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Jurassic World Alive: Guide to Get Free Cash

Cash, Jurassic World Alive’s premium currency, is mainly used to speed-up incubator time. You won’t have to wait for hours to get your rewards. Once a battle incubator is activated, tap it again to open it instantly if you have enough cash. You can also use cash to purchase rare and epic incubators. But the million-dollar question is how to get them? And how to get them for free? Well, you can earn cash without spending real-world money. Follow this guide:

Complete Simple Tasks

On your map screen, tap the green dollar icon on the upper-right corner of the screen. Next, tap the “Earn Cash” icon. The screen will be populated with a list of offers, including downloading a game or app, answering trivia questions, participating in quizzes, playing a web game, solving puzzles and finishing in-game objectives on popular games.

Get Free Cash in Jurassic Park Alive

The best offer would be to complete an action in “Lords Mobile” app (you will have to download this app before you can complete an objective) to get more than 500 cash. There are several other offers so keep an eye on them and complete them to get cash. Make sure you complete these tasks via the offers section and not separately.

The Free Incubator May Contain Cash

You will receive one free incubator in every 6 hours. You might get some in-game bucks when you open one. Free incubators also contain darts and common DNA.

Don’t Miss Those Supply Drops

Jurassic World Alive’s supply drops remind us of Pokemon Go’s “Pokestops”. You can locate them in your map. They are tiny blue cubes hoisted on poles. You will have to locate one and move closer to it in the real world to open the supply drop on your map. You may or may not get cash from a supply drop as sometimes there will only be darts and coins inside one. However, there might be some boxes that may contain all three, including cash. You can re-open a supply drop by watching a video and you might find some cash in it. Keep exploring and open cubes in your area to get rewards.

Those were a few ways to get cash. Post your comments if you have found more ways to get them. You may also want to check out our creature hunting guide if you want more DNA for unlocking dinosaurs.

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