means that by understanding each of the Natures and their counters, you will be able to plan ahead and utilize this knowledge and defeat your enemies more easily. 

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Brilliance Nature – This type of Nature counters Splendor Nature

Wonder Nature – This type of Nature counters Brilliance Nature

Splendor Nature – This type of Nature counters Wonder Nature


Each of the Friends that you can control is suited to play a specific position based on their abilities so creating a balanced team that can handle every situation is extremely important. There are six different positions in total, so let’s examine each of them. 

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Guard – Friends who are occupying this position are tasked with increasing your team’s defensive abilities by providing shields that can absorb huge amounts of damage. Their abilities are an excellent way to easily deal with the Boss’s fury. The Hippopotamus and Black Rhinoceros are excellent examples of Guard Friends. 

Assault – Friends who occupy the Assault position are usually the major source of damage that your team deals and as such, they are excellent offensive options that can quickly dispatch enemy Ceruleans. You can maximize their damage by having them take turns after your Support Friends. An excellent example of the Assault Friend is the Weasel.

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Support – Support Friends are usually not great at dealing damage, however, their primary role doesn’t require them to do so. The main role of Friends who occupy the Support position is to buff their teammates and increase their damage potential. The Plains Zebra and the Common Dolphin are excellent examples of Support Friends. 

Control – Friends who occupy the Control role are tasked with debuffing the enemy Ceruleans and decreasing their damage output in an effort to protect other Friends on the team. They play a very important role and are especially useful against bosses. Great examples of Control Friends are the Beaver and the Jaguar. 

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Healer – As their name suggests, Friends who play the role of a Healer are tasked with replenishing the health of their teammates by using their unique abilities. Their miracles are extremely powerful and should be used when your other Friends are low on health. The Chevrotain and the Mouflon are great examples of Healer Friends. 


Certain Friends on the same team work well with each other and when they are close together on the battlefield, they can perform combos which increase the output of their abilities. This can be used to chain attacks and miracles in order to maximize your Friends’ abilities. 

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Leveling Up

Players can choose to level up their Friends as well as their Miracles by using different types of currency such as Buns. As the player progresses through the story, the level cap increases so there is always an incentive for players to gather resources and increase their power. 

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Kemono Friends: Kingdom – Currency

Like many other mobile games Kemono Friends: Kingdom comes with its unique currency system so let’s take a closer look at it and figure out how it works. 

Encounter Ticket – A basic form of currency that can be used to Encounter new Friends. This currency can be obtained from the Store or as a reward for completing specific events. 

Starstone – Premium currency that comes in the form of a large crystal that holds powers not known to humans. This currency can only be obtained from the in-game store. 

Stargem – A form of currency that can be obtained from various sources and can be used to obtain Friends. 

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Focus – A common currency used for Challenge Stages. Focus recovers on its own over time, however, it can also be gained by consuming various items or by leveling up your characters. 

Radiant Crystal – A rare type of currency that can be used at the in-game store. Radiant Crystals can be obtained by encountering Friends. 

Fluorite – A type of basic currency that comes in the form of a colorful shiny stone that can be obtained as a foxed drop from Mine Riverbank missions. 

Miracle Wish Box – A type of currency that comes in the form of a magic box that is capable of granting a single wish. There are different tiers of Miracle Wish Boxes available and they can be obtained from the in-game store or as rewards for completing various quests and events. 

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Cheerful Materials – A type of currency used to gain a specific amount of leveled materials. These can be obtained by completing guides and quests, as event rewards or bought at the in-game store. Different diers of materials are also available. 

Bun – A type of consumable currency which when used, increases the EXP of your Friends. Buns are obtained as drops by completing the Bountful Forest missions. 

Adventure Souvenir – A type of currency that allows the player to select a single Tier Awakening Core. These souvenirs can be obtained from the in-game store or as rewards for completing quests and events. 

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Ruined Manuscript – A type of currency consisting of manuscript pages that can be used to enhance Albums and grant EXP. Manuscript pages can be obtained from Subway as well as Dismandling Albums and there are different tiers of pages available. 

Letter for a Friend – This type of currency can be used to encounter Friends in Party and can be obtained as quest rewards or be purchased from the in-game store. 

Pine Cone – A rare type of currency that can be used at the in-game store. Pine Cones can be obtained by completing the Pine Cone Forest missions. 

Kemono Friends: Kingdom – Missions

Like many other mobile titles, Kemono Friends: Kingdom comes with its own missions and objectives which players can complete to earn different types of rewards such as specific types of currency and consumables. However, unlike most mobile titles, Kemono Friends: Kingdom has a full section solely dedicated to missions and each of its types so let’s take a closer look at them.

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Main Quest – This section is dedicated to objectives that players can complete during the main quest within the Kemono Friends: Kingdom story. This type of mission usually consists of a bigger goal tied to a specific level as well as multiple side quests. It is worth noting that side quests are optional, however, they will reward the player with additional bonuses should the player choose to complete them.

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Weekly Quests – As implied by their name, weekly quests are special objectives that players can complete across multiple game modes. These quests reset once a week, and completing each of them will reward the player with various types of currency and other rewards.

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Daily Quests – Daily quests are objectives that players can do on a daily basis and earn unique rewards for their completion. These quests usually consist of smaller tasks and are generally easier to complete compared to other types of objectives. 

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Stage Quests – These missions consist of different types of objectives that award various rewards when completed. There is no time limit on these objectives, and players who complete a whole set of them will be rewarded with extra tickets or other currency.

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We have already covered missions and all of the different types that they come in, however, there is always something to do in Kemono Friends: Kingdom. In addition to missions, the game also features challenges that are split into two types so let’s take a look at them. 

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Daily Challenge – Daily challenges are a special type of challenge that players can complete on a daily basis and are usually more complicated than daily missions. Completing these challenges will grant players unique rewards.

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Weekly Challenge – Weekly challenges are more difficult compared to daily challenges and as such will usually take more time and effort to complete. Completing weekly challenges will grant the player special rewards. As it is implied by their name, weekly challenges reset every seven days. 

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Overall, Kemono Friends: Kingdom is a fun puzzle adventure game that has players lead a party of Friends across multiple battles as they progress through the story. On this journey, players can level up their friends and their abilities while managing a complex system of resources. We hope you find our guide helpful and wish you good luck on your quest to defend the Kingdom.

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