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AFK Journey - Jumeo and Roliet - Side Quest

Jumeo and Roliet is a sidequest in Golden Wheatshire. You escape from Lord Franz’s goons thanks to Cassadee’s teleportation spell. After Hammie prepares an herb potion to eliminate the teleportation sickness, you and your friends decide to return to Northville. On your way to your next destination, you hear a cry for help.

Step-by-Step Jumeo and Roliet Guide

STEP 1: Save the Person in Need

Someone is crying out for help at the gurglin camp (395;145). Gather your team and enter the camp to find and save the distressed victim. Prepare yourself for a battle against Level 28 gurglin.

STEP 2: Talk to Jumeo

Talk to Jumeo after saving him from the Gurglin, and he will claim that his injuries are from Roliet’s father. He’s desperate to visit Southville since he hasn’t seen Roliet for three days. He wanted to give her a letter, but due to his injuries, he couldn’t. Head back to Southville (378;107) to investigate and deliver the letter on his behalf.

STEP 3: Find Roliet’s House

You found out from a Nosy Villager that Japulet, Roliet’s father, refused to let his daughter out of the house to prevent her from meeting Jumeo. As her way of retaliation, Roliet has been on a hunger strike since. Head to Roliet’s House (365;106) to check on her.

STEP 4: Deliver the Letter

Talk to Japulet and deliver the letter to Roliet, but her father’s temper is worse than you thought. He tore up the letter to pieces! Quickly, collect the pieces of the letter found near the house. Then, deliver the letter to Roliet once more.

STEP 5: Find the Spear Key

After receiving the love letter, Roliet wishes to see her beloved Jumeo, but the door has been locked shut. Forcing it open would only awaken her father, so search for the spare key hidden in the vineyard (361;101) southwest of the house.

STEP 6: Reunite Roliet and Jumeo

AFK Journey - Jumeo and Roliet - Side Quest

You found the spare key and freed Roliet. Quickly head to their meeting place by the mirror lake (347;160). But be cautious; you will encounter a gurglin for a story battle. Protect Roliet as you move forward.

With you as their witness, Jumeo and Roliet overcome various obstacles and cement their love. Reunited at last and in each other’s embrace, this concludes their story.

How to Unlock Jumeo and Roliet

AFK Journey - Vineyard's Secret -Story Quest

Jumeo and Roliet side quest becomes available after you gain access to Golden Wheatshire 2 and have completed the Story Quest “Vineyard’s Secret.“

Jumeo and Roliet Rewards

You will receive these rewards for completing the Jumeo and Roliet side quest in AFK Journey:

  • 300 Diamonds
  • 12,000 Gold.
AFK Journey - Jumeo and Roliet - Side Quest

You will also receive a new accessory for your Merlin. A Wheat Hairclip, which is only obtainable after completing Jumeo and Roliet side quest.

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