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K-Pop Academy is another simulation masterpiece by HyperBeard. They have made some top games in this genre, including Campfire Cat Cafe, Tsuki’s Odyssey, Pocket Love, and more.

But unlike others, K-Pop Academy is a lot different. You play as a manager who trains, feeds, arranges concerts, and manages everything regarding your pop stars.

There are many idols in the game, with each having a different nature. Some are sporty, while some are sassy. Some prefer fast food, while others like snacks or desserts. The game isn’t very difficult, but it sure is exciting.

I’ll explain each aspect of the game in this guide and give some tips at the end that will help you gain fame faster. Let’s dive right in!

Types of Idols in K-Pop Academy

Idols differ in stats, food, and max levels depending on their rarity. A rare idol has more fame, shards, and coins as compared to a common one.

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Besides that, the concerts always feature a bonus reward if you have an idol of a certain nature. So, if the bonus requires a sorrowful idol, then having it on your team will increase the reward outcomes.

Here are idols by nature in the K-Pop Academy:

  1. Sad
  2. Sassy
  3. Sexy
  4. Sporty
  5. Sweet
  6. Smart

You can have 12 idols at once, and all of them can be upgraded for the best performance.

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Each idol has its own card, which gives away all the necessary information about them. Let’s take a look at it in the next section.

Idol Card: Overview

An idol card shows everything you need to know.

Here’s a card of a rare idol, Dante:

Photo: HyperBeard

So, the first thing to notice is the Concert Effect. If a concert has the Smart Bonus, Dante will increase the coins and fame that you’ll get.

Next is Rarity. This one is a rare card and increases +3 coins in each concert as a bonus effect.

After this, there’s the Love Bond section. In this game, you have to guess the favorite food of these idols after they give some hints. Once you guess correctly, the food will be added as their favorite.

Every idol has three favorite foods. Guess all of them correctly, and you’ll grow the love bond between you (the manager) and the trainees.

Below this, we see the Training section. Here you’ll find the current training level of the idol and max level it can reach.

So, if Dante reaches level 5, I won’t be able to upgrade it further until I get some of his duplicates (more on that later).

The second thing is the idol stats here. You can see the coins, shards, and fame he gives currently and what he’ll give after you upgrade.

The time refers to the training time. It will reduce after each upgrade, making your idols train faster.

Photo: HyperBeard

On the right side, we have the current level of the idol. In this case, it’s 3. There’s a cool image of Dante beneath this.

And on the bottom, we have a little bio of the character, which reads “His knowledge is as incredible as his looks”.

Each performer has a distinct bio. You can check each card by tapping on the pink “i” button on the bottom right of the home screen.

Keep Training your Idols

Training your idols is the only way to succeed in the K-Pop Academy. The higher your idols’ levels, the better the rewards. But how do you train them?

First, make sure you have some training places. You can buy them from the shop. They’ll have the green mushroom icon on them.

Photo: HyperBeard

Buy a good amount of this furniture, as it’ll be useful when your number of trainees increases.

Once you buy them, here’s how to train an idol:

  1. Tap on the idol you want to train.
  2. Tap on the green mushroom icon.
Photo: HyperBeard
  1. The idol will jump on any training platform, and his timer will begin.
  2. When the time finishes, the training experience will increase.
  3. And once you have enough training experience, the trainee will level up.
Photo: HyperBeard

What does training experience mean? Well, let’s say you’re training Hyun here.

Photo: HyperBeard

Now Hyun has completed 6 trainings out of 9 to reach the next level. And once he completes the other 3, his stats will improve and the card will upgrade.

Another important aspect to consider is the maximum level of the idol. If Huyn reaches level 15, then I’ll need to collect 10 more duplicate cards of his to increase his max level.

This is the only way to enhance the maximum level of any idol.

Reduce the Training Time

When the idols are training, you will see clocks popping up every few seconds. If you tap on 2-3 of them, the training time of the idols will reduce significantly.

Photo: HyperBeard

I remember completing the training of 30 minutes under 5 minutes by utilizing these time-reducing clocks.

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Types of Concerts in K-Pop Academy

Concerts are the main source for getting coins, fame, and shards. There are three concerts, and once you perform at any one, it will have a time limit before you can perform there again. However, you can watch an ad and remove the limit.

Following will be a little overview of the three concerts:

1. Warming Up Concert

Photo: HyperBeard

This is the first and best concert. Here you’ll get coins, fame, and shards. You can have a maximum of 4 idols perform here.

2. Street Beats Concert

Photo: HyperBeard

This is the second concert and mainly gives coins and shards. It does give fame points, but they are very rare. A maximum of 3 trainees can perform here.

3. Fan Meeting Event

Photo: HyperBeard

This is the last concert (more of a meetup event, really), and you can’t actually play it yourself. It only has the auto option and just gives shards as a reward. Again, you can select 3 idols for this one.

Now that we know about the types of concerts, the next section will explain how to play them and get the most rewards.

How to Make the Most Out of Concerts

As soon as you jump into the concert, your job is to keep tapping the screen with both of your thumbs.

Once the power bar is full, the rewards will start to show up. Keep tapping on them to collect them.

Photo: HyperBeard

There will also be some energy icons. Collect them, and they’ll show up on the heads of your trainees. Tap on these energies, and you will gain some power-ups.

For instance, you can get extra coins or extra fame. Moreover, the timer to tap on the rewards can slow down, and so on.

The great thing about these power-ups is that time stops when they are activated. So, make sure to keep them coming.

Shop in K-Pop Academy

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Shop items include idol card packs and furniture sets, which cost shards to buy. They start with 5 and end at 20.

Photo: HyperBeard

The second thing is the furniture that you can buy with coins. They are necessary for the training, sleeping, and resting of the idols.

Photo: HyperBeard

Moving forward, you’ll get the food items. If you’ve unlocked the favorite foods of your idols, then buy them as soon as they show up.

Photo: HyperBeard

After this, you’ll see some clothing for your manager. They are more expensive than the other products.

Get Free Items with Ads

Furniture, food, and clothing all have the option to watch ads and get free items. If you don’t feel like spending money, then watch a 15–30 second advertisement and get a reward without spending a single penny.

The good thing is that you can watch multiple free ads, not just one.

You can also watch a Refresh ad to change the items that are currently available to buy.

Daily Challenges and Tasks

Daily challenges require tasks like hiring an idol, cleaning the rooms, buying food, and so forth. Completing each task will give you 30 coins.

Photo: HyperBeard

Similarly, there are certain tasks for each level of the “Road to Fame”. Completing them will not only give you coins but shards as well.

Moreover, reaching the next task level will unlock new items in the shop.

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K-Pop Academy: Tips to Improve Faster

As I always do for every game, here are some tips to improve in K-Pop Academy and level up faster.

Having said that, your progress will also be determined by how much time you give to the game. The more you play, the better you’ll get.

1. Focus on Gaining More Fame

The best way to gain fame is by performing in the Warming Up concert. You can even get more than 100 fame points, depending on your idols and their levels.

Apart from this, you can also watch a video at the end of the concert to get some extra fame.

Fame is also necessary to unlock new rooms, which is essential to including more idols in the training facility.

2. Train your Idols

As I said, the more leveled-up your idols are, the better rewards you’ll get. Keep training them constantly.

Also, keep buying the furniture necessary for training so all 12 of your idols can train easily.

3. Know the Favorite Dishes of your Trainees

Knowing your idols’ favorite dishes helps greatly in improving the love bond between you and your idols.

Photo: HyperBeard

You’ll get better rewards as a result, and the idols will be happy performing for you.

4. Choose the Appropriate Idols for Concerts

Make sure to check what the Bonus for the concert is. If it’s smart, then get a smart idol onboard. If it’s sassy, then get a sassy idol, and so on.

Photo: HyperBeard

Having an idol with the same nature as the bonus will improve the rewards that you’ll get.

5. Use the Auto Option in Concerts Efficiently

If you have 10 or more idols, then auto-perform the Street Beats concert and fan meeting event and play the Warming Up concert yourself.

Photo: HyperBeard

This will get you more goods in less time.

6. Buy Both the Necessary and Extra Furniture

By necessary furniture, I mean a bed, sofa, bathtub, singing podium, computer/working table, and training areas.

And the extra furniture is mostly related to decorating the rooms. The better-looking your rooms are, the more comfortable the trainees will be living in them.

For decorations, you can get clocks, paintings, sofa sets, wall paints, floors, chairs, tables, and so much more. Just make sure to use your coins wisely.

7. Clean Every Room

Whenever you open a game after some time, the rooms will have some garbage that you’ll need to pick up. This can include papers, bottles, garbage bags, and so on.

Photo: HyperBeard

You can tap on them a couple of times, and they will be removed automatically. You will also get one coin for each pickup.

So, if you have unlocked all 16 rooms, you can accumulate a lot of money just by doing this.

8. Watch Ads for Quick Progress

Watch ads to get extra furniture, food, and clothes. Besides, watch them to get more fame after every warming-up concert. You also get a chance to watch an ad after the Street Beats concert to get more than 50 coins every time.

Apart from this, you can go through an advertisement to reduce the training time for your idols and also to finish the time limit for concerts.

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about the K-Pop Academy guide, walkthrough, and tips. I hope you have got all the knowledge you need about the game and will be able to excel in it now.

If you have any questions, I am all ears in the comments section!

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  1. Echoing the question about buying concert upgrades. There’s no information saying what they mean by that and I haven’t been able to actually progress without it. Thank you in advance!! 🙂

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    1. Parece que no puedo terminar esta misión que dice “Comprar todas las mejoras del concierto”. Sin esto no puedo pasar a la etapa 3. Necesito ayuda.Plsss😩😩

  3. how do you fix a room in this game bc once I more than 2 people it said fix your room to have more people or something like that

      1. No puedo terminar la misión que dice “Comprar todas las mejoras del concierto”. Sin esto no puedo pasar a la etapa 3. Necesito ayuda.Plsss😩😩

    1. What do you mean by “buy all concert upgrades”, I’m confused I can’t find anything to complete this mission, help plss

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