JUMP Assemble (Beta Test): Beginners Guide

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Jump Assemble
(Last Updated On: November 14, 2023)

Gear up for the anime showdown of a lifetime with JUMP Assemble! 

This multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) mobile game, crafted by the genius minds at DeNA and Shueisha, is set to deliver an adrenaline-packed gaming experience.

JUMP Assemble - Intro
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Imagine your favorite characters from the Shueisha universe—Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and beyond—all converging in an epic clash of anime heroes.

It’s time to brace yourself for the ultimate showdown in this upcoming anime MOBA game. 

JUMP Assemble - Intro 2
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Get ready to assemble your dream team and dive into the action-packed world of JUMP Assemble!

JUMP Assemble – Game Overview

JUMP Assemble is a thrilling 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that unites iconic characters from Japan’s most beloved manga and anime series.

The game’s landscapes are inspired by the hallowed grounds of various anime series within the Jump universe.

Picture battling it out in locations that echo the essence of your favorite manga and anime adventures.

JUMP Assemble - Game
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

JUMP Assemble boasts an impressive lineup of 25 playable characters, cherry-picked from eight stellar Shueisha anime series.

You can be part of the action by joining the Closed Beta Test. Pick your hero from a trio of legends—Son Goku, Naruto Uzumaki, or Monkey D. Luffy—and kick off your heroic journey. 

JUMP Assemble - Overview
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

And that’s just the beginning. Unleash the power of classic Jump characters like “Sasuke Uchiha” and “Boa Hancock” as you progress through login missions and events.

Complete the Beginner Warm-Up Challenge, and you might even snag “Minato Namikaze.”


In JUMP Assemble, characters take center stage, serving as the core element of the game. 

JUMP Assemble - Characters
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Each character is a unique entity, possessing distinct abilities, strengths, and statistics that set them apart.

Success in the game hinges on a player’s understanding of their chosen character’s mechanics.

The game emphasizes the strategic importance of character pairings, with some characters synergizing seamlessly to create powerful combinations and strategies that can lead to victory. 

JUMP Assemble - Characters 2
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Conversely, certain character pairings may not complement each other effectively, presenting challenges when working together. 

The dynamic interplay of characters and their synergies forms a critical aspect of gameplay in JUMP Assemble.

JUMP Assemble – Classes

The characters are meticulously categorized into six distinct classes, each with its unique strengths and inherent limitations.

These class distinctions play a pivotal role in defining a character’s battlefield role and determining how they contribute to the team’s overall strategy and success. 

JUMP Assemble - Classes
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

To navigate the game successfully, players must understand the characteristics and dynamics of each class, making strategic choices essential for forging a path to victory in JUMP Assemble.

Playable Characters and their Classes

Tanjiro KamadoFighterDemon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
Nezumo KamadoAssassin/FighterDemon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
Shinobu KochoAssassin/MageDemon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
Inosuke HashibiraTank/FighterDemon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
Naruto Uzumaki (Kid)FighterNaruto
Naruto Uzumaki (Teen)Fighter/MageNaruto
Minato NamikazeAssassinNaruto
Sasuke UchihaAssassinNaruto
Son GokuFighterDragon Ball Z
Super Saiyan Son GokuFighterDragon Ball Z
Majin BuuTank/SupportDragon Ball Z
FreezaRanger/MageDragon Ball Z
Megumi FushiguroMage/FighterJujutsu Kaisen
Nobara KugisakiRangerJujutsu Kaisen
Monkey D. LuffyFighterOne Piece
Monkey D. Luffy (Gear 2)FighterOne Piece
Tony Tony ChopperSupportOne Piece
Boa HancockMage/FighterOne Piece
UsoppRangerOne Piece
Orihime InoueSupportBleach
Uryu IshidaRangerBleach
Fuuko IzumoSupportUndead Unluck
AndyTankUndead Unluck
Lance CrownMage/SupportMashle
(To be updated)


In JUMP Assemble, the controls closely resemble those of other Android MOBA titles. 

Movement is managed with the left thumb, while the right thumb is responsible for activating the character’s various abilities. 

JUMP Assemble - Controls
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Following the standard MOBA format, players begin with only one or two skill buttons at the start of the game.

JUMP Assemble - Controls 2
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

However, as experience is gained, the option to add new buttons becomes available, allowing players to expand their arsenal and effectively utilize attacks in JUMP Assemble.

Item Builds

Items can only be obtained during the game, but players have the flexibility to customize their item builds from the main screen.

The option exists to either follow suggested item builds or create a unique build. 

JUMP Assemble - Item
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Emphasizing the importance of adapting to various game situations, players are encouraged to check and adjust their character’s item build to match their playing style.

JUMP Assemble - Build
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Customizing a character’s items is highlighted as a significant factor in improving performance and enhancing overall gameplay satisfaction.

While starting with recommended items is acceptable, the guide suggests that exploring and fine-tuning a character’s item build can lead to better results.

JUMP Assemble – Team Composition

Creating a balanced team composition is crucial for optimal performance. We emphasize the importance of diverse character classes to enhance overall team effectiveness.

JUMP Assemble - Team
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Key considerations include incorporating characters with Burst Damage for swift eliminations, Crowd Control (CC) for disrupting enemies, Damage per Second (DPS) for handling objectives and formidable foes, and Mobility for agile and surprising tactics.

We advise against overloading the team with characters from the same class, highlighting the significance of diversity. 

JUMP Assemble - Comp
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Recommendations include having at least one Tank for defense and one Ranger for control and consistent damage output. 

The flexibility to swap other classes based on strategy is encouraged, ensuring a well-rounded team that is poised for success and victory.

Game Modes

Arena Mode

Two teams of five players each participate in standard matches on a map featuring three lanes and jungle areas.

JUMP Assemble - Arena
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

The primary objective is to destroy the enemy’s base before they can do the same to your team.

Players control unique characters, each with distinct abilities and traits.

1. Arena – Normal: This casual play option involves standard matches with two teams of five players on a map featuring three lanes and jungle areas. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s base before they do the same to your team.

JUMP Assemble - Normal
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

It includes three sub-modes:

  • Normal – Unranked matches, initially with bots and later with real players as you level up.
  • AI Match – Player Vs AI mode where solo players are teamed up with bots.
  • Start Room – A custom match setting where rules can be set, and friends can be invited to play.

2. Arena – Training: This mode offers 1vs1 matches, allowing players to experiment with different characters and their skills.

JUMP Assemble - Training
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

3. Arena – Ranked: Matchmaking in this mode pairs players based on skill level, providing a more competitive gaming experience in standard 5vs5 matches.

JUMP Assemble - Ranked
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Dragon Ball Battle Mode

Teams engage in a 3vs3vs3 format, competing to collect all seven Dragon Balls scattered across the playing field. 

The objective is for teams to locate, pick up, and bring these Dragon Balls back to their base, known as the Dragon Ball Collector. 

JUMP Assemble - DBZ
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

The winner is determined by the team that either gathers all seven Dragon Balls or accumulates the highest score by the end of the game. 

This mode adds a unique and thrilling dynamic to the gameplay in JUMP Assemble.

In-game Map

Mastering the in-game map is a crucial aspect often underestimated by beginners. 

The map, represented as a small icon in the upper left corner during gameplay, serves as a vital tool for coordination with teammates.

JUMP Assemble - Map
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Paired with the communication tool in the upper right corner, the map is essential for tracking opponent movements and sharing crucial information.

JUMP Assemble - Mic
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.

Players are advised to keep a vigilant eye on the map to navigate the battlefield effectively, make informed decisions, and ensure seamless teamwork. 

Recognizing its importance as a tactical companion enhances overall gameplay.

JUMP Assemble – Tips and Tricks

1. Choose Your Hero Wisely in JUMP Assemble

JUMP Assemble - Choose
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.
  • Take time to understand each hero’s abilities and playstyle.
  • Select a hero aligning with your preferred role and team composition.
  • Learn strengths and weaknesses; some characters are obtained through missions, events, or exchanges, while others are locked behind Gacha and PREMIUM Battlepass.

2. Focus on Map Awareness

JUMP Assemble - Map
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.
  • Keep a close eye on the minimap for enemy positions, objectives, and ambush opportunities.
  • Map awareness is crucial for informed decisions and avoiding surprise attacks.

3. Team Coordination

JUMP Assemble - Coordination
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.
  •    Communication is key; use in-game chat for strategizing and coordinating with your team.
  • Teamwork is pivotal for achieving objectives and can determine victory.

4. Objective Control

JUMP Assemble - Objective
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.
  •  Prioritize capturing objectives like towers and dragons for significant team advantages.
  •  Working together to secure objectives is essential for success.

5. Own MOBA Special Mechanics

JUMP Assemble - Own
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.
  •  The river spawns buffs and heals, similar to DOTA.
  •  Two epic monsters in the river: one functions like the dragon in LOL/Turtle in ML, providing buffs; the other works like Rift Herald in LOL and Lord from ML.

6. Lobby Features

JUMP Assemble - Lobby
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.
  •  JUMP Assemble includes a lobby feature where you customize your character.
  •  Limited character lobby customization is available in the current Closed Beta Test state.

7. Practice and Adapt

JUMP Assemble - Victory
Photo: SHUEISHA DeNA Projects Co., Ltd.
  •  View losses as learning opportunities; improvement comes with practice.
  •  Adapt item builds and strategies to match evolving game needs.


This JUMP Assemble Beginners Guide is your golden ticket to kick off an epic journey into the heart-pounding realm of MOBA gaming.

This guide isn’t just about leveling up your skills; it’s a celebration of teamwork, continuous improvement, and the pure joy of facing challenges head-on. 

Whether you’re a manga aficionado or a newbie to the MOBA scene, get ready to dive into thrilling 5v5 battles that rival the excitement of top-tier PC and console titles.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Play Store, grab your favorite manga and anime characters, and let the journey to becoming a JUMP Assemble champion begin!

May your battles be epic and your victories legendary!

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