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Jungle Jam Monopoly Go
(Last Updated On: November 14, 2023)

In the wild, wild world of Monopoly GO!, where the money never sleeps, a new adventure is unfolding!

Step into the jungle, fellow Monopoly enthusiasts! 

Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - Intro
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As the echoes of the “Trick or Treat” event fade away, get ready for the thrill of the “Jungle Jam” event. From November 1 to November 3, 2023, you’re in for a wild ride on the Monopoly board. 

This two-day extravaganza is all about collecting points, conquering challenges, and emerging as the ultimate Monopoly champion. 

Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - Intro 2
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In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the heart of the “Jungle Jam” event, unveiling its mechanics, revealing the enticing rewards, mapping out milestones, and serving up strategies to ensure you emerge victorious in the jungle mayhem!

What is the Jungle Jam Event in Monopoly GO?

Alright, buckle up for the Monopoly GO Jungle Jam – it’s a limited-time fiesta that’s gonna take you on a rollercoaster ride through the game board. 

Points, my friend, are the name of the game here!

Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - What
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Picture this: Rich Uncle Pennybags bravely trekking through a jungle on a rickety bridge – that’s the vibe we’re talking about.

Your mission? Snag those stylish Hat tokens like they’re the last chocolate bar on the shelf. 

The more Hats you collect, the higher your points climb. It’s a wild mix of chance and strategy, and we’re here to guide you through the jungle madness!

Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - What 2
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Now, mark your calendar because this adrenaline-packed Monopoly experience is only happening from Nov. 1 at 11 AM ET to Nov. 3 at 11 AM ET. 

Get ready to roll the dice, swing through the jungle, and own the game like never before!

All Rewards & Milestones for “Jungle Jam” in Monopoly GO

Ready for the treasure hunt in the heart of the jungle during the “Jungle Jam” event in Monopoly GO? 

Your conquest could lead to a haul of fantastic rewards and exciting milestones. 

Peep the table below to uncover the goodies waiting for you, from extra dice rolls to cold, hard cash and sticker packs.

Jungle Jam Rewards: Levels 1-10

LevelPoints RequiredReward
1510 Dice Rolls
315Sticker Pack
47075 Dice Rolls
620Sticker Pack
72510-minute Rent Frenzy
9180225 Dice Rolls

Jungle Jam Rewards: Levels 11-20

LevelPoints RequiredReward
1140Sticker Pack
13300400 Dice Rolls & Sticker Pack
155010-minute Cash Grab
1770Sticker Pack
18700850 Dice Rolls
2080Sticker Pack

Jungle Jam Rewards: Levels 21-30

LevelPoints RequiredReward
221,2001,400 Dice Rolls & Sticker Pack
2315015-minute High Roller
24140Stick Pack
25175200 Dice Rolls
261000300 Dice Rolls
27200Sticker Pack
28300250 Dice Rolls
3018001,900 Dice Rolls

Jungle Jam Rewards: Levels 31-43

LevelPoints RequiredReward
33800Sticker Pack
3528002,600 Dice Rolls & 5-minute High Roller
361000Sticker Pack
37110025-minute Rent Frenzy
392500Cash & 700 Dice Rolls
4013001,000 Dice Rolls
411400Sticker Pack
436000Sticker Pack & 7,000 Dice Rolls

How to Score Points in the Jungle Jam Event

Step into the jungle arena and eye those four magical corners:

1. Go

    Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - Go
    Photo: Scopely

    2. Visiting Jail

    Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - Visit
    Photo: Scopely

    3. Free Parking

    Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - Free
    Photo: Scopely

    4. Go to Jail

    Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - Jail
    Photo: Scopely

      Land on any of these bad boys, and you’re in for a treat—four juicy points to add to your stash. 

      But hold on tight because here’s where the real magic kicks in: the dice multiplier. The higher, the better, as it means more points raining down. 

      Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - Multiply
      Photo: Scopely

      Just a word of caution—those fancy multipliers gobble up more dice with each roll. It’s a bit of a dicey dance, but the risk is all part of the game, right? 

      Go on, roll the dice, and let the jungle madness begin!

      How to Become the Jungle Jam Champion

      So, you’ve got your eyes on the prize, and becoming the “Jungle Jam” champion is your mission. Here’s your playbook:

      First up, strategy is your trusty sidekick.

      Keep an eagle eye on what’s happening around you, use those Wheel tokens like a boss, and contemplate making a bold move—head straight for the “Go to Jail” space.

      Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - How
      Photo: Scopely

      Why? Because it might just have the highest multiplier, giving your dice pool a mega boost.

      And here’s a pro tip: when it comes to rolling those dice, focus on the sweet spot numbers—6 to 8. They’re like the golden tickets to success in the Monopoly GO jungle.

      Jungle Jam Monopoly Go - How 2
      Photo: Scopely

      With this approach, you’re not just rolling the dice; you’re crafting your path to victory.


      And there you have it! As the “Jungle Jam” event swings into action, dive headfirst into the thrill of the chase. 

      Scoop up those Hat tokens, climb the leaderboard, and make your mark as the undisputed “Jungle Jam” champion.

      With this trusty guide in hand, you’re not just navigating the Monopoly GO jungle; you’re conquering it. So, gear up, roll those dice, and let the jungle games begin! May every roll be in your favor!

      Monopoly GO! is developed by Scopely and is available for download on the Play Store and App Store.

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